Best Paint For Garage Doors

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Best Garage Door Paint For Fiberglass

How to paint garage doors | Pro hack for perfect doors

If your garage door is made of fiberglass, then youll want to go with a marine-level paint type like Duralux M731-1 Marine Paint. This kind of paint is resistant to rust and erosion and can bond to that slippery fiberglass and hold its own against the elements.

Duralux marine paint is a good choice for painting directly onto your fiberglass garage doors. You wont have to use a primer with this one, which can save you some time.

How To Paint Garage Doors Like We Did For This Home

Keep The Garage Doors On Your Ann Arbor Home Protected And Looking Amazing

You can learn how to paint garage doors like we did for this home in Scio Township. The first few steps involve cleaning the doors and checking for damage.

Find the rest of the steps and the paint we normally use in the post below-

Best Black Garage Door Paint: Blackfriar

Blackfriars Satin Black Paint is an attractive, hard-wearing paint which, for us, provides the best finish if youre looking to paint your garage door black.

Whilst weve only used this specific paint a couple of times we noticed it was rather thick, easy to apply and overall great value for money. It also has the added benefit of being quite versatile and is suitable for other objects such as wrought-iron work, gates and decorations.

In order to protect and ensure a long lasting paint job, generously apply a couple of coats. This shouldnt be a problem with one tin as it has great coverage and comes in a 1 litre can.

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What Paint Should I Use On My Overhead Door

Premium exterior grade 100% acrylic latex based paint with a minimum 50% solar reflective value is recommended. Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex paint by Sherwin-Williams® is recommended to ensure compatibility with factory finish.

  • Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Exterior Paint with optional VinylSafe Technology.
  • PPG Manor Hall® Exterior Paint with optional SidingSafe Color Technology.
  • Sherwin-Williams Polane® Solar Reflective Polyurethane Paint

Paint For Garage Doors

Top 5 Best Paints for Metal Garage Door [2022 Review]

Keeping on top of the appearance of your garage door is a sure-fire way of giving your house that consistent kerb appeal. Garage doors are no exception, and are front and centre for all to see. In this guide we are going to cover what paint is best to use on garage doors, how to paint them and answer some of the most common questions regarding painting garage doors.

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Choosing Paint When Re

For recoating a garage door, or painting a factory-prepared product, primer may not be necessary. One exception: Painting over existing latex with an oil-based paint does require a coat of primer. If you plan to paint a door that is well-worn, a combination topcoatprimer makes a good choice. Make sure to prepare before painting. Scuff the old paint with 120-grit sandpaper and clean thoroughly before applying the new garage door paint. A satin or semi-gloss paint provides a harder, more durable finish.

Which Brands Make The Best Exterior Paint For Garage Doors

Because the garage door has a huge impact on the look of your home, this is not the time to cut corners or go with the cheapest paint on the shelf. You want a good quality paint that will last so that you dont have to do this particular task for several years.

Here are some quality exterior paints that should look good for 7-10 years after you complete the work:

Youll notice that you cant just choose based on brand. Every paint brand offers different levels of quality. If you pick the premium or highest quality paint of any brand, it is going to be better than the lowest quality paint of another brand. For example, high-quality Glidden is going to better than a low-quality Sherwin-Williams, even if Sherwin-Williams is generally considered a better brand.

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Q: Should I Prepare My Garage Door Before Painting

Even if the paint you have bought specifically states that no prep is required, if you want the best results then you should spend a little time making sure the garage doors are prepped and ready to go. Its all pretty simple stuff too. The golden rule is to clean it. Make sure that garage door is sparkling before you crack the lid off the paint can. Use all the cleaning tools in your arsenal and get into all the grooves and corners. Ensure the door is crystal clean, and then make sure it is completely dry before you start to apply the paint. If this is the first coat on a bare surface consider using a primer to prep the surface for the paint. It will add to the paints durability and also give you a great finish. If youre painting over old paint, make sure it is not cracked or flaking. Lightly rub the surface with sandpaper from the finer end of the roughness scale to produce a roughed up surface that the new paint can bond too.

Choosing A Color For Your Garage Door Paint

How To Paint A Garage Door – Ace Hardware

Now it is time for the fun part. After you know what type of paint to buy, you get to pick the color!

While most people choose a neutral color, such as black, white, or beige, choosing a color that you love and works well with the rest of the house is essential.

Many will paint their garage door the same color as their front door. While that is a great option, feel free to branch out if you want to mix things up. However, youll want to make sure that the color you choose goes well with your:

  • Garage hardware

The best way to ensure that your new paint will match is to get paint swatches for all the colors currently on your house. That way, you can see how everything will go together before committing to a color.

Keep in mind that while you may be excited to have a bright and funky color, a new buyer may not be. If you are considering selling your home soon, you may want to consider the impact that the color you choose will have on the resale value of your house.

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Keep An Eye On The Weather

Before you begin your exterior painting efforts, check the weather forecast. It would be best if you always tried to paint your garage door on a mild and clear day.

The warmer weather will help dry your coats of paint quicker. If it starts to rain while youre busy painting, it could ruin your finish.

If youll be priming your door first, wait for a window of time where the weather will be clear for a couple of days.

The primer will need at least 12 hours to dry before you can apply that beautiful coat of fresh paint.

Clean The Garage Door Thoroughly

Once you have sanded the surface, youll want to thoroughly clean it with soapy water and a scrub brush. Cleaning the door will remove all the dust from the sanding and any dirt or debris that could get stuck under your new coat of paint.

Remember to wipe down the door with a dry cloth when you are done scrubbing. Youll want to paint on a clean and dry surface so the paint goes on evenly and adheres to the door.

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Choosing A Matching Or Complementary Garage Door Paint Color

When choosing a color that will look well with the rest of your house, you can choose a matching color or a complementary color. To choose a matching color, take a scraping of some exterior paint and ask a paint mixer to match it for you. To choose a complementary color, consider what colors from your landscaping or your homes interior you might like to include as an accent color. If you arent sure what color would be best, try this method to decide.

Perspective Garage Door Paint Color Test

Get some paint samples from the home improvement store and then stand several feet away from your garage. Hold one sample up over the garage door so that it completely covers the door. You may need to move it a little closer or farther from your face to get it just right. Then consider how that color looks there.

Try this with each of the samples youre interested in, and start removing the ones you like the least. If you still need help deciding between the last two or three, it might be best to go with the lightest color as that is likely to last longer than the darker ones. You can also ask a friend or neighbor for their opinion on which is the best garage door paint color for your home.

The Importance Of Primer

Best Garage Door Paint in the UK

Some people worry about choosing the right topcoat paint for the composition of their garage door. In reality, you account for composition with your choice of primer. A good primer allows you to choose nearly any topcoat. With the exception of wood or a stainable fiberglass, the rest ought to come with a factory-applied coat of primer to protect the door.

Prime a bare-wood surface with a good-quality exterior primer, such as Kilz. Choosing an oil-based variety allows virtually any paint to be used as the top coat. A latex/acrylic primer limits the topcoat to a latex/acrylic exterior paint. For other surfaces, use a bonding primer to promote the best adhesion.

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Tips On Painting Garage Doors And A Look At Common Problems

Style idea:

The house shown here has a painted garage door with real glass windows on top, but the panels below are black. The millions, stiles, and rails white. When viewed from the street, the garage door paint created the look of an all-glass door similar to the photo shown. Cool.

Note: Generally speaking a garage door paint is not something you want people to notice, so recommend to all our customers to paint the door so it blends in. The main front door of the house is the place for the point of focus for your guests.

Rot at the base of the frame: Bondo. Bingo.

Water tends to pool in a driveway and rot the garage door frame. Even aluminum frames get holes there. If you have the problem, use Bondo. Yes, the autobody filler. Bondo will last through the zombie apocalypse. Brains.

Stains from water or from wood knots?

Easy fix. For these types of stain, you simply use a stain-blocking primer. Kilz Cover Stain is one of the best. Stain-blocking primers have resins that most primers dont have. Most primers just even out the surface making the topcoats uniform and usually, thats all you need. Note: many, many coats of normal paint will not block tree sap in a wood knot, or water stains for that matter.


A quality primer and quality garage door paint will reduce your time and expense in keeping the door in good shape.

What other websites get wrong:

Why do these websites recommend this? Sales. Period.

How to clean after painting a garage door

What Paint Do I Choose To Repaint A Garage Door

The paint you choose will determine whether or not you end up with a good or bad result, depending on the material the door is made of. The majority of garage doors are made from one of the following:

Fiberglass, composite, or vinyl.

Exterior latex paint is best for these types of garage doors. Oil-based exterior paint will not bond to the door and will crack over the coming months.

Metal :

An oil-based exterior paint will give a good finish and protects the material against rust. Latex will cover but will tend to deteriorate over time.


A good latex paint is best for a wooden garage door. Oil-based exterior paint will crack, and peeling will occur. If the door is untreated/unpainted wood, then you should use a stain-blocker primer such as Rust-Oleum 3554 Zinsser High Hide Cover Stain Primer and Sealer or Kilz All-Purpose Primer, sealer, and Stain blocker.

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Best Fiberglass Garage Door Primer

Kilz Adhesion High-Bonding Interior/Exterior Latex Primer is an oil-based paint that will allow you to use virtually any type of exterior paint as the topcoat. It will bond to slick, hard-to-paint surfaces like metal and fiberglass so that you can paint whatever color youd like on top of it.

This paint dries within thirty minutes so you can get back to your project quickly. Make sure to mix well before using. And this will only bond to slippery surfaces as advertised if the surface is properly cleaned beforehand. More on preparatory cleaning at the bottom of this article.

Paint For Metal Garage Doors

How to Paint a Garage Door | Benjamin Moore

When deciding what paint to use metal garage doors, it is important to ensure that the paint you opt for can adhere to metal. This is usually provided in the form of primers, that can provide added adhesion and protection against rust, although some paints are self-priming.

The best exterior metal paint in the opinion of our experts is Combicolor Metal Paint, which is a specialist, solvent-based high-quality metal paint that offer long-lasting protection to exterior metal, without the need for a primer. This being said, Rust-Oleum offer a number of primers that provide added durability and protection from rust, such as their 3369/3380 Combicolor Anti Corrosion Primer.

The added bonus of Combicolor Metal Paint it is available in almost any colour, meaning you can get creative and personalise your garage doors exactly how you want them.

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What Is The Best Kind Of Finish For An Aluminum Garage Door

If your aluminum garage door is in perfect condition, then a semi-gloss or high-gloss finish will work. If, on the other hand, the door has some dents, or scratches on it, then a satin finish would be best since it hides blemishes better than a gloss.

Looking to paint or re-paint your garage door? New York Gates operates in the entire tristate area. You can contact us at 1-718-614-0616 or e-mail for more information today. Our trained garage door technicians have the expertise to troubleshoot and service your garage door, and we can identify any potential issues with it before a breakdown occurs.

How To Maintain A Painted Garage Door

The best thing you can do for a painted garage door is to simply keep it clean and free of dirt. For areas with a lot of sun exposure, occasionally deep cleaning and recoating with exterior paint will ensure the finish stays pristine and prevent the need for a full refinish job in the future.

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What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On A Garage Door

Which paint you should use to paint a garage door depends on what the door is made from. Using a primer first will often be necessary , although some paints do not require this. Check the tin for details.

You could use an acrylic paint that is specifically for garage doors. Alternatively, select a paint made for external wood, metal, steel or fiberglass as appropriate depending on what your garage door is made from.

Bear in mind that in the case of galvanized steel garage doors it is particularly important to check that the paint you are using is suitable as not all metal paints last well on a galvanized surface.

There are specific garage door paints out there:

Stopping Metal Garage Door Paint From Peeling

40 Best Garage Doors Ideas #greyexteriorhousecolors

If youve found that your metal garage door paint is peeling, its probably time for a new paint job.

Many times peeling paint on metal garage doors is down to the fact that you mightve applied the wrong paint/primer or you didnt prepare the door before painting.

To avoid this we suggest:

  • Picking a specialist paint that has been made for metal garage doors
  • Using a good quality primer before applying your paint
  • Thoroughly preparing and cleaning the door before applying new paint

If you stick to that advice you should find that your metal paint will last much longer.

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Best Colors For The Interior Of A Garage Door

The color for the interior of the garage door that you pick is really going to depend on your personal style and what you use your garage for.

  • Same color as the walls. If you want the garage door to feel like a wall, then you should make it match the walls. You can draw attention away from the door by adding an accent wall somewhere else in the garage.
  • A contrasting color to the walls. If you want to highlight that this is a garage, then you could paint it a different color from the other walls to draw attention to it.
  • Something light. Remember, garages tend to be dark, so using a lighter color paint can help brighten up the place.
  • Something cheerful or team-spirited. Get creative if you want! If your garage is where you watch football with your buddies, then you could paint the door in a team color or green and white like a football field. Its your space, so choose to do something that speaks to you!

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