Build Your Own Garage Kits

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Custom Steel Garage Kits

24×40 Pole Barn Garage Build – 3 Days Start to Finish!

Everyone knows you love cars and working in the garage. Did you know you can create the garage of your dreams with our steel garage kits? Our kits come with unlimited customization options. From width, length, and height, you are in charge! Do you want a three-car garage? No, wait, maybe five! And they have to be roll-up garage doors. Your wish is granted from doors, windows, and anchor types as well as steel framing thickness.

Figure B: Crosscut Guide

This guide takes a few minutes to make but saves time when youre cutting the fixed shelves and even more time later when youre cutting shelves. Our system required 30 shelves. To make a crosscut guide, screw a guide strip to the base and run your saw against the guide strip to trim the excess off the base. Add a squaring strip positioned perpendicular to the guide strip. Position the stop block to set the length of your parts.

What Comes Inside A Metal Garage Kit

Metal garage kits have everything you need to get started with the installation process. The components you are supplied with depend on which customizations youve selected. If you buy your garage kit directly from us youll be sure of the highest standards of quality.

When youve selected your desired features and placed the order, well send you the kit containing:

  • Roofing and Wall Panels
  • All the hardware, such as screws and bolts
  • Building anchors and steel frames, including supports
  • Additional features such as windows and doors

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How Much Space Do I Need

We cant tell you exactly what you need, but we have heard many times I wish I would have made it bigger, but I dont ever recall hearing that my garage is too big. Here are some basic guidelines that will help give you an idea of how big you should make your garage.

  • 24x 24 Recommended minimum size for a 2 car garage
  • 24x 32 Two car garage with a small workshop area in back
  • 24x 36 Recommended minimum garage kit size for 3 car garage

Uncompromising Quality At A Very Reasonable Price

Build Your Own Garage Kits

Cost factors include the size of the house, options selected and design features.What’s included in a kit?*Our kits do not include windows and doors.***We would be happy to offer you an estimate for a kit.

  • The town or city, and state where you plan to build.
  • If you plan to build over a basement, crawl space, or slab.
  • If you are building in a high wind or snow load area, and if you are building in a seismic or wildfire zone.

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Making Screws Work In Melamine

Family Handyman

Screws are the only fastening method used in this entire project. They make fast, strong joints. But screwing into melamine presents a few complications:

Strip-Out: As with any other particleboard product, melamine strips easily if you overdrive screws. Go easy on the drill trigger as you drive screws home. Use coarse-thread screws only. Fine-thread screws will strip every time. Longer screws also minimize stripping. If this project had been built from plywood, 1-5/8-in. screws would have worked fine. But we used 2-in. screws to assemble the boxes.

Splits: Particleboard splits easily. Never drive a screw into particleboard without drilling a pilot hole. We drilled 7/64-in. holes and used No. 8 screws. Even with a pilot hole, screws will split particleboard if you place them close to ends. Keep them at least an inch from the ends of parts.

Countersinking: Tapered screw heads will sometimes sink into melamine, but often theyll strip out before the head is flush with the melamine surface. Next to an edge, theyll crush out the particleboard. Always drill countersink holes to create a recess for screw heads. You can drill countersink and pilot holes in one stroke with a countersink bit .

Appearance: Even with a clean countersink hole, screw heads are a blemish in melamines perfect surface. For a neater look, use finish washers with screws that will be visible. Finish washers would eliminate the need for countersink holes.

The Convenience Of Garage Kits In Ontario

The most obvious benefit of the garage kits is convenience. Instead of having to deal with the months-long construction process using traditional methods, you could potentially have your garage up with just a weekend of work, depending on building and crew size. Fortunately, finding people to help you build is easy, because nobody needs any formal construction experience. With metal building kits, all the necessary pieces are already cut and designed to easily fit together.

Even getting your hands on the necessary materials is easy. With a metal building kit, all the pieces are shipped directly to your worksite along with instructions that are easy to follow. As long as you follow the stated safety precautions, just about anyone can get a metal garage built in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods. Its important to note that this also significantly cuts down construction and labor costs.

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Install Diy Steel Garage Kits Today And You Wont Ever Regret It

Having a car costs a lot of money. From the initial purchase to insurance, gas, and maintenance, you will pay a pretty penny to get around town. It would be a shame if something happened to your prized possession.

Luckily, Garage Buildings offer durable, long-lasting prefab steel garage kits. That way, you dont have to waste even more money on contractors building a garage when you can do the work yourself. Your friends and family will be amazed at how you made your garage using steel building garage kits. Your neighbors will love that it fits in with the rest of the block. You will love that you didnt overspend! Call Garage Buildings now at to discuss customizations with the trained design consultants. You can expect on-time delivery from this high-quality steel building dealer.

The Benefits Of A Garage Building

How to Build a Garage #1 – Layout and Concrete Piers

Every one of our garage designs starts with one of two carport frame styles: Standard Frame or A-Frame. If your location for a steel garage building is in Snow Country an A frame is the best choice as it provides the best snow load capability for the roof. Each style is attractive, versatile and designed to withstand Canadian weather. Once you choose the frame you want, customize your garage to meet your needs.

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Which Is The Best Material For Prefab Garage Kits

Metal tends to be the best choice, as its extremely durable and resistant to damage. Its also more affordable and will take less time to install than structures made with traditional materials. The different design options when it comes to style make it easier to build a garage that will compliment your homes existing look.

Dual Rv / Car Garages

Why build an RV Garage AND a car garage when you can get both in one cost-effective package? Our Dual RV / Car Garages provide all the room you need to safely house your RV, plus additional space for extra vehicle storage. This can be used to store a tow-car: a small SUV or subcompact car that makes it easier to get around once you’ve set up camp with your RV. It can also store a trailer that carries recreational vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, boats etc. for use at your destinations. Even if you don’t plan on using a trailer or tow-car, you can still use the extra space to park your everyday vehicle, or create a workshop for performing vehicle maintenance and pursuing hobbies or other projects.

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How To Get Your Site Ready For Metal Garage Installation

Our kits are designed to be built with minimal effort, and the kit should always fit together perfectly when putting it together. If you do not adequately prepare the area where your building will go, it could get damaged or be unable to meet your needs appropriately. If you follow the steps below, you will be more than ready to install your building properly.

  • Select the right site for installation, it has to be the right size, and the ground should be as flat as possible.
  • Ensure you have the necessary building permits if applicable.
  • Clear away any debris, leaving the site smooth and ready to build on.
  • Use a rake to gently flatten the soil, removing any large stones.
  • Now is the time to install any utilities you will need, such as electricity or water.
  • Build a strong foundation.

Types Of Steel Garages

Build Your Own Rv Garage / Pin by annette watson on PVC ideas ...

SteelBuilt Corp. helps our customers complete their garage building projects to serve a wide variety of functions, including:

  • Commercial steel garages: Whether you are storing a fleet of commercial trucks, rental vehicles, or equipment and machinery, our commercial steel garages are customized to suit the type of space you need.
  • Residential steel garages: Our residential steel garages are designed to align with local building restrictions while providing an attractive, safe, and secure storage for your personal vehicles.
  • Garage with office/living space: Today, space is at a premium, meaning your garage often has to play double or even triple duty. We design steel garages that can be insulated for all-season use, whether it is a workshop, office, or living space.
  • RV/motor home garage: If you own a recreational vehicle or motor home, you know they take up a lot of space. Storage is expensive, making a customized RV/motor home garage an excellent option if your property is large enough.
  • Sport vehicle storage: Whether you own ATVs, water sports vehicles such as a fishing boat, pontoon boat, or seadoos/skidoos, you need a secure storage space to protect your vehicles against the elements and theft. We can customize your garage to suit your needs.

Speak to our team about our custom steel garages and sheds for your residential and commercial properties.

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Faqs About Metal Garage Kits

What is the price of steel garage kits?

Garage Buildings offers different types of steel garage kits. It is hard to pinpoint one specific number because of the many customization options available. Call Garage Buildings at to discuss your options with the friendly staff.

Do the steel garage kits come with a wind or snow rating?

The steel building garage kits can withstand different weather conditions. The metal building experts at Garage Buildings design them to handle harsh rains, snowstorms, winds, and more.

Do your kits come with instructions?

Garage Buildings provides instructions on how to set up every steel garage kit.

How long does it take to assemble and install a steel garage kit?

The process of assembling and installing is straightforward, and it takes less than a day.

Things To Consider While Buying Steel Garage Kit In Ontario

To be very honest, when it comes to constructing a steel garage or metal kit within the property, one can surely go mind-boggling. Advancements in building technology such as metal building kits have redefined the construction landscape and a common person may not be able to make the right decision.

One of the reasons why many people are reluctant to build a steel garage within their property is that it seems to be a big task, however, it is not that difficult if done via any known service provider of metal garage buildings.

When it comes to industrial steel buildings, you never know which ones are the best and will do better for your purpose.

However, with the help of VOD Steel Buildings experts, you can easily get what you want for your property without being super heavy on your pocket. The experts at VOD Steel Buildings know what building structure would suit your needs and how to get it done.

Get the Right Consultation with Our Building Experts & Enjoy Custom-Made Steel Garage Kit

Our building experts have years of experience in crafting steel garage in Ontario, Canada and they believe in understanding the customer. You wont have to deal with any hassle and by following a smooth process, you can get a prefab steel kit or garage as per your choice.

While searching for garage builders in Ontario, you need to keep some pain points in mind. Lets discuss them one by one and see whats best for your needs.

1. Usability of Garage Kit

2. Dimensions of Structure

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Passmores The Trusted Name In Timber Garages

Passmores is a trusted family business that started more than 100 years ago. In the 1950s, the demand for stables, garages and cricket pavilions took off and many of the designs we use today can be traced back to that era.

Over the years our prefabricated product designs have been refined and improved and we now offer a wide range of timber frame garages and garden buildings.

All Passmore prefabricated garage kits are individually manufactured in the UK by our team of skilled staff in our workshop. Our timber mill is able to produce all our specialist requirements in-house by trained staff, under careful supervision, using modern woodworking machinery.

Need To Knoweverything You Need To Finalize Your Garage Project

Build a Single Car Garage/Large Storage | Step-by-Step

Attention: It is the responsibility of the customer to attain the required building permits and to abide by specific building codes, bylaws and rules applicable to their property or construction site. Customers are responsible to contact utility providers to identity and mark the location of underground utility pipes and cables before digging on their construction site. The customer assumes all risks associated with the construction of their building project.

For the times you cannot do it yourself, have your project built by the experts on our RONA Installation Service team.

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Pricing For Metal Garage Kits

A 18×36 vertical roof garage can cost anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 and a 22×36 a-frame roof metal garage can cost you between $8,000 to $15,000. Moreover, the cost of a metal garage can vary depending on location, certification, anchoring, steel prices, and the customization option you choose.

Garage Buildings takes pride in offering affordable prices for the top products. The price for your DIY metal garage kits is affected by additional customization about the size, color, and thickness of metal sheets, the location of the site, manufacturer, and area code regulations.

Luckily, you dont have to worry about high prices and over-the-top delivery rates. Garage Buildings wants to work with your budget. Call now at to ask about rent-to-own options and other financing programs available for steel garage kits. That way, you can still get the protection you need at a price you can afford.

Iron On The Edge Band

Family Handyman

Cut melamine to width and iron on the edge banding. Position the banding so it overhangs the ends and sides. Set your iron to the cotton setting and iron the banding on in two or three passes. On the first pass, run the iron quickly over the banding just to tack it into place. Center the banding so it overhangs on both sides. Make a second, slower pass to fully melt the glue and firmly adhere to the banding. Then check the edges for loose spots and make another pass if needed. Let the banding cool before trimming.

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What Is Included With Your Prefabricated Self Build Garage Or Carriage House Kit

Our modular timber frame kits include every item required to build your own garage. They have been carefully prefabricated to exacting designs at our UK manufacturing centre, and include:

  • Step-by-step assembly instructions and comprehensive spares are supplied with each garage or carriage house kit.
  • The timber frame and panels are prefabricated in our factory so the difficult work has been done for you.
  • Wall panels are fully finished and that includes fitment of cladding, windows and pedestrian doors.
  • Features like bargeboards, fascias and timber trims are all supplied cut to size.
  • Carriage house oak entrance frames are morticed and tenoned. Joints are prepared and 19mm oak pegs are provided. Each frame is trial assembled before dispatch.
  • Roof trusses are fully fabricated and gables are clad.
  • All components that arrive with our prefabricated garages are labelled and easily identifiable.

PLEASE NOTE: Roof tiles are not included and should be ordered from your local roofing contractor. There is no special equipment needed beyond carpentry hand tools and a hammer drill for ground anchoring.

The flat-pack ready made timber garage and carriage house kits are perfectly suitable for assembly by competent DIY enthusiasts or a local builder.

Other Garage Optionseverything You Need To Complete Your Garage Project

Ironwood 10 x 8 ft. Anthracite Galvanized Steel Hybrid Shed Kit # ...

Every RONA garage package can be customized to your specific needs with these additional options. Upgrades and accessories added to the standard garage package may increase the price of the final package, ask one of our experts for a free estimate.

we can supply you with everything needed to ensure that your garage is well insulated and has a finished interior.

with a RONA vinyl siding package or upgrade to special order metal, aluminum or specialty siding.

  • Garage door opener

to help you plan for interior and exterior lighting, a powered overhead door opener, or outlets for vehicles, power tools or holiday lights.

or get the ones that match your house or specifically meet architectural restrictions in your community. Ask a RONA salesperson about the wide variety of roofing options available.

are available in a range of colors to match your house.

but you can upgrade to more decorative doors, sliding windows or a specific style that accurately matches your home.

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