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Best Garage Refrigerator 2021 ð? Top 5 Best Garage Refrigerators Review

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Make Extra Space For Your Garage Fridge

Look around your garage. If you see clutter and no organization then youre dealing with a problem. Youll have to clean up and organize your garage so you can fit your fridge. All that extra space can be helpful for storage and your cars.

Additionally, you can build a new garage that will have enough space for up to 3 cars. With all the extra space, youll have the luxury to fit your fridge anywhere.

At Danleys, we have built over 100,000 custom size detached garages in Chicagoland. For custom garage styles and sizes, there is no limit when it comes to Danleys Garage World. Speak to a specialist and get a free quote online today.

Our Recommendation: Bosch B11cb50sss

Bottom freezers give easier access to the fridge.

The Bosch B11CB50SSS is an 11-cubic-foot bottom freezer that features a counter-depth design, making it ideal for placement in compact kitchen layouts. It’s designed to sit flush with the countertop, with hidden hinges for a discreet look.

Pros: Affordable, easy to storeCons: Poor temperature consistency

If square footage is a super-limited resource, a mini fridge can be a great solution. A few models even offer a tiny freezer section that can hold a TV dinner or two.

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Best Garage Refrigerator Options

One of the challenges of finding a garage-ready refrigerator is that many brands dont make appliances meant for the ever-changing elements. Most refrigerators that you find arent tested against the Phoenix summer heat. However, you can look for well-built refrigerators that have the right features and pricing for your needs among our Spencers top garage refrigeration picks .

Ge 183 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Freestanding Top Freezer Refrigerator

Best Home Garage Freezers 2017 Review

There are plenty of affordable models to choose from when selecting a garage refrigerator. GE is a top brand that is known for both its quality products and fair prices. You can enjoy both the stainless steel exterior and high capacity levels.

One of the main benefits of buying this model is that its ENERGY STAR® Certified. It was designed to use less energy while keeping your food cool. Refrigerators have to work harder during the hot months, and an energy-efficient system will cool your groceries without driving up your electric bill. This model also has up-front temperature controls so you can keep your refrigerator cool in the summer and then use less energy by raising the temperature in the winter.

Customer reviews for this refrigerator mention the quality of its design for a top-freezer model. It is ideal if you want a simple garage refrigerator to store drinks and frozen food throughout the year.

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Insulation Will Help With Climate Control

Adding or upgrading your garage insulation is a wise investment, whether you have a second fridge running in the room or not.

Garage insulation helps to regulate the rooms temperature so it doesnt get such extreme temperature swings.

Along with extending the life of your garage fridge, youll boost your homes energy efficiency.

Our Recommendation: Frigidaire Fffc09m1rw

Chest freezers are harder to organize, but offers better temperature consistency.

While we didnt test this model in our labs, the Frigidaire FFFC09M1RW has a very similar design to one of the best chest freezers weve ever tested. User reviews for the FFFC09M1RW are pretty good. Across Home Depot, Walmart, and AJ Madison, this chest freezer rates 4.7 stars out of 5. People like how much food they can store with the 8.7-cubic-foot capacity and how useful the hanging basket is.

Pros: Easier to organize, self-defrosting, easier to placeCons: More prone to freezer burn, noisy

Upright freezers look a lot like their fridge counterparts. They tend to have on-the-door bins, shelves, and drawers, making it easier to organize your food. These models have defrost cycles, so youre less likely to get ice build up, but your food is more likely to develop freezer burn.

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Black+decker Bcrk25b Garage Refrigerator

  • Adjustable leveling legs
  • Tall bottle door storage

This version BLACK+DECKER is a little more compact than the preceding one on the listing, which in no situation makes it less appealing or strong. This streamlined is best garage kit will amaze you with its freezing functionality and quiet operation.

Yes, the Energy Star-certified BCRK25B version was created using a full-width top freezer refrigerator, which also features an ice cube tray. Isnt this great? You may store ice cream and ice cream there to include in your favorite drinks!

It might appear too dense, but theres always somewhat more internal space inside it to keep something else.

Besides the fashionable design using a space-saving flat rear, you have an adjustable thermostat and manual defrost.

There is no purpose to stress if your flooring isnt smooth enough since the mini-fridge has adjustable leveling legs, which allow for leveling.

Within the garage refrigerator kit, there are just two slide-out cable shelves. The top freezer refrigerators door includes a recessed handle, can grind for five pop cans, a tall jar compartment that could be a temporary dwelling to some 2l bottle without any problems.

Overall, it is the ideal freezing solution for the garage, college dorm, workshop, or workplace, which wont include any sound and allow you to do your items while maintaining your meals and drinks constantly chilly.

Igloo Tool Box Mini Fridge

Best Upright Freezer For Garage Reviews â?ï¸? (2022 Buyerâs Guide)

As far as novelty mini-fridges go, Igloo sure has a winner. Bright, cherry-red with metallic, horizontal stripping, this mini fridge is a spitting image of a toolbox. If youre intent on keeping the theme alive in your workplace of a garage, then this fridge is for you.

Keep your drinks cold with the fridges 3.2 cubic-foot capacity, and feel free to move it around with ease, as its outfitted with four caster wheels.

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Can A Freezer Refrigerator Maintain A Cold Bath

This is dependent upon how cold were speaking about. Assess the recommended working range to learn what the manufacturer suggests.

If your garage kit gets cooler than that for a long period, you might have to buy a garage kit to get your freezer refrigerator so that it is going to run into lower ambient temperatures. The average, lower working temperature of a typical freezer refrigerator is 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

What Makes A Good Top Freezer Refrigerator

What features should you look for when buying a top freezer refrigerator? Lets look at the qualities of an ideal model.

Temperature ControlTop freezer fridges have a simple design to set it to a specific temperature. This simplicity translates to consistent temperature control regardless of seasonal ambient temperature swings.

Cooling PerformanceThe cooling performance of a refrigerator is usually indicated by a uniform distribution of cold air, compressor performance, and the cooling technology design. If the refrigerator has warm spots, it is less likely to keep your food items fresh for long periods.

Top freezers are equipped with powerful compressors to keep the fridge interior at the set temperature. They also are designed to distribute cold air uniformly within the fridge.

DesignWhile top freezer models may lack some of the exciting features found in modern French door refrigerators or side-by-side fridges, they still pack some design features that make them very desirable.

FinishWhile a refrigerators finish does not affect its performance, it influences the overall design of your kitchen or garage. Top freezers usually come in white, black, or stainless-steel finishes which can match most kitchen designs.

Ice MakerUniversally, top freezers have sub-standard ice makers and do not have in-door ice makers. It turns out that these types of fridges are more reliable since ice-makers are the number one feature that requires repair.

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What Is A Garage Kit For A Refrigerator

I gotta admit, this is a cool concept.

If you remember from earlier, the problem with refrigerator\freezer combo units with only one temperature sensor is that when the outside air gets between freezing and around 40 degrees, the freezer will start to thaw out because the compressor isnt turning on.

The garage kit is a small heating element that wraps around the temperature sensor in the fridge and tricks it into thinking the air is warmer than it really is.

Thankfully both Frigidaire and Whirlpool sell heating kits for their standalone refrigerators. If you have a Samsung or LG, unfortunately youre out of luck.

You could probably rig the garage kit to work with other models, but thats more MacGyver than Im willing to be.

Or Do Little More Digging If You Need A Combo Unit

The 10 Best Garage Ready Refrigerator Freezer

If either a standalone freezer or fridge wont work in your garage, youll want a refrigerator what has more than one temperature sensor. That may take a little more digging to find.

I searched through the big-box appliance store and none of them had an easy way to search for refrigerators with more than one temperature sensor.

If it was listed, it was usually buried deep in the specifications section of the product detail page. Sometimes they ignored it completely.

Ive found a shortcut to find refrigerators with more than temperature sensor.

Just look for a garage ready refrigerator.

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Install A Garage Fridge Inside A Cabinet System

Garage Living helps our clients make their garages an extension of their living space. Adding extra amenities to the garage like a fridge is one way we make this happen.

Our garage cabinet systems can be designed to incorporate a garage-ready mini-fridge under the countertop like the one pictured below and in the top photo.

You can view additional photos of this Ferrari-themed garage remodel by viewing the Performance Garage gallery.

A mini-fridge wont even feel like its taking up space in your garage because its recessed into the cabinet systems design!

Other traditional indoor living space amenities that can be added to a cabinet system design are a TV and a sink with a faucet.

This garages cabinet system was designed to include an under-counter mini-fridge.

Russell Hobbs Rh142cf2002 Chest Freezer

With 142L storage capacity, this Russell Hobbs freezer is garage ready, and can hold up to seven bags of food shopping. This appliance has a minimal carbon footprint with an A+/F energy rating, to keep energy costs low. Its easy to store batch cooked meals in this chest freezer, and use the handy wire basket for tubs of ice cream or ice cube trays.

With an adjustable thermostat, the temperature can be precisely tweaked to suit the contents of your freezer. Plus, it features clever details like adjustable feet to ensure it stays level on uneven garage surfaces.

Buy now £190.00, Argos

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Igloo Garage Fridge Tool Box

Suppose youre trying to find a little capacity garage fridge. In that case, this small and powerful Igloo Tool Box garage-ready refrigerator could be a fantastic option since its located on four caster wheels that allow for freedom and effortless change of positioning in a small or big garage refrigerator wheels can be locked down to permanent placement.

This small yet roomy metal and cable top freezer refrigerator has a 3.2 cubic feet capacity, measures 20 x 18 x 32 inches, and weighs 48 lbs.

The inside measurements are approximately 22 inches high, and 16 inches deep, and the base area is 10 inches deep. It doesnt include inner lighting.

Igloo Tool Box Fridge Features

  • 3.2 cu ft capacity
  • It appears like a tool chest freezer!

The garage refrigerator includes two shelves that are removable plus a crisper that preserves fruit and produce to get a substantial period.

Its a tiny coated upper freezer area using a drip tray and a little ice cube container. Theres absolutely no automatic ice maker.

The warmth settings are in the right of this freezer and can easily be corrected for sufficient cooling of beverages and other things.

It keeps beverages and other things extremely chilly, even in most ailments, along with the device itself dissipating fast from the first plugin and startup.

At the top freezer refrigerator of this site, the door includes a restricted storage area that permits the positioning of 5 or 6 little bottles or canned beverages.

What to Search for

Why Invest In A Garage

Garage Refrigerator Freezer Thaw – How to Fix a Fridge Defrost

If you are finding it hard to determine whether you need a garage-ready refrigerator, you first need to understand what happens to a normal fridge when it is used in an uninsulated garage.

When it gets too hot, a normal household refrigerator has to work extra hard to ensure the inside of the unit remains cool. This can often run your electricity bill high. When you invest in a garage-ready refrigerator, they come fitted with better insulations to handle hot temperatures without working overtime to keep the inside cool. This is because they use different thermostats and come with varying designs for compressors to make this possible.

On the other hand, when it gets too cold, a typical household fridge in the garage will thaws out or freezes in the fresh food section. This is because the thermostat fails to activate to create a cold environment since the environment is already cold. This can cause severe mechanical issues in the unit since the thermostat is not designed to hand low environmental temperatures.

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The Best Use Of A Fridge In The Garage

To get the most out of your fridge in the garage, we share some of our top tips below.

  • Clean the garage before fridge installation.

If you plan to install a fridge in the garage, there are high chances that you love to DIY. This means you have a good amount of gear and an assortment of items in your garage. Boxes, gear, and clutter can prevent optimum airflow in the refrigerator and cause overheating.

In addition, sawdust and grime accumulating on the fridges coils can expedite overheating of the unit.

  • Correct placement of the fridge.

In our experience, the best place to install a fridge is on a flat and dry floor in the garage. Additionally, you might want to keep the fridge away from a window or a door. At the same time, the fridge should not be too close to a wall on the back. And of course, the top should be free of clutter and anything else that may suffocate the unit.

  • Smart stacking inside the fridge

Overstocking your fridge can prevent it from cooling efficiently. This is one of the main complaints that most fridge technicians encounter. An overstuffed fridge prevents cold air from circulating the fridge. As a result, your beer or other food items will not cool sufficiently and spoil quickly.

Likewise, a fridge with too few items can also result in insufficient cooling. This is because the unit simply ends up cooling the empty air.

Can I Keep My Freezer In The Garage

In practice, lots of people keep freezers in their garages for years without experiencing any problems. Plus, you may not have room for a freezer in your kitchen, so its very much a personal judgment call.

We wanted to check for ourselves whether freezers can continue working properly in very cold conditions, so we tested a mix of four chest and tall freestanding models that had all scored fairly well for temperature stability in our standard tests.

We tested two models that came with guarantees that they would continue working as normal in sub-zero conditions the Beko FFG1545W freestanding tall freezer and another from Haier.

We also tested models that came with no such guarantees including the Hoover HMCH202EL .

Somewhat surprisingly, all four continued working as normal at -15°C temperatures even those not guaranteed for use in such conditions.

If you do decide to keep your freezer in your garage, its worth bearing in mind that this might invalidate its warranty so check the small print first.

On a budget? Find out the Best cheap freezers and chest freezers for 2022 on the market.

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Best Mini Fridge: Newair Ab

This is another close contest between the NewAir AB-1200B and the HomeLabs HME030065N. Both are similarly sized mini-fridges for around the same price-point . Even though the HomeLabs is more popular, I think the NewAir is a better product.

The NewAir AB-1200B has a slightly higher capacity, holding 126 full-size cans compared to HomeLabs 120 cans. It also has a built-in lock so you can keep kids away from your craft beers, which the HomeLabs does not.

It cools to between 37° F and 64° F, and has seven different pre-set modes depending on what types of drinks youre putting in it.

As a company, NewAir has been around for over 15 years and has a great customer service record. I think its safe to say that NewAir is going to be around for a while.

Its easy to find a mini-fridge thats in the $150-$200 price range. For that price youre going to be sacrificing a lot of storage space. You probably wont get a unit thats built as well either.

For me, the NewAir 1200B is the obvious choice for a mini-fridge\beverage cooler thats in the under $300 price range.

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