Car Lifts For Small Garages

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Frequently Asked Car Lift Questions

Bendpak 4 post car lift in small garage

What are the best car lifts?

Whether you’re looking for a car lift for your shop or a home garage lift, there are several of the best options available to you to cover your needs. Some of the best and most popular car lifts we have are:

  • BendPak MD-6XP Mid-Rise Portable Specialty Lift, 6,000 lb
  • BendPak XPR 10AS Asymmetric Dual Width 2 Post Lift, 10,000 lb
  • Dannmar MaxJax Portable Two Post Car Lifting System 6,000 lb Capacity

How much does it cost to install a car lift?

The price to install a car lift does depend on which kind of car lift you’re installing. A two-post portable car lift for example, probably won’t involve modifications to cement flooring.

A standard installation should be roughly $500 for a run-of-the-mill two post car lift and around $1000 for a four-post auto lift.

When it comes to in-ground car lifts, keep in mind they’re the most expensive auto lifting option available and can run you upwards of $10,000.

How much is a 4 post car lift?

A four-post car lift’s price ranges depending on how many pounds it can carry. On average, a 6-7,000lb four-post car lift should cost roughly $3,000.

How high does a garage have to be for a lift?

The optimal height you should have for your garage is about 11-12 feet of clearance for a new car lift.

Atlas Equipment 10000lb Two Post Lift

  • ALI/ANSI Certified: No
  • Warranty: 1 year

One of the better home lifts is the Atlas Equipment 10,000 two post floor lift. This model is ideal for taller vehicles with a maximum lift height of 84 with the adapters, giving it one of the highest lift range of any two-post lift reviewed. A padded stop bar automatically cuts power should the vehicle be lifted too high. The drive-through width of 106 is good and gives some extra clearance for wider vehicles. A 12-piece extension set is also included and makes placing the arms easier. If you need some extra clearance this one of the better options out there and it can lift most vehicles and light trucks. However, this is not ALI/ANSI certified so it is intended more for home use.

Hpdmc 10000 Two Post Floor Lift

  • Time to Full Rise: 60 seconds
  • ALI/ANSI Certified: No
  • Warranty: 1-year

Another great option for home-oriented two post lifts, the HPDMC comes with a good set of features like symmetric arms that have good reach and can access most lift points. The large rubber-padded door protector to prevent damage to the vehicle. Low profile contact pads make the HPDMC ideal for working on lowered vehicles as well. Overall, this is a basic, entry-level lift that is ideal for a home garage as it lacks the ALI/ANSI certifications for shop use. For the money, it is worth considering.

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Garage Wall Organization Systems

When wanting to get the most out of your garage, adding a wall organization slatall panel system is the key. To solve the issue of storage and organization, we recommend installing pvc slatwall with lockable storage accessories as the basics for a wall organization system.

A garage wall organizer slatwall panel system offers various ways to store all the things that typically sit on the floor of your garage such as bicycles, sports equipment, gardening tools and other outdoor gear in the garage, making everything easier to find. With a combination of shelving, hooks, baskets and other accessories, garage wall organization systems can accommodate a wide variety of family lifestyle needs.

Triumph Nt9fp 9000lb Two Post Auto Lift

Best Car Lifts For Home Garage (Review &  Buying Guide) in 2020
  • ALI/ANSI Certified: No
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Triumph NT9FP 9,000lb lift is the perfect accessory for a home garage with limited clearance. This open-top lift is ideal for taller vehicles. While the load capacity is on the lower end at 9,000lbs and it is a bit narrower than others with a drive-through clearance of 96 this is not going to be the best option for larger trucks. However, it does include the extensions and all mounting hardware. With a maximum height of 109, this is one of the shorter two post lifts out there.

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Purchasing Your New Car Lift

Once you’re sold on a specific auto lift, ensure to cross-check all measurements. These include the overall height and clearance of the columns, width without motor, lighting height, and length between the ramps. As a rule of thumb, have extra length in and measure according to the biggest vehicle you have. Also, check your ceiling height and ensure it has a clearance of a few inches with the car on top. Finally, the width of the vehicle lift should also fit your home garage door.

Best Light Duty Lift For Home Garageapluslift Atv Light Vehicle Lift Table

For servicing smaller motor vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, and lawnmowers, the APlusLift lift table is perfect for the job. It lifts small vehicles with ease, has a lifting capacity of up to 1,500 pounds, and is very sturdy thanks to the steels powder and e-coating finish. It also has several safety locking positions. One rather impressed customer wrote that the lift was well constructed and extremely sturdy,” adding, “I have used the lift for snowmobiles, lawn tractors, and ATVs so far.

Another customer raved that the product was absolutely everything thats described by the seller. It looks phenomenal and works flawlessly. Lifts my 2017 Road King special with ease. A few reviewers noted that the coated metal was slippery but many found that the problem was solved after using the anti-slip traction tape that comes with the product.


Lifting capacity: 1,500 lbs capacity

Lift height: 33 inches

Product length/width/height: 84-110 x 24-48 x 7-33

Product weight: 600 pounds

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Type Of Vehicle To Be Lifted

The vehicles weight is a vital factor in your decision. Without sufficient weight capacity, the car lift wont be able to raise your vehicle. Secondary factors include the ground clearance and the size of the vehicle.

If you own a large pickup truck, make sure your lift is wide enough. Otherwise, you might not be able to open the doors once the truck is in place. I know for a fact that its exactly what happened when Toyota refreshed its Tundra in favor of a larger model. We had to get out of the truck and push it before lifting it. No need to mention that it was quite a bummer.

The same thing applies for lowered vehicles. Some lifts, especially models with a higher weight capacity, have really thick arms that simply wont fit under your body kit. In this case, you might need to by optional arms or use a jack to slightly raise the car first.

Best Jack Car Lift Standsamazon Basics Steel Auto Lift Jack Stands

QUICKJACK Installation The best small garage car lift!

For easy-to-use and portable car lift stands, came in highly rated with thousands of positive reviews. At only 10.1 pounds, these lifts are light and easy to take wherever you need them, plus, they take up minimal floor space in the garage. The jacks have a lifting height of 18 inches allowing users the perfect amount of space to work on the underside of their vehicles.

This tool includes a set of lifts and both of these stands together have a 4,000-pound capacity. And with the products self-locking ratchet, you can adjust your car to the perfect height with efficiency. It is imperative to take the utmost care, as well as reading the instruction manual, and adhering to the safety instructions therein, when using these vehicle stands.


Lifting capacity: 4,000 lbs capacity

Lift height: 18 inches

Product length/width/height: 7.4 x 6.8 x 10.6 inches

Product weight: 10.1 pounds

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Mayflower Blacksmith 8000lb Four Post Lift

  • Overall Dimensions: 175 x 106 x 84
  • Warranty: 1 year

Similar to the AplusLift HW-8S, the Mayflower Blacksmith four-post lift is perfect for a home garage. It has an 8,000lb lift capacity with a decent clearance of 69 under the runway. While less than the BendPak, it is sufficient for most vehicles. Also, it comes with drip trays which prevent fluids from leaking on the vehicle underneath. A relief valve in the pump prevents overloading. Lastly, the motor runs off 110 volts which are ideal for use in a home garage as there is no need to do any rewiring. While the clearance of 69 is lower than most, it is sufficient for most vehicles. For a home garage where storage space is at a premium, the Mayflower Blacksmith 8,000lb four-post lift will help you make the best of it.

Chien Rong L1100 10000lb Two Post Floor Lift

  • Time to Full Rise: 60 seconds
  • ALI/ANSI Certified: No
  • Warranty: 1 year

Another affordable lift designed for home use, the Chien Rong L1100 has a good set of features for the money. The lift capacity of 10,000lbs is more than sufficient for most passenger vehicles and light trucks. Door guards prevent damage when exiting the vehicle. A relief valve built into the pump prevents overloading. Also, the truck extensions are included.This is not an ALI/ANSI certified lift so it is not intended for shop use. However, it is a good budget option for a home garage.

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Experts Recommend These Vehicle Lifts For Your Home Garage Or Shop

These lifts are perfect for both amateur and professional wrenchers.

If you work on your car more than three or four times a year, it might be time to invest in a good vehicle lift. There are all kinds of styles depending on your workspace, whether it’s a home garage or a full-blown shop.

Lifts can save you precious time, helping get repairs done more quickly and efficiently. Even if you’re working on a slow restoration or storing your pride and joy through the winter, lifts are a great option.

We talked to the experts at Forward Lift, a premier manufacturer of vehicular lifts based out of Madison, Indiana. Along with their recommendations, we drew upon our own wrenching experiences to bring you our top choices. So forget jacks and stands a lift will save you valuable timeand maybe even a visit to the chiropractor.

This is a great option if you’re on a low budget or have space constraints. Just drive up the ramp and lift the vehicle with the 4400-pound capacity bottle jackperfect for inspections and oil changes. Make sure to chock the wheels to prevent the car from rolling.

Note: The shown price is for ONE single ramp, not a pair. We recommend getting two, for obvious reasons.

Can You Actually Afford A Home Car Lift

The Most Disregarded Fact Regarding Garage Car Lift Exposed  Schmidt ...

QuickJack is affordable on most budgets. If the price tag is more than you want to throw in all at once, we offer a six-month, zero-interest financing plan through PayPal. As long as you make six easy monthly payments in full, you wont owe a cent more than sticker price.

So, if bringing a safe car lift into your home garage is priority for you, QuickJack is your ticket to ride.

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The Best Car Liftssummary

The APlusLift 2-post lift with a lifting capacity of 10,000 pounds is a great option for a larger garage as it takes up less space than a 4-post lift but still provides that professional-grade experience. With an impressive 9,000-pound lifting capacity, and taking up a lot less space than other models, the STRATUS portable midrise scissor lift comes in at a very close second.

We hope our review of the best vehicle lifts for home garages including portable car lifts, 2-post, and 4-post vehicle lifts, has been helpful. For more suppliers of related products, including general automotive jacks, hydraulic jacks, geared jacks, air jacks, jack stands, and floor jack repair services, consult our additional guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.

Post Car Lift Space Requirements

The 2 post car lift is a popular option for mechanics and enthusiasts working from their home garage. Depending on your ceiling height, you can choose between a baseplate lift, or an overhead lift. Our shortest 2 post baseplate lift needs 9’6″ of ceiling height clearance while our larger 2 post overhead lifts require a minimum of 12′ ceilings.

Our commercial grade baseplate lift makes a great home garage car lift since it has a 9,000 lb. capacity, and comes with loads of features typically found on overhead models. Their smaller size both height and width wise make them more adaptable as a home garage car lift.

Two post overhead lifts have nothing on the ground in the middle, which makes rolling oil drains, jacks, or other equipment underneath your car simple. They can also accommodate both asymmetric or symmetric arms and come with stack pad height adapter for ultimate flexibility.

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Car Lift For Home Garage Pricing

You can get a well-constructed, reliable portable car lift for between $1,000 to $2,000. These will offer less lifting capacity, but a major convenience factor. If you want a more heavy-duty, permanent solution thats capable of lifting some serious weight, whether you go with 2-post or 4-post, expect to spend between $3,000 to $4,000.

How High Does A Garage Need To Be For A Car Lift

The Perfect Lift For My Tiny Garage

How high your garage needs to be for a car lift depends largely on the type of car lift you buy and the type of vehicle youre storing or working on. If you have very tall vehicles, your garage will need to be tall as well, and the same applies if you buy a 4-post lift versus an in-ground lift.

A rule of thumb is that your ceiling immediately above the lift needs to be about 12 feet high. This gives you enough space to work on most vehicles and accommodate your height.


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Bendpak Redesigns Maxjax Portable Two

BendPak says the MaxJax M6K can be used in areas with ceilings as low as eight feet and can be put away when the work is done.

BendPak Inc. is rolling out the new MaxJax M6K portable two-post lift with design, engineering and production improvements.

Like all two-post lifts, MaxJax provides clear undercarriage access and the ability to perform brake and tire work on a wide range of vehicles. But unlike traditional two-post lifts, the MaxJax can be used in areas with ceilings as low as eight feet and can be put away when the work is done, leaving the garage bay clear.

BendPak added two additional safety lock positions to the columns, for a total of seven. The locks engage continuously during upward rise and act as a redundant fail-safe feature capable of holding an elevated vehicle securely, even if the quick-connect hoses are disconnected or a hydraulic malfunction occurs, the company says. Engineers also reconfigured the UHMW slide block bearings in the lift posts to maintain the carriage and hydraulic cylinder in a true vertical position at all times and reduce bearing load for smoother operation.

BendPak adds the new MaxJax M6K was independently tested and is ALI Certified to meet the current lift industry safety and performance standard.

With a new optional motorcycle adapter that offers a wider lifting platform and drive-over approach ramp, MaxJax can also lift motorcycles, ATVs or other motorized vehicles.

Katool 8000lb Four Post Parking Lift

  • Hydraulic system: 220V/ 60HZ/ 1PH

The KATOOL 8,000lb four-post lift is a perfect accessory for a home garage. Featuring an 8,000lb capacity it can lift most vehicles. It has a simple and reliable design that is easy to set up and use. The mechanical locks automatically engage and prevent the vehicle from falling off the lift. The hydraulic motor is mounted under the runway and out of the way. The safety locks on one side make it easy to control the descent and overall the lift requires minimal patience after installation. The KATOOL 8,000lb floor lift is another decent option for your home garage and parking needs.

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How Much Does It Cost To Put A Lift In Your Garage

Apart from the price of your car lift, you might want to consider some additional investments, such as:

  • The installation of the lift by professionals
  • Anchoring the car lift to the garage floor

If youre a seasoned DIYer, of course, you can save the money for installation, but I suggest that you get a professional service.

How To Pick The Right Car Lift For Your Home Garage

Best Car Lift For Small Garage

While there are many different types of automotive lifts, three of the most common are four-post lifts, two-post lifts and scissor lifts. These names refer to the shape of the lifts, with each one conferring specific characteristics that may or may not make it the right choice for you.

All three types of car lifts feature either a flat metal plane or arms onto which you drive and then park your vehicle before it’s lifted. In a four-post lift, four hydraulic posts located at the corners of the planes lift your vehicle up. In a two-post lift, the hydraulic posts are located on either side of the plane or arms. Finally, in a scissor lift, the lifting apparatus is made of crossed bars underneath the planes.

Again, each lift style has its pluses and minuses. Scissor lifts tend to take up the least amount of space, but since the lifting mechanism is directly under where the vehicle rests, you can’t park another car underneath and your access to the chassis is limited. Some two-post lifts may be able to accommodate vehicles underneath in terms of space, but they should not be used to do so. Finally, four-post lifts are sturdiest and can most easily and safely provide an additional parking space, but they are usually the most expensive.

Scissor lifts are the more compact car lift option, but parking another vehicle underneath it is out of the question.

Getting a car up in the air helps make many repairs that much easier.

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