Build Overhead Garage Storage 2×4

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Diy Garage Storage Shelves By Crafted Workshop

Super Efficient 2×4 Garage Shelves | DIY Garage Storage

While the floor may be cluttered with stacked boxes and other belongings, garages tend to have a lot of empty space higher up the walls where they meet the ceiling. These DIY Garage Storage Shelves by Crafted Workshop aim to make use of that wasted space, transforming it into an excellent storage opportunity.

The build isnt necessarily complicated, but since youll be mounting them high up on the wall and ceiling, it can be a bit difficult. This is especially the case if youre working by yourself. If you feel uncomfortable, you may need to get some help while hanging the shelves. But other than that, this project can be completed by DIY beginners, even though it has an intermediate difficulty level.

Project Difficulty: Intermediate

Time to Build: 2-4 Hours

ToolsNeeded: Track saw, Miter saw, Countersink bit, Speed square, Stud finder, Cordless drill, Line laser, Jigsaw

Big Shelving Unit Diy

If youre in need of a large amount of shelving, this is the DIY idea for you- especially if you have scrap wood laying around. It only cost the builder $100 to make and was done in around three hours. Because this is 8 feet long and 8 feet tall, you can use 2x4s and barely have to cut any wood.

Youll also need some wood glue, deck screws, and plywood. If you want a more finished look, you can add some a clear finish or paint this. This has plenty of space to store everything you need and can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Test Fitting Storage Bin On New Garage Shelves

My shelves still work, its just a bit of a pain, especially if the bins are loaded with heavier items.

The next sets of shelving to install were on the opposite wall from the previous shelving, and these are directly above our garage door. I knew I would need to make these uprights shorter so they didnt interfere with the garage door, and I went ahead and measured for this before cutting the parts for these shelves.

Installation was more of the same, mounting the 2x2s into the studs and joists, mounting the 2×4 uprights to the 2x2s, and then adding the plywood, but this time I did need to notch around this little bump out in our wall.

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Repurpose A Pallet For Diy Garage Storage

Long-handled yard and garden tools can be difficult to store. All you need for this pallet organization hack is a pallet, a couple of screws and a drill. And if you dont have any pallets lying around, they are easy to get for free. This is a quick one-hour project and after youre done, your tools will be organized and easy to reach. Its a cheap DIY garage storage idea.

You could easily attach this pallet to a fence, shed or to the exposed wall studs in your garage. No matter what you choose, youll want to make sure that your screws are long enough to go through both your pallet and the wall you are attaching it to. We drilled two screws into the pallet, one into each exposed wall stud. You wont need a ton of screws or nails because the pallet isnt all that heavy. Now you have a quick and free way to store your lawn tools!

Hanging Shelves Above The Garage Door By The Cavender Diary

Garage storage virginia beach and build overhead garage storage 2x4. # ...

The space above the garage doors is generally left vacant and wasted, but these Hanging Shelves Above the Garage Door by The Cavender Diary are a unique way to make use of that space by turning it into storage space.

Unlike the other shelves here, these shelves are suspended from the ceiling by chains. The effect is very interesting, though still plenty stable for storing lots of stuff if you get strong enough mounting hooks. Because of the need for hanging this from the ceiling and the extra risk that introduces, this is a more advanced project and should only be attempted if you feel comfortable hanging shelving from the ceiling yourself.

Project Difficulty: Advanced

Time to Build: 2-5 Hours

ToolsNeeded: Brad nailer, Drill and bits, Screwdriver, Tape measure, Level, Stud finder, Miter or circular saw

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Easy Diy Garage Shelving By Home Talk

Made entirely out of basic 2X4 lumber, this Easy DIY Garage Shelving by Home Talk is one of the most simple builds possible. You can build this with almost no experience, only one type of material, and only the most basic tools. The only power tool you need is a drill or a nail gun. Aside from that, you could build the rest of this with affordable hand tools. So, if you dont currently have a tool collection but you want to get started on some simple DIY projects, this is a great choice to get started with.

Project Difficulty: Easy

Time to Build: 1-2 Hours

ToolsNeeded: Saw , Drill/driver, Tape measure

Garage Overhead Storage Help

I am wanting to build some hanging overhead storage in my garage. The ceiling is already drywalled so I don’t have access to the beams in the ceiling. I was thinking about screwing some 2×4’s along the length of some of the beams and then using those to screw the vertical supports to. Will this work? If yes, what kind of screws should I use? How many? I was thinking of using 2×4’s for the vertical supports as well. How many screws and what size would be needed to attach those? Would something like that hold a lot of weight and be secure? The beams in the ceiling are actually floor joists fr ur bnus rom above, does that make any difference?


Hi Marcie welcome to the forum

It depends on the status of the beams as well as the size of your ceiling whether and how many screws you would need.

As far as the quantity of screws, as Jeffie says, it depends on the condition of those Rafters. You’ll need a “Stud Finder” to get a good Center for the Screws.

The more screws the stronger, and I’ve “Pre-Drilled” the screw holes on many occasions, just to make sure i was in solid wood, and that the screw went directly into the center of the Rafter.

You’re looking at 1.5″ of 2×4 & amp 1/2″ of Sheetrock, so double that for the serew length.

A #10 or #12 diameter screw should work fine.I’ve used Phillips Head just for convienience, electric drill um in.

Have a good Day !

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How To Build Oversized Garage Storage Cabinets

Say goodbye to clutter for good with the addition of extra-large garage cabinets. Inexpensive and easy to assemble, this DIY storage solution is a perfect weekend project.

We’re sorry, there seems to be an issue playing this video. Please refresh the page or try again in a moment.If you continue to have issues, please contact us here.

Overhead Garage Storage Conclusion

AWESOME Hanging Garage Shelves | DIY Garage Storage | Garage Makeover pt. 4

When installing an overhead garage storage rack, you will need a few tools. A stud finder will be necessary as the tool will help you locate the studs in your wall. Youll also need lag bolts, lock nuts, and ceiling joists.

Installing overhead garage storage racks is a good DIY project. If you do not have advanced DIY skills, ask a friend to help you to ensure safety. You dont want to make any mistakes when working with ceiling brackets, for example.

The effort you put into it will be worth it as overhead garage storage shelves provide you with more garage space.

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Motorized Garage Storage Hoist

Overhead garage storage is very practical but lifting all those heavy items up there on the racks in the first place may not be something you can do. The motorized platform lift does all the heavy lifting for you so you dont have to worry about a thing.

You can control it with an app on your smartphone.

Diy Wall Brackets From Scrap Wood

Heres how to store your lawn and folding chairs so theyre out of your way with some wooden garage shelves. Take two pieces of 1×4 lumber and create some simple, cheap and useful brackets on the wall. Cut each board 7-3/4 in. long with a 30-degree angle on both ends. Fasten pairs of these brackets with three 2-in. screws to the side of the exposed wall studs, directly across from each other, and youve got a perfect place to hang your chairs.

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Diy Cantilevered Garage Shelves By Sawdust Girl

Get all of your important belongings off the floor and up on shelves, freeing up that floor space for other uses and keeping y our stuff safe on shelves. These DIY Cantilevered Garage Shelves by Sawdust Girl will help you do it. Theyre not too time-consuming to make, but theyre strong enough to support your weight hanging from the brackets!

Because of the angle of the brackets, these shelves are going to take a bit more skill to build than some of the other, simpler shelves weve covered so far. But if you want to improve your skills and take on a challenge, the final result is a great set of extremely sturdy shelves to house your stuff safely off the floor!

Project Difficulty: Advanced

Time to Build: 2 Days due to drying time

ToolsNeeded: Circular saw, Miter saw, Nail gun, Drill/driver, Stud finder, Level, Tape measure

Make A Pallet Dolly For Toting Big Tools

Create a Sliding Storage System On the Garage Ceiling in 2020

I had a truckload of lumber to transport from the truck down a long hallway to my shop, and I wasnt looking forward to carrying it all by myself, an armload at a time. Thats when I noticed a pallet leaning up against the wall and had an idea.

I dont own a pallet jack, but I did have a set of swiveling casters! After adding some reinforcement blocking to the pallet, I installed a 4-in. caster at each corner. It worked perfectly for hauling my entire load of lumber in one trip.

Ive since kept my pallet dolly and use it frequently as my multipurpose heavy-stuff mover. Keith Jones

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Diy Garage Shelves By The Home Depot

These DIY Garage Shelves by The Home Depot are a simple set of shelves that are completely adjustable so you can set the heights to whatever works best for you. This gives you a lot of flexibility in the future, in case you decide to change the way youre storing things.

This build is pretty simple, but its a little more time consuming than some builds because you have to cut reliefs for all the levels the shelf can mount on. Youll also need some tools that arent in everyones toolbox, like a ramset for attaching the shelves to the floor. But the tools and materials you need for this project are all available locally at your nearest home improvement store, so you could feasibly build this project today!

Project Difficulty: Intermediate

Time to Build: 2-4 Hours

ToolsNeeded: Screwdriver, Drill, Tape Measure, Level, Plumb Bob, Circular Saw, Clamp, Router, Ramset, Shims

Diy Garage Shelving Plans You Can Build Today

Its not uncommon for a garage to end up as a sort of gigantic junk drawer where all of the extra stuff thats too big to fit anywhere else is just haphazardly stuffed inside. But organizing up all of your extra belongings can be cheap and fun if you build the storage shelves yourself! All it takes is a little bit of lumber, a few basic tools, and some enthusiasm!

If you like the idea of taking on your garage storage needs head-on and building some unique and affordable shelving, then you have plenty of options to check out. The following 20 plans are all within youre reach and can easily teach you how to build garage shelves of your very own. Theyre made with basic materials, tools, and skills that you can duplicate at home.

Pick out a style that you like and start building! Before you know it, your garage will be transformed from an unorganized mess that you hide to a successful project that youre excited about.

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Install 2×4 Uprights In Garage

With the 2x2s mounted, I could get the 2×4 uprights prepped by driving in more screws, 2 ½ screws this time. I also ended up pre-drilling these holes later on to help avoid splitting the 2x4s and it helped a ton.

Once the screws were in, I could go ahead and get the uprights mounted to the 2x2s, making sure they were level. The spacing on all of these pieces is pretty specific, and here is a link to free plans for these shelves.

Also, I didnt end up adding glue to these joints on this first shelf, but I ended up coming back and adding it later, and I also added it to the rest of the uprights moving forward. These shelves ended up holding a ton of weight, and the glue will help keep the joints strong over time.

Wasted Space Garage Storage Shelves By Jay Bates Woodworking Videos

Garage Storage Shelves | EASY BUILD

These Wasted Space Garage Storage Shelves by Jay Bates Woodworking Videos are another great way to kill two birds with one stone by utilizing that empty space in the top of your garage for storing all the stuff that currently doesnt have a home!

This is a very simple build overall. The only difficult part is attaching everything to the ceiling since youll need to be comfortable on ladders and not everyone is. But if youre not afraid of heights, this is an easy project that you can take on in a few hours and really increase the amount of storage space you have in your garage while freeing up some of that floor space by elevating the stuff you need to store!

Project Difficulty: Intermediate

Time to Build: 2-5 Hours

ToolsNeeded: Circular saw, Speed square, Drill/driver, Drill bits for pre-drilling, Tape measure, Level, Stud finder

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What Causes Most Garage Fires

Electrical malfunction is the leading cause of garage fires. A flame frequently gets started when there is a short in the wires, the wires are damaged or electrical outlets are overloaded. Garage fires are dangerous and more severe because of the number of flammable materials often stored inside a garage.

What To Look For When Buying Your Garage Rack

There are a few different areas you should be mindful of when you begin your garage storage rack search. Know your needs and what you plan to store before shopping and then check out these categories before you purchase!

Size & Capacity:

Of course, you should have this in mind when buying. Something too small wont help you at all and a device too big wont even fit and you will waste your time. Knowing what you need to store will help you find your perfect match. Make sure you buy a system that will fit nicely into your garage and not take up too much space or get in the way of garage door operation. You also want to make sure your garage ceiling can withstand the installation lightweight models do exist so pay attention to weight capacity.

Some of the popular sizes include:

Motorized vs. Not:

You may find motorized racks. This helps with the convenience of lowering and raising the bars but can be a bit pricier than a rack that you will have to manually remove and storage items from. The weight capacity of a motorized system can push up to 400 pounds as well and be a bit safer have this in mind when shopping and what your needs look like beforehand.

Materials Needed & Installation:

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Easy Cheap And Fast Garage Shelving By Ana White

Ana White makes a lot of great DIY projects, and this Easy, Cheap, and Fast Garage Shelving is no exception. Theyre made from 2x4s and plywood, it doesnt get much more basic than that! You can easily construct these shelves in an afternoon if you have even the tiniest bit of DIY experience. Very few tools are needed, and the outcome is a strong and sturdy set of shelves with plenty of room to house loads of your belongings. Theyre a bit utilitarian for sure, but they definitely do the job!

Project Difficulty: Easy

Time to Build: 1-3 Hours

ToolsNeeded: Tape measure, Speed square, Pencil, Drill, Circular saw, Level

Hidden Hanging Shelf Idea

Garage Ceiling 2x4 24" oc And Storage Capacity

To make this, youll need some plywood, deck screws, a power drill, drywall screws, a stud finder, and miter saw. This designer mounted his above the garage door, making it invisible from the outside when the door is open.

These shelves can hold a good amount though its not a good idea to store very heavy items up there.

Once you have the wood cut and ready, find the studs in your wall, construct the shelf frames, attach them to the ceiling, and add the bottom. If you have some firearms, you can add a DIY gun rack to the wall- the garage is a great place to mount one.

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