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Largest Stand Up Camper That FITS IN Oversized GARAGE! (Walk-Through Tour)

Your Camp365 breezes down roads and sneaks down trails.

Down the road, its patented Adjustable Wheel Base creates a six-foot-wide wheel base. Its so aerodynamic and narrowjust four feet wideand lightunder 1,500 poundsthat you save on gas on every trip.

Get to your spot, collapse the axle in just 90 seconds, and your axle shrinks to just under four feet wide. NOW, you can take it to places no other camper can go.

Best Campers That Can Fit In Your Garage

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Have you ever wondered what types of campers fit in a garage? A home garage seems like an easy RV storage option. But the variety of campers that will fit in a garage, and the range of amenities they offer means there is a lot to consider.

Luckily most small campers have very efficient floorplans. There are also many innovative camper designs that make it possible to fit a larger amount of living space in a smaller floor plan. Youll want to weigh the pros and cons of a camper small enough to fit in your garage.

Well break down all the options so you can choose the camper thats right for you and your garage.

Dimensions Of A Typical Garage

The dimensions of your garage will determine the types of campers that will fit in a garage. But how large is a typical garage? The standard residential one-car garage is 20 feet long and 12 feet wide. Some small one-car garages, particularly those in older homes, could be only 18 feet long and 10 feet wide.

The size of the garage door is also important. If your camper wont fit through the door, the interior garage dimensions wont matter. The typical single garage door is 7 to 8 feet tall and 8 to 10 feet wide. Often the interior height of the garage will be just about a foot above the top of the garage door.

Make sure that you measure your garage and camper specifically. The variety of garages is almost as diverse as the variety of campers.

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Storing A Truck Camper In A Garage

When you live in a home with multiple vehicle garages you have the opportunity to keep your truck camper out of the driveway, into a protected area. This is quite useful if you live in an HOA area where statutes state an RV of any type has to be kept in a garage hidden from view.

The problem is what if your truck camper does not fit into the garage. A standard two-car garage can be anything from 20 to 24 square feet and an average truck camper can be as long as 21 feet. So going by length it is possible to fit a truck camper in a garage.

Where a problem that might arise is the height of the garage. Seeing as the truck camper is unable to by itself, it would mean that it has to remain in the bed of the truck until it is reversed into a garage.

Most truck campers add at least 9 feet to the height of a regular truck making the garage inaccessible while the truck camper is mounted.

The way to fit your truck camper in the garage would be to dismount it, but how do you manoeuvre it to do so?

How Tall Is A Camper Van

What Campers Will Fit In Garage / This tiny, $15,000 camper van ...

Camper vans come in various sizes but most of the Class B motorhomes on the market today use the same few vehicle chassiss so all are similar in size.

However, there are additional items that vans may have on top that could make them even taller. The list below contains some of the popular Class B vans and their sizes and whether or not they will fit in a standard 7 ft garage opening.

9 1 NO

The point here is that most options on the market are probably too tall to fit into your garage opening. You would need to have a door opening with more height on it if you wanted to store your van inside your garage.

Even the shortest van on the list wont fit into my standard garage opening of 7 feet.

Many people build garages specifically for their RVs and these garages have a high door, typically around 12 feet tall, which allows a large motorhome to be pulled into.

This is an expensive undertaking and is only an option for those who want the convenience of keeping their RV in a garage.

If you are concerned that your RV should always stay in an enclosed area, dont worry, other options on the market will allow you to do this.

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Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe Trailer

If you have a small family, the Casita Travel Trailers Spirit Deluxe Trailer is a wonderful pick. This 17-foot trailer comfortably fits three. The dinette tables can be converted into two sleeping areas and vice-versa, so you can make more space as you need it.

This trailer is made to withstand all sorts of weather and traveling conditions. Its Marine-grade fiberglass body is customized to fit each Spirit Deluxe perfectly. Other cool exterior features you wont want to miss are:

  • a 110-volt exterior outlet
  • a fresh water fill you can lock for better hygiene
  • a city water connection for an alternate source of water
  • an exterior door light

Inside, the bathroom is one of the biggest areas of the camper. The shower space and toilet space are separated for optimal privacy. If youre worried about airing out bathroom smells and humidity, the Spirit Deluxe comes with a power fan roof vent and screened windows.

Need room to stow your stuff? No problem. Youll also get several overhead carpet-lined storage compartments to hide valuables or stash camping equipment.

Can A Truck Camper Fit In A Garage

A truck camper is typically mounted on the bed of a truck. It can also be used in two different ways, when it is attached to a truck and when it is free standing on its jacks and legs.

Thankfully, in todays world, there are several camper sizes, ensuring that people can find something that suits them and gives them just the right amount of space they require. There are even truck campers for just about every pickup size there is.

From small trucks to massive 1 ton rated trucks, finding a suitable camper has become a whole lot easier.

So, can a truck camper fit in a garage? When the truck camper is mounted on your truck, its unlikely to fit in your garage. Even modestly small pop up truck campers will be between 7 and 8 feet once mounted, with the average garage door being around 7 feet, which leaves little room for maneuvering.

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What Is Not A Garage

Teardrop trailers have a distinct size and shape. Anything above the general dimensions of a teardrop, is likely not a true teardrop trailer. Trailers that are smaller than RVs, but larger than teardrops, may offer more of a challenge for garage storing. Because of this, teardrops are often the easiest to store in your garage at home.

Can Class B Rv Fit In A Garage

STAND UP CAMPER That Fits In Garage: Meerkat Trailer Tour

Class B RVs are small in size and are very compact. Hence, these RVs can be very easily fit into average-sized single-car garages. Apart from many benefits of owning a class B RV, like- minimal setup time, greater fuel mileage than the bigger RVs, numerous in-built features in a compact space, the major plus point happens to be convenient storage. It is one of the key reasons these trailers are so much in demand.

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The Cabin Of The 2020 Camp 365 Rv

Once the transformation from wedge to the cabin is done, the user will find themselves with a roomy feeling indoor area that measures just under eight feet wide by 12 feet long. The cabin is also over 7 feet tall inside. So, just about anybody can stand fully and comfortably, surrounded by hard floors and insulated side walls. The front wall, rear wall, and top are made of marine fabric. Depending on how the beds are configured, up to six people can sleep in an RV that comes available with heating or air conditioning. A two-burner stove takes care of the cooking needs, and a portable marine toilet takes care of, well other needs. Power can be provided by solar, or shore power, or generator.

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Final Thoughts About Rvs That Fit In A Your Garage

Keeping your RV in your garage when youre not hitting the road for your next adventure is the most obvious and easiest storage solution. It can save you a lot of money and makes your RV easily accessible for repairs or even just a quick spin.

There are a few small RVs that can be stored in your garage without needing to tweak anything yet the most common travel trailers and camper vans arent designed to fit in a standard residential garage. If youre persistent in stashing your unit at home, then customizing either your trailer or your garage may be able to do the trick. Always remember to measure, measure, and measure to ensure that you can safely park your RV inside without causing any damage.

For more ideas and tips about storing your RV, check out these blogs and find the perfect solution for your situation:

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These 6 Small Travel Trailers Might Even Fit In Your Garage

  • Should You Get A Small Travel Trailer?
  • The appeal of small travel trailers has dramatically increased over the past few years. Manufacturers are introducing new and innovative designs that pack lots of features into a smaller, more compact trailer. These options are becoming very enticing for those looking to enter the world of camping for the first time or perhaps those downsizing after their kids have gotten older.

    A small camper is not for everyone. If you have a large family, then you will need the extra room and sleeping space provided by a larger rig. If you decide you cant travel without a large-screen TV and theater seating, then these small travel trailers will not be a good fit.

    However, if you like the idea of going camping without the need to purchase a large truck and tow a large trailer around, then these small trailers will be right up your alley.

    Most of these units can be towed with an SUV or car with towing capacity, and some of them can even be stored in your home garage. You can easily maneuver these trailers into the tightest of camping spots, making those in the larger trailers jealous of the places you can go.

    There are many options available on the market today, but they are not all created equal. Do your research, explore your options, and you can find a small travel trailer that meets your needs and does not skimp on comfort or features. Here are the top 6 small travel trailers that you should consider:

    This Tiny Camper Fits In A Garage

    The brand new Tipoon Camper can accommodate a family of four, fits in ...

    A camper you can stand in that fits in a garage?! While it sounds too good to be true, it does exist. If youre looking for a small camper that fits in your garage but wont cramp your style, the MeerKat trailer might be just what youre looking for.

    This tiny camper is big on features! And it can be towed by almost any car.

    Lets learn more about the MeerKat trailer and take a virtual tour here.

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    Awesome Little Camper Trailers With Bathrooms

    When nature calls, sometimes you have to answer that callwell, out in nature. This isnt ideal, but when youre camping, sometimes its the only option youve got. Or is it?

    Space was probably a huge consideration for you when you bought your camper if youve already bought it. You wanted as much room as you could afford for basic amenities. That may have meant giving up on bathroom space, because, as mentioned, theres a perfectly good bathroom right outside .

    Well, it turns out you can get a smaller trailer and still have the perks of a toilet. These seven awesome little camper trailers are perfect examples. Before you read, here is an article we wrote that includes a complete travel trailer guide so that you will be prepared when buying a camper trailer!

    If youre still shopping, before you make a big investment on your own camper, renting one is a great way to try before you buy. At RVShare, you can find tons of cool campers with on-board bathrooms including some of the ones below. to check out local inventory.

    Needs The Right Truck

    Not all trucks are designed to carry a camper. You need to get the right truck, one that is compatible with your truck camper.

    Most people start shopping for truck campers once they already have their truck, so if you happen to have one thats not compatible, like a short-bed, you may already be out of luck.

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    This Rv Needs To Be Seen To Be Understood

    The 2020 Camp 365 is an unusual animal that needs to be seen to be understood. So, check out the two video clips included above to get a solid understanding of what a transforming trailer cabin really means. It is a neat foray into the small travel trailer segment that really can be towed by a Prius.

    Now that the manufacturer has revealed this product expect to see other manufacturers try their hand at introducing similar products. It should be neat to see what the competition comes up with. But, the Camp 365 RV trailer is a pretty unique and well-executed product that will be hard to match.

    What Size Trailer Can Fit In A Garage

    4 Small Travel Trailers that Fit in a Garage

    Yes, a trailer can very well fit into an average-sized single car garage, provided the trailer is below 8 tall and under 8 in width. You need not worry if you have access to a larger garage .

    You can fit in a trailer of any dimension. But if you have a garage that is not so spacious, you would have to go for trailers with pop-up roofs or small and compact trailers.

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    How Tall Is A Typical Rv Garage

    RV Garage Door Sizes Typically, RV garage doors are 12 or 14 feet wide. The height is the major difference between an RV garage door and a standard replacement garage door. RV Garage doors are usually around 12 to 16 feet tall since an RV is elevated. Most RVs will be able to get into a 16 foot tall garage.

    Where To Store A Camper Van

    As shown above, there arent any options for camper vans that will fit into a standard garage opening. You would need a taller garage opening than the standard 7 feet that most homes have.

    Some homes do have 8-foot garage openings so you could find a van that would fit if this is the case for you.

    If you are like me, your camper van can be stored just fine outdoors in a designated spot. In my case, I have mine parked on my driveway and thats where it stays.

    I performed the entire conversion in this location and it stays parked there at all times when not in use.

    If you would like your camper van to be more protected from the elements, there are a few options you have. These options can cover your van and help keep it safe from damaging weather.

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    Who Sells Meerkat Trailers

    Little Guy Trailers is a small camper maker based in California that manufactures MeerKat campers. Little Guy is a well-known brand that specializes in small campers and teardrops.

    Other popular campers sold by Little Guy include Tab Teardrop campers, Little Guy Max, Aliner, InTech, and more.

    This small camper company is based in San Diego, California, and also rents campers in addition to selling them.

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    Will A Travel Trailer Fit In A Standard Garage

    As with campervans, there are only a few types of travel trailers that can fit in a standard garage. But travel trailers have a more array of options for you to choose from like pop-up tents and teardrop-shaped trailers. You just have to be mindful of the dimensions, especially the height which is the usual problem for every RV.

    Sleeps Six Amazes Millions

    One minute, you’re pulling your camper down the trail. Nine minutes later you are standing in a 700-cubic-foot weekend cabin that’s wide and tall enough for an NFL offensive line and its coachsprawling 12′ by 8′ base, and a soaring 7′ 6″ tall.

    And it’s cool all summer and warm all winter, thanks to seven-window cross-ventilation, proprietary R7 insulation, and electric air conditioner and electric or propane heater, so you and your gang can go anywhere you want, every day of the year.

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