Building 2 Car Garage Cost

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How Much Will It Cost To Build My Own Garage

How much did it cost to build my new garage | 2020

If you have some construction experience and want to save cash or have the satisfaction of working with your hands to improve your property, you may consider doing your detached garage construction yourself. We created this spreadsheet for a rough breakdown of the supplies cost for a very basic 24×24 detached garage if you purchase from a local building supply store.

TOTAL PRICE $10,483.00

Some of the pros of going this route are savings on construction costs, as you avoid any mark-up from a general contractor, as well as the fulfillment of seeing your own handiwork for years to come!

However, this list does not figure in site preparation, materials delivery, tools, or labor costs. As you can see, you will spend at least $5500 in supplies for the most basic two-car garage before they even get to the construction site.

A major property improvement like a detached garage requires a range of skills and tools. For instance, you will probably not want to nail everything by hand, so you should have a framing nail gun, as well as a roofing nail gun. Setting trusses will require you to have at least one assistant.

So How Much Does A Two Car Garage Cost

At the end of the day, that is for you to decide based on your needs. Figure out what you need in a garage and well be happy to help you answer that question by providing a free custom garage price quote. You might be surprised what you can get for the budget you set!

Feel free to browse our customer reviews. Check out our stories. Then contact us. We would be happy to create more Space for Life for YOU!

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Cost To Build An Attached Garage By Number Of Cars

They can be built in many sizes. The most common method of determining size is usually correlated to how many cars you keep there. Generally, when sizing it, you want enough space to park the cars, fully open their doors, walk around them comfortably, and have some room for storage. That is why they can be built in different sizes, but there are also some standard sizes based on the number of cars. By opting for the standard size based on how many cars you park there, you can be fairly sure you have the space you need.

This rule does not necessarily translate if you intend to use it for purposes other than keeping your cars and storage. But if parking your car is your biggest goal with this space, the following can help determine the cost by size for site built and prefab construction.

$35,200 – $52,800

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Standard Sizes And Cost Of 2 Car Garage

The garages which fall in the 20-24 width range are known as two car metal garages. These garages have enough space to accommodate two cars and some other equipment or assets. However, you can customize the width, but standard carports above 24ft wide are termed as triple wide garages that can house three cars and some of your valuables.

The 24×24 two car steel garage is the most popular car garage configuration. Most of the customers ask How much does a 2-car metal garage cost?. Generally, a 24×24 garage cost is around $2000-$2600, but this is not the same price range because the cost of a 24×24 garage may vary depending on your preferred customizations.

Enclosing An Attached Carport Cost

Idea by Maureen on Garages

If you have a carport where you want your garage to be and that carport has a foundation, you can save some money over building it from scratch. The average cost of converting a carport to an attached garage is $18,000 to $30,000. This assumes the foundation can be reused, and some of the carports structure can also be converted. If you do not have a foundation for the carport or the structure cannot be reused, you need to remove it and start the project from scratch, increasing the costs to $23,000 to $45,000.

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Cost To Build Attached Or Detached Garage

There are some differences between an attached or detached garage, and ideally speaking, an attached garage should be cheaper. However, the final cost depends on the interior finishing, driveway paving, and if you need a living space above the garage. Also, will local building laws allow you to build a detached garage on your property?

Detached Garage Cost Per Square Foot

The costs of building a detached garage vary widely. A very simple structure with few finishes used only to protect vehicles will vary widely in price from a detached garage built with top quality materials and a fully finished interior. No matter the details, building a detached garage on your property will have a great return on investment. These prices reflect a one story garage only.

Square Foot
$10 – $20

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Site Preparation And Foundations

Now that you know roughly what your garages footprint will look like, its time to find a location in your yard that is suitable for construction. Some key factors will help you determine what kind of contractors youll need to get your site ready to build.

  • Does your site require tree removal or excavation in order to clear a level spot for your foundation? If so, youll need to hire an excavator and arborist to clear your site.
  • Do you have a level spot in your yard that will accommodate your footprint and still give you access to the driveway? If so, you can likely go with a slab-on-grade foundation. This is the least expensive option.
  • Is your site sloped in any way that might require a retaining wall and footings in order to pour a foundation?

What Factors Change The Cost Of A Garage

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Garage? (2018)

Multiple factors can change the cost of a garage and should be included in the plans. In some cases, those factors could add six figures to the overall cost.

  • Foundation: The foundation will differ depending upon the garage type and the needs of the homeowner. Some options include gravel, concrete, and asphalt. There may be other options, depending on the area and what may be required by the local authorities.
  • Contractors: If you can do most of the work on your own, you will save a lot of money. Hiring a contractor can get expensive, especially if you are adding a lot of additional features.
  • Interior finishing: Not every homeowner will want to finish off the interior of the garage. It may be beneficial to at least insulate it, however, which can add significantly to the cost of the garage. Additional work can be considered as your budget allows.
  • Living Areas: Some homeowners want an apartment above the garage. An apartment can add a significant amount of money to the overall cost. It may pay for itself over time if you rent it.
  • When you dig into the overall price of the garage, you will find that it is more expensive to build a garage for the first automobile. A two-car garage costs less than twice as much as a one-car garage, and adding a third bay is even less expensive.

    Of course, you also need to factor in more than just the financial cost. The time and frustration of putting a garage on your property can be significant.

    Building Component

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    How To Choose The Right Contractor To Build Your New Garage

    In addition to choosing all the features and amenities you will include in your new garage, you will also need to decide on a contractor.

    Choosing the right contractor is one of the most important decisions in the entire garage building process, so it is essential to take the time necessary and shop around between contractors until you find the right one.

    Here are some tips to help you find the right contractor for your project:

    Be sure to ask for photos and documentation of similar projects they have completed The contractor should be insured, bonded, and have all necessary licenses and certifications Read through online reviews of the contractor so you can catch red flags early on before committing Find a contractor who offers warranties on the materials as well as the labor A contractor with experience in the field is the best way to go. Try to avoid contractors who are new to the industry. Compare quotes from several different contractors before deciding on one.

    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Double Car Garage

    This includes insulation, electricity, plumbing and all necessary finishing. As for a bare-bones garage , the cost will be anywhere between $85 and $132 per square foot. When it comes to a turnkey double car garage, thats likely to cost about $50,000.

    How much does a standard detached garage cost?

    A width of 14 to 16 give much-needed space for opening doors and entering or exiting vehicles. The cost for a 12×24 Single Car Garage range from around $4,800 for a Standard Garage with SmartSiding to around $17,000 for a Legacy Two Story Detached Garage with clapboard siding. What is the cost of a Two Car Garage?

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    Design And Permit Fees

    Some cities will require that homeowners obtain a building permit to build their garage. Be sure to call your citys building department to ask them for a checklist.

  • Do they need construction plans that are stamped by an architect or contractor?
  • Can a homeowner build their structure, and if so, what are the limitations for reselling the home?
  • What do permit fees cost?
  • How long does the permitting process take?
  • Getting this info before you start your project can save you time and money. No one wants to get flagged to a city inspector and fined for building without a permit.

    How Much Does A Prefab Detached Garage Cost If I Buy From Sheds Unlimited

    24x30 garage with loft garage kit garage kit with apartment pole plans ...

    As mentioned previously, there are numerous savings available by purchasing a prefabricated detached garage from a specialized shed and garage builder . Some of the benefits and savings from going this route include:


    Since most large garage and shed builders order lumber and materials by the tractor-trailer load, theyre able to take advantage of pricing discounts that are not available to small contractors or do-it-yourselfers. By keeping costs lower, they are then able to pass some savings on to their customers.


    Professional garage builders prefabricate as much of a project as possible in their manufacturing facility. Here, workstations are set up to maximize craftsman productivity. Labor costs are reduced and again, more savings are available to pass on to garage buyers.


    When you purchase a detached garage from an experienced fabricator, like Sheds Unlimited, you can have peace of mind knowing that your project is being handled by a company that has built literally thousands of structures similar to yours. Youll be able to plan any customizations ahead of time, then sit back and watch while your detached garage appears virtually out of thin air! Forget weeks of construction traffic on and off your property just a few hours to a couple of days for a straightforward delivery and assembly process and your new detached garage will be ready for use!

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    Getting The Garage You Need At A Price That Works

    When it comes to the 2 car garage cost, you will be pleased to know that even when you opt for specific customizations, we will still be able to offer you the best price meaning that you can enjoy the building you need at the price you want.

    Each of our metal garage options is supplied directly from the manufacturer, allowing us to cut out the middle man and offer you the best price on the market. This also means that there is more scope to achieve the final look and size that you want without being expected to pay significantly more for it.

    How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild A Detached Garage

    This is one place where the detached garage option will save you money. Thats because demoing something attached to your house takes extra care and precision. Detached garage demolition costs $4 to $8 per square foot, while attached garage demolition costs $5 to $15 per square foot.

    Get Estimates for Your Garage Project

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    Labor Cost To Build A Detached Garage

    A contractor will be able to discuss your plans with you, then hire and schedule the appropriate specialists to perform the jobs that need to get done. What state you live in will impact how much this will cost. Also, there are a number of variables that will ultimately define your labor costs overall. For example, the average per-hour fee for an electrician in the U.S. can range from $40 to $100. Additionally, electricians may charge for square footage for more complex wiring needs. Similarly, siding professionals tend to charge by the square foot, and their average hourly rate, $40 to $50 per hour, will be included in that square foot price, and roofing labor tends to also charge by the square foot at roughly $3 per square foot. If you choose high end finishes, or things like custom brick work, roofing, or complex HVAC, it will be reflected in the cost of labor that each professional will charge, which will affect the general labor cost as well.

    How Much Does A Site

    2 car garage pole barn (20×24) that is cost and budget friendly….

    The national average for a site-built garage is $27,000. That price is for one car attached garages. Adding additional items, such as finishing the interior or adding an apartment above the garage, can add tens of thousands of dollars to the project.

    It is difficult to pin down exactly how much a site-built garage will cost. Typically, it is slightly more expensive than a prefabricated garage. That is due to additional costs, including the following.

    • Architectural Design: If you are building a garage from scratch on your property, you may have to have the proper plans in place. You may be required to have an architect involved to get the plans approved.
    • Surveyors: You might have to have your property surveyed if you are building a garage. A surveyor may be needed to layout the garage. They will also ensure that you are not encroaching on the neighbor or crossing a setback line.
    • Foundation: This is a considerable cost, as you may be choosing anything from a stone pad to a concrete slab.

    These are only some of the many different options that will add to the price of the garage. If you are building the garage on-site, you can adjust your goals to match your budget.

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    Attached Garage Roofing Cost

    The average cost of new roofing for your attached garage is $3,000 to $5,000. They need to use the same roofing material as the home. This is especially important if yours will have the same height as the rest of the property because the roofs are often joined for a seamless appearance. Switching materials suddenly can lower the curb appeal of the property. roofs are generally the most common, but yours can be clad in many roofing materials, depending on its pitch and what your home is clad with. Below are the average costs of some of the most common roofing materials.

    Roofing Material
    $10 – $25

    Foundation Costs For A Detached Garage

    As a wise man once said, Your garage is only as good as whats under it! It would be a shame to invest in a beautiful garage, only to have it begin falling apart in a few years because no thought was put into ground preparation. Key considerations for foundation selection include garage size/height and how prone your area is to frost.


    The most cost-effective and most basic shed foundation is a gravel pad surrounded by a perimeter of treated wood. This is best for a smaller detached garage, especially pre-assembled or modular styles.

    If youre on a budget, this is one part of the project that you could consider doing yourself to reduce the overall cost of your detached garage. Want to find a site prep company to install it for you? Click here for a Lancaster-based garage pad company.

    A gravel pad for a 24×24 two-car detached garage will typically cost between $10,000-$14,500.


    On larger projects and for more durable support, youll want a concrete foundation.

    While there is certainly a higher cost of installing a concrete pad, there are several options depending on your personal preference, budget, and local town requirements.


    Floating Pad Usually 4 of concrete over 4-5 of clean stone. This is the simplest and cheapest concrete garage base.


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    Cost To Build A Garage By Location

    Homeowners in the northern U.S. where winters bring frost and snow will need to take precautions to protect the garage from freezing. The need for greater insulation and a more complex foundation will mean northerners have to pay for more materials and more labor than people in more temperate parts of the country.

    The cost of living in your city will affect how much you pay for your garage, just like it affects the price of everything else. Hourly labor rates and the cost of materials will both be more expensive in metropolitan areas than in small towns.

    Remember, the approximate prices given throughout this guide represent national averages. To find out how much new garage construction will cost in your area specifically, youll need to get quotes from local pros.

    We recommend reaching out to at least three contractors to compare quotes.

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