Black Garage Doors With Windows

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// Arched Wooden Carriage House Garage Door

black modern garage door with windows on the side | 630-271-9343

The wooden accents on this home are a nod to Italy, with the Italian-style front door and the arched garage doors. The feel is similar to the Spanish ranch style in #5 above, but the lines and wood finish are quite different. Plus, the black accent at the top of each of these doors draws attention to the arches and makes for a cohesive façade.

This garage door option comes from Clopay.

Genie Stealthdrive Model 7155

About this item

STRONG AND QUIET: The Stealth Drive Connect smart garage door opener has a 1 1/4 HPC DC Motor that is paired with a steel-reinforced belt drive making this garage door opener perfect for garages that are attached to bedrooms and/or nurseries

SMART GARAGE SYSTEM COMPATIBLE WITH ALEXA & GOOGLE HOME: The built-in Aladdin Connect technology allows you to monitor, open and close your garage door from anywhere with your smartphone. New features allow you to use the Stealth Drive Connect smart garage door opener to operate the garage door with voice control using the Aladdin Connect skill for Alexa or Google Home


The Stealth Drive Connect garage door opener comes equipped with a battery backup that allows for the garage door opener to be used when the primary power is out. This feature provides up to 50 cycles from the initial power failure.

EASY TO INSTALL: This smart garage door opener features a strong 5-piece rail system that snaps together for easy installation. Its lightweight with no added hardware needed. Plus, pre-programmed garage door opener remotes are ready to use out of the box to eliminate additional programming steps

GARAGE DOOR ACCESSORIES: The Genie Stealth Drive Connect smart garage door opener comes with two pre-programmed 3-button garage door opener remotes, a wireless keypad to open the garage door with Pin, and a multi-function wall console with vacation lock and light control button.

Black Garage Doors That Can Modernize Your Home

When you imagine a garage door, black might not be the first colour that comes to your mind, but black garage doors have been a growing trend for homes over the last few years. If youre looking to modernize your homes exterior, we have a variety of the best black garage door options for you at Markham Garage Doors.

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The Best Modern Garage Doors In The Gta

Since 1958, Dodds Garage Doors has provided Toronto-area homeowners with the highest quality residential garage doors and accessories along with the best selection of traditional, coach house, and modern garage doors.

The Platinum Series includes a wide variety of style, colour and window choices including Recessed Panel, Raised Panel, Coach House, Flush, Plank and Faux-Wood garage doors.

From Modern To Rustic: Styling Black Garage Door To Suit Your Home

Clopay model GD1LP in black with plain windows.

Go bold with a modern black garage door to elevate the style and curb appeal of your home. Check out our style guide to unlock the possibilities!

Your garage door plays a key role in your homes overall appearance and, as a homeowner, you want to make sure you love the colour you choose for it. Thats why at Creative Door Services, we keep up with all the emerging trends in garage door colours, and we have an idea to throw at you as you weigh the options for your next garage door purchase: why not go black?

Just as versatile as white, black complements well with many colours and, in terms of its effect, it runs the gamut from bold and modern to simple and timeless, depending on the style and on your homes colour scheme. Furthermore, black tends to be the most low-maintenance option, as it doesnt show dirt and wear as much as lighter colours.

On its own, a black garage door can come off as overly dominant. Generally its important that it matches the exterior detailing of your home, such as trim, shutters, window panes and the front door. When one or more of these features is black, you can achieve an exquisite balance by opting for a black garage door.

Creative Door sells and installs beautiful black garage doors to scores of satisfied customers. Whatever kind of door youre looking forclassic wood, premium steel, modern glass, carriage-house, etc.we can offer models with stunning black finishes.

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Black Garage Door Windows

A modern garage door with windows adds character and a sense of sophistication to any home. Windows can make the garage door look unique and increase the homes curb appeal.

And just think, youll no longer have to inch your hand along the wall in the dark looking for a light switch thanks to the influx of natural light.

There is no compromise with you garage door insulation since the glass option for this elegant and modern garage door is insulated as well.

A modern garage door with windows will also help sell your home faster. Since the garage door takes a lot of front space of your home it is always best to invest in a door that will sell the house for itself.

Garage door windows are customizable and available in designs that will match almost any modern style home. Theres even impact resistant glass for those who reside in high-wind areas.

So, whether you live in a brand new contemporary home, the windows will add many benefits to your personal style and taste.

Black Garage Doors With Windows: The Perfect Addition To Your Home

Garage Door Max Repair & Install » Blog » Black Garage Doors with Windows: The Perfect Addition to Your Home

If youre looking for a way to improve the curb appeal of your home, adding black garage doors with windows is a great option! These doors are not only stylish and elegant, but they also provide extra insulation and security for your home. We offer a wide variety of black garage door styles with windows, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, our doors are made from high-quality materials that will last for years!

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When You Choose Creative Door Anything Is Possible

So, have you converted to the dark side and embraced black garage doors? As you can see, black is a versatile and exciting option for garage doors. If youre undecided, however, as to whether its the right fit for your home, Creative Door can help you out. You can discuss the idea with one of our experts, and you can also make use of our online design centre. Using this online tool, you can upload a picture of your home and test out different garage door designs and colours on your house. This way you can see for yourself whether black is the best choice.

Whatever the style or colour you choose, if you get your new garage door through Creative Door, you can count on it being optimally durable, secure and efficient. Since 1969, weve been providing Canadians with the best garage doors and superior garage door installation and service.

Glass & Aluminum Black Garage Doors

hormann 3200 16×7 black garage door with smoked black windows | 630-271-9343

Beyond a paint finish on a traditional or carriage house door, you can also choose a glass garage door. In fact, a black glass garage door is a stunning finish for a modern home. You can select this option in either black tinted infinity glass or clear glass with a black aluminum frame. Manufacturers like Arm-R-Lite and CHI offer multiple design options for black glass garage doors. This means you can personalize your new black glass doors to your home. Beyond excellent visuals, glass garage doors also add plenty of natural light to your garage with tinting options to maintain your privacy.

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Modern Garage Door Examples That Are On

These on-trend modern garage door examples are here to inspire you not to overlook this important design element. Its easy to forget about your garage when considering how to update your homes exterior design. So many of us think of our garages as merely a place to keep our car and/or store stuff. Its common for homeowners to have a blind spot when it comes to how their garages come across when viewed from the street.

Note: Front-load garages in particular have a major impact on curb appeal. Sometimes, they can cover a good half of the front of your home. There are two ways of dealing with front-load garages: either make it blend in with the rest of your home by painting it the same color, or make it beautiful with gorgeous materials, design elements, and windows. In this article, were focused on the latter.

From garage doors to gutters to mailboxes, our expert designers pay attention to the details in creating a custom exterior home design that youll love. Learn more about our virtual design services.

Here are some before-and-after images that prove what a difference a modern garage door can make for your homes overall look.

See What Our Customers Have To Say About Us:

From making the initial appointment with Brittany who by the way, was very courteous to the technicians, Anthony Jacob and Brandon Davider that came out for my service were excellent. Theyre very personable and provided me with great information. Im longtime customer and Ive always had a positive experience with your company. Im so confident with this company that Im even going to replace my door as well. I really love the new unit and the LED lights really light up the garage. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone.

5/5 Rating from Chris Van Allen

I love my new garage door with windows. It was a great experience start to finish. They stayed in contact, and made it easy.

5/5 Rating from Deana Hicks

Find more of our . We have a 4.8-star rating and 4,342+ reviews.

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What Are The Benefits Of Black Garage Doors With Windows

There are many benefits to adding black garage doors to your home. First, they provide extra security by deterring burglars and keeping unwanted intruders out. Additionally, the windows allow natural light into your garage, so you dont have to turn on the lights during the day. Lastly, these doors are great for insulation because they keep heat in during the winter and cool air in during the summer.

If youre interested in adding black garage doors to your home, contact us today! We offer a wide variety of styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Black Garage Door Replacement Cost

Giani Decorative Magnetic Garage Door Window Panes Weather

An elegant garage door replacement can cost a few thousands . Modern Garage Doors from Victor are top quality but you will have a door for life. The cost of the replacement should be taken into consideration since a new garage door will give your house a huge bump in looks and cost it self. There are houses in the market that increase its value by $20, 000just by replacing your old garage door.

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Is It Time To Replace That Garage Door With Something Better

We get it. Once youre bit by the remodeling bug, you want to change everything. Youll consider repainting the house, changing doors, replacing the siding, and so much more. Why not replace the garage door while youre at it?

If you go to all that trouble without replacing the garage door, youre creating what amounts to a 9 x 7 eyesore.

Ready to act? Call us today at 781-826-2212.

Double Black Garage Door

Double car garage doors are available in one size at Victor garage door. A standard double car garage door will be 16 in width. You can have a 16 feet wide by 7 feet high garage door but you can also have it in 8 feet high.

This size for a double car garage door can be found in many modern homes. Since this is a standard for a double garage door, this doors are much easier to get as opposed to having to get a special order from a garage door company.

Doors that are exterior facing must close against weather and intrusion. The garage door allows automobile entry for storage. Overhead garage doors may be roll-up segmented type, or tilt-up single-sheet type.

You will find that the cost to install average double-car garage doors depends upon material and finish grade, size, structural preparation and special needs, and the installation rate.

Double car garage door replacement: remove and dispose of existing door, install new door include all material, equipment, and waste.


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// Dark Garage Door With Top Section Windows

Zhuzh up a transitional or traditional home with these dark garage door options, including top section windows. In the first example above, the garage is a focal point of the home. Using a contrasting color for the doors and carrying it through shutters, light fixtures, and on the wood beneath the porch makes the garage feel intentionally designed and attractive.

This second example illustrates another common garage layout: on the front of the home, but with a side entry. This layout doesnt mean you should make your garage doors an afterthought. After all, the homeowner often approaches their own home from the driveway. Make that entrance inviting and intentional, too. The design chosen for these garage doors is a modern touch on a traditional-style home.

One benefit of using windows on the top section only is it offers more privacy even if you choose to use regular ol transparent glass.

The door options above are both from Clopay.

Gallery Collection Garage Doors

Hormann 5250 Tucana Paint Blasted Custom Black Garage Door Longwood Glazed 3 Pane WIndows

One of our best black garage door options is the GALLERY® collection by Clopay®. You can buy the doors in a number of colours, including black, charcoal and ultra-grain oak slate finish. These are carriage house style garage doors with large windows that let in some light and help keep the garage from being dark and stuffy.

The windows come in almost two dozen different designs with multiple types of glass options. You can also choose to have your garage doors made with or without insulation depending on your individual needs. Take a look online for more decorative hardware options.

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Steel Black Garage Doors

While painting your garage door may seem like a quick, affordable way to obtain a fresh new look, its not recommended. When you paint your garage door black, the paint can actually draw much more heat than what you bargained for. This makes them counterproductive to your energy costs. Also, since the color attracts more of the suns rays, black paint is prone to fading more quickly over time. For these reasons, picking up just any can of exterior paint from your local hardware store is not recommended when you want a black garage door.

There is, however, an answer to these problems if you want the upgraded, modern look of a black garage door for your home. Manufacturers like CHI, Amarr, Hormann, and more now offer energy efficient options for black garage doors. Finished with specialized paint, these black garage doors actually deflect much of the unwanted heat from your home. This means you get the curb appeal you want with the energy efficiency your home needs. Any style of sectional garage doors from traditional to modern can be finished with this specialized paint. Whether you want a daring contemporary upgrade for carriage house style doors or want to create a dark appearance for modern style doors, a black finish adds striking visual interest.

Garage Doors With Windows

It is safe to say that every type of garage door available has some sort of window/glazing option, one that allows natural light into the garage, or maybe even influences the design of the door itself.

Windows will vary from single glazed acrylic, 6-8mm real glass, double glazed units using acrylic, or real glass and triple glazed sections in garage doors where glazing is the main feature. The glass/acrylic is also available as clear, frosted, antiqued, sand blasted, opaque, coloured and so on, the options are plentiful and can suit any need.Traditional side hinged and up and over designs incorporate windows as part of the original design of the door, where windows are standard in the style. This has also been recreated in some up and over timber, steel and GRP door designs, simulating a pair of side hinged doors.

More modern garage doors, such as roller shutters and sectional doors, have various ways of incorporating window sections on various different shapes and sizes, although the variations of this are obviously

You can have almost any shape of window in a sectional garage door – round, square, oblong – even unique shapes if required. Most window options are by price on application, unless we are showing the most obvious options in our online shop.

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Black Garage Door Window

The modern garage door model offers flexibility when it come to window personalization. You can chose from short and long panel options. You can also decide where to place your windows.

They can be arranged in a horizontal line at the top or second to last section or even both.

Not sure where the windows need to be? The beauty and flexibility of the elegant garage door model is that it will allow you to have ALL sections made out of seamless glass sections for the entire garage door.

The windows of the sleek garage door are tinted to give your the privacy and modern looks for your home.

Budget To Replace My Garage Door

This unique black garage doors is certainly an inspiring and first ...

The cost to replace your a new garage door will be a major key to consider before you buy. The cost of a garage door depends on a variety of factors, including the area where you live, material, insulation, style, hardware, number of doors and sizes, and more.

When choosing a budget, most homeowners primarily consider the importance of the modern garage doors aesthetic appeal, whether the door needs to be insulated, and how durable the door should be.

Homeowners who seek the least expensive garage door available may be able to find a single-car non-insulated garage door for their home in the range of $500 without installation.

The only time you can get by with this door is if you live in busy alley. You dont need to spend much on these type of doors since the get hit by other cars, garbage trucks and cans, etc.

These doors are a nice choice when style or quiet operation are not a critical factor, the average temperature is moderate, and the door will be lightly used.

For homeowners who want to increase their curb appeal, modern garage doors are the perfect choice. These garage doors can range in price from under $2,000 for a single-car garage door to $4,000 and beyond for fully custom double-car garage doors.

These doors typically have better energy efficiency, durable and quieter operation, and increased curb appeal that can increase the resale value of your home.

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