Bicycle Storage In Garage Ideas

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Suspend From The Ceiling

BEST garage/office space saving bicycle wall storage.

Is your garage or shed completely maxed out on space? Or perhaps the walls are not conducive to hanging bike storage. A savvy solution is to hang bikes from the ceiling instead. Look for a high-quality ceiling-mount hoist rack or get crafty and create your own DIY pulley system to retrieve the high-up bikes. This works best for bicycles that aren’t taken out for a spin too often or can be used during the off season for out-of-the-way bike storage.

Still A Benchmark Product

Plenty has changed in the last decade, and even the indoor bike storage market has become more hotly contested. Still, the Steadyrack remains what I consider to be a benchmark product. There are plenty of options on the market that allow similar space efficiency, ease of use and secure holding, but there arent many that combine all of those attributes quite like the Steadyrack.

So why arent my garage walls lined with Steadyracks? Well, the price. I can buy all the simple wheel hooks I need for roughly the price of one Steadyrack, and probably have them installed in a similar timeframe to what one rack takes, too. Fewer bikes would make the choice easier, but when youve got more bikes than there are days in the week, converting them all over to Steadyracks remains a big expense.

These Easy Solutions Will Keep Your Bike Safe And Protected From The Elements

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If youve recently discovered the joy of owning a bicycle, youve probably also discovered how frustrating it can be to store. Even if you have a garage in which to keep your bike safe, finding the best garage bike storage option brings up issues of wall space, durability and cost. Its tempting to simply lean your bike against a wall, but that can cause scuff marks and crowd your garage space.

Luckily, there are tons of options for garage bike storage suitable to every level of garage storage DIY expertise, from bike hangers to hoists and hooks to stands made from scratch. They all have very different aesthetics, storage styles and installation processes, so youre absolutely guaranteed to find the option that works best for your space. Below, check out the best garage bike storage products available on the market right now, and get ready to pick your favorite.

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Is It Bad To Leave A Bike On Its Side

Most motorcycle batteries are not sealed units, there is a small air port on the top of the battery so the battery doesn’t get over pressurized. When you lay your motorcycle on it’s side, that port will leak battery acid all over the place, which can cause serious cosmetic damage and serious safety risks to you.

Bike Holding Freestanding Bike Rack

Bike Storage Ideas For The Garage To Free Up Space

This particular bike rack is constructed with slats that are made of resin wood and its both sturdy and sleek. This is a great rack for those that want to hold multiple bikes at once as its designed to hold at least six bikes.

Its also both childrens bike, mountain bike, and road bike compatible. The slats are also carefully placed so youve got enough space to safely store bikes.

As a bonus, this rack also requires no maintenance, and it also wont crack, splinter or break. The paint will also not bond to the surface, and its UV protected.

Customers love its heavy construction and mentioned that it has lasted them through the seasons. It also comes in two colors of cedar and green so youre able to pick the stand rack that suits your garage aesthetic best.

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Clear Up Floor Space And Hit The Road Faster With These Creative Bike Storage Ideas

Riding bikes is at the top of the list when it comes to classic warm-weather pastimes . However, bicycles take up a considerable amount of space, most likely in your garage or shed. Regardless of where you store your family’s bikes, there are a variety of solutions that can help keep them organized and accessible. Browse the following bike storage ideas to get inspired to put yours in order in time for prime riding season.

Security And Safety Of The Bike

You need to store your bikes in an area where they will be completely safe. You dont want someone suspicious gaining access to your bikes. Some people dont pay attention to the bikes stored in their garages and sheds and that increases the chances of theft.

Although with a bike hook if you store a bike vertically, it will be hard to gain access. Go for storage solutions that offer the best kind of safety and security for your bike.

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Garage Ceiling Storage Rack

Your garage ceiling might be the biggest untapped storage space in your home. If you dont already have items hanging from your garage ceiling, consider installing a bike rack or hooks. Youd be surprised how much space you could save.

If you have a tight garage with no extra space, the ceiling is your only option. Ceiling bike storage racks keep bikes stored out of the way. Most systems are for single bikes, but if you more than one bike, solutions exist.


  • If your bike is hard to reach, you might not use it.
  • Hard to reach for kids.
  • Ceiling installation is more difficult.
  • Bike hoists are better for only large kids and adult bike rack.

How The Michelangelo Has Held Up

9 Clever Bike Storage Ideas (For Garages and Inside the Home!)

Staff members doing long-term testing of the Michelangelo have reported no problems in fact, one of them had, a couple of years ago, moved in with a new boyfriend, who brought with him three Michelangelos that hed been using happily for five years. We had heard from one reader who said that one of the arms on his stand slipped out of place after 15 minutes of use after examining photos that he supplied of his setup, we realized hed omitted installing the O-rings that were meant to go under each arm. Delta has since tweaked the design of the rack, and it no longer requires the O-rings. We bought one of these new racks to check it out its been working just fine for more than two years now, but well continue to monitor it just to be sure.

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Bike Storage Solutions: Decisions To Make Before You Buy

Do you want to keep your bike inside or outside?

If rolling dirty bikes through the house is frowned upon, you may want to go for an outdoor solution. As garage break-ins are not uncommon, some sort of secure shed may be the ideal solution to your problem. There are a few insurance approved secure outdoor sheds on the market like those from Asgard, but they don’t come cheap. Some of their models are also police approved, and can come with handy shelves to store riding gear and spares.

Do you want to put screws in your walls?

If you’re opting for indoor storage, you need to decide if you’re willing to drill holes in the wall. If you’re comfortable using power tools, simple bike hooks or something like a Steadyrack will allow you to make good use of your wall space. If not, a freestanding pole-type rack that runs from floor to ceiling might be the ticket. Alternatively, there are some clever looking pieces of furniture which can act as stands as well, but these are anything but compact.

Do you want to make a statement of your bike?

Some options allow you to hang your bike on the wall, or display it in the centre of the room atop a purpose-designed piece of furniture. Of course, this needs to be approved by other members of your household and generally requires you to pay adequate attention to your bike cleaning routine.

Do you want to have the bike locked up in position?

Bike Storage Design Ideas

Featured Image: Feedback Sports

We need someplace to keep our bikes when we are not using them! If we are not successful in properly keeping them, they can cause chaos, accidents, or even lose our bicycles to theft! Good bike storage will be worth all the effort, and if you are looking for some inspiration, we have 31 bike storage ideas that will surely keep your bikes in order.

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Create A Bike Station

One of the tenets of home organization is to store like items with like items. Put this to use by creating a comprehensive bike storage station. Wherever and however you decide to organize bike gear, whether with a rail, track system, or shelf, be sure to include containers and hooks nearby. These should accommodate accessories such as water bottles, helmets, backpacks, and cycling shoes. Now, getting ready to go out for your next excursion is effortless since everything you need is within close range of the bikes.

Pvc Bike Stand With Pegs

#roadbikewomen,roadbikeaccessories,roadbikecycling,roadbikemen ...

This PVC stand is not only super easy to build and really cheap but also practical in an unexpected and cool way. Because of the way in which its designed to work, you need pegs in order to be able to use it.

That also allows you to spin the wheel while the bike is on the stand which is useful if youre doing some repair or maintenance work on your bike. Check out the tutorial for this stand on bmxmuseum for more information about it.

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Outdoor Shed Bike Storage Ideas

You may have a small outdoor shed in your yard or garden for your lawnmower, seasonal children’s toys, or seasonal outdoor decorations. You may also notice there is some wasted space in there, or perhaps you are planning on remodeling the interior to keep things more organized.

Whatever the reason, you are sure to find an outdoor shed storage option for your bikes on this list. Having a small storage shed in your yard or garden is a great place to store your bikes. It keeps them out of the elements so the tires last for years without getting sun-damaged.

It also keeps them hidden from the view of neighbors to prevent theft, and provides easy access to them when you want to go out on a ride. There are a range of different shed styles and sizes, as well as accessories you can use to store your bikes properly and safely.

Simple wooden hooks are easy to secure to the support beams inside your small shed or outbuilding. They can be used to hold bikes vertically, or add two to different support beams and hang your bikes horizontally instead.

Having a custom-sized outdoor storage shed specifically for your bikes is a stylish and practical way to keep your bikes out of the elements. Perfectly sized for two adult bikes, you can also consider adding some shelves or small hooks on the back wall for helmets and other bike accessories.

How Do You Hang A Kids Bike In The Garage

The best way to hang a kids bike in a garage is with a heavy-duty rubber hook. Heavy-duty rubberized hooks made to screw into a stud or rafter are your best options. For vertical storage, hang a bike with one hook.

Floor stands would provide easy access for your child, but would give you less floor space easy to access. You can hang. a small bike by its rear wheel, as a second choice.

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Compartments On A Wall

Let us further extend the provided methods by applying solutions borrowed from apartment interior design. This one with compartments inside the walls is both decorative and convenient.

You can select different compartments that become part of the indoor space and create a room for other needs. This variant has inspired many modern designers.

Advantages Of Having A Bike Storage

5 DIY Bike Storage Options For Any Garage or Shed

Our bikes must be safe and secure. However, they must also be easy and quick to use . They need to make as very little dirt and mess as possible. And they should not meddle too much in the other ways we use our spaces. Admittedly, it is hard to balance and get things right in the beginning! So it is worth spending significant time to think about our choices. The wonderful thing is: nowadays, there are lots of storage solutions readily available to us. Theres a dizzying array of bike storage ideas. And do not worry: we will cover them all here. Weve attempted to concentrate on practical, real-world solutions that you can purchase in the stores or easily DIY.

Having suitable bike storage is crucial when protecting your bike. When youre dealing with young kids, it will also keep the bike from your living room. When you are looking at garage bike rack, there are many choices out there, and yes, it could be frustrating to take the garage bike storage that is right for you. To begin, we have curated a list of 31 of the most excellent garage bike storage. Not merely is it going to help with ensuring the security of your ride, but it will also extend the sustainability of your bike so that you will not have to stress about replacement or repairsparticularly in case you have just had it for a quick time.

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What Types Of Bike Storage Are Out There

Wall mount bike storage

One of the most common types of indoor bike storage, the simple wall mount usually consists of hooks that are screwed into the wall. They are either attached to a stud, masonry or a sheet of 3/8in ply across the wall â which is bolted to studs.

Wall mounts do come in a variety of shapes though with more elegant options also doubling up as shelves and attractive pieces of wall furniture.

However, tread cautiously if you’re renting, and make sure you run this past your landlord so you don’t risk losing your security deposit because you wanted to store your bike more fashionably.

Bike storage-specific furniture

If your landlord or member of your household puts the kibosh on drilling, then you’ll need something a bit less permanent. More and more people are finding the answer in bike storage-specific furniture.

This wide-ranging term is based around standalone shelving units that have bike slots or hanging spots built-in. These not only store bikes but can store your helmet riding shoes and kit or books, DVDs and other personal amenities.

Freestanding bike storage stands

If you own more than one bike or you live in a house of cyclists, then buying bike storage-specific furniture may be a tad expensive and not very space-efficient. In this realm, there is everything from freestanding racks that don’t touch the walls, to poles that create tension between the floor and ceiling.

Pulley and winch systems

Bike Storage Sheds

Is It Okay To Hang A Bike Upside From Its Front Wheel

Many experts believe its safe to hang a bike by its wheel from your garage ceiling. The only exceptions are bikes with specialty aero carbon rims. Bikes with aero carbon rims are too light and the carbon will flex if you squeeze it with your hand.

A road bike or gravel bike might require a bike stand, or hanging them by their rear wheel. Maybe a horizontal bike storage idea would be better to save floor space? As weve said several times, there is no shortage of ideas.

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Bike Storage Solutions Worth Considering

Bike is among the terrific inventions that not only enable you to travel from one spot to another while checking out the surrounding nature additionally, it keeps you healthy. Cycling may be the effective and simplest exercise type to enhance your lower body while improving cardiovascular health. That is the reason a lot of individuals around the world love to go through two-wheeled bikes. Thus, they wind up either placing their bike in a motorcycle storage shed or even attempting to seek out a few space-storage tools to add the bike to their home. By doing this, they protect their cycle through environmental elements.

But have you realized that keeping it anywhere in your house can hamper the entire look and interior of your abode? Why not search for a location in which your bikes can show up for commute in the early morning and hideaway later in the day when you arrive at your house. One such place is your garage, the area that the bike storage will easily mix with the majority of the inside theme.

Is It Ok To Store A Bike Upside Down

homemade bike storage ideas for those biking lovers who live in a tiny ...

Shimano even recommends against turning the bicycle upside down. In a manual for its hydraulic disc brakes it says: The disc brake is not designed to work when the bicycle is upside down. If the bicycle is turned upside down or on its side, the brake may not work correctly, and a serious accident could occur.

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Ideas Of Different Types Of Bicycle Storage

What solutions are worth your attention? For a small room, fastening the machine under the roof is considered a superb option, but it is important to select a reliable system.Alternative ways of housing a bike are:

  • A common choice is using hooks placed inside the walls with self-tapping screws. They are ideal for vertical designs. It is advisable to select the hardware made of metal.
  • Another type of fastening is racks. They provide a place for several bicycles and additional room for hanging accessories.
  • A shelf with a hole for inserting the frame is also suitable for this purpose and is widely used.

Any of the above options can be implemented by yourself, provided you have suitable materials and tools at hand.

Apart from mounting methods, you should consider the preferred vehicles location in the space:

  • Put the frame parallel to the wall while the machine is hung with its wheels down. The method is suitable for storing several bicycles.
  • The frame may be positioned perpendicular to the wall with the wheels turned towards it. It is best to choose a corner to implement this solution.
  • A lot of space is freed up by keeping the two-wheeler under the ceiling. You have to purchase brackets and hooks to realize this method.

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