Best Car Lifts For Home Garage

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Best Car Lifts For Your Home Garage According To Cnet

Top 5 Best Car Lifts For Home Garage Review in 2022

So, youre considering doing more at-home car maintenance to save money. Having your own set of tools is necessary, but one piece of equipment makes DIY vehicle repairs easier: a car lift. However, it isnt cheap. Before making a big purchase, check out the best car lifts for your home garage, according to CNET.

Do You Really Need A Car Lift In Your Home Garage

To work seriously on cars, or live the life of a bonafide weekend warrior, you need a reliable means of lifting and securing your auto projects. QuickJack replaces the old-fashioned jack-and-stand combo, and its faster, safer and more convenient than non-hydraulic home car lifts. Theres no doubt that a car lift is a luxury, but so are cell phones, microwaves, air conditioning, etc. If you want to maintain a workmanlike DIY lifestyle without the hassle of jacks and stands, you need a QuickJack.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Jack Boss Portable Car Lifts For Home Garage

There are many benefits to using a Jack Boss portable car lift for your home garage. First, these lifts make it easy to transport cars and trucks into and out of the garage. Second, they are compact and easy to store, which makes them a great choice if you have limited space in your garage. Finally, Jack Boss lifts feature reliable technology that ensures safe operation.

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Top Reasons For Investing In A Car Lift For Home Garage

From improved car maintenance to gaining additional car storage, car lifts have a lot to offer. First up, car lifts enhance safety as they come fully equipped with stable steel construction and anchors that relatively keep the lift firmly on the ground, preventing it from collapsing.

Similarly, car lifts allow you to work from home, especially for those who hate spending a lot of money hiring people to work on their cars. With a car lift, you tend to reduce these unnecessary additional costs. The cost is even reduced further when you invest on the top portable car lifts for home garage models.

Are There Any Side Effects

7 Best Car Lifts for Home Garage (Review 2021)

There can be some side effects associated with using an anbull portable car lift for home garage. These generally relate to pain relief, improved circulation, and less stiffness in the affected area. Some people may also experience minor bruising or a feeling of tingling. The most common side effects are temporary, but they should vanish within a few days or weeks without any need for treatment.

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Features In The Market

Car lift technology has come a long way, and after considering the factors above, youll need to look at the hottest and most useful features offered. You might not even have the same vehicle the next day, so be on the safe side and pick the lift with the most viable features, options, and accessories.

You need to understand terms such as lift height and width, asymmetrical and symmetrical, clear floor and floorplate lifts. Compare differences in lift time, portability, maintenance, and weight.

Look for the lift with the most options available so that you can adapt if you buy a pickup truck tomorrow or need to work on your mothers Smart. Adapters for larger and smaller vehicles, jack trays, purpose-built contact pads, telescoping arms, frame extensions are some optional extras that can evolve with your vehicles.

Mayflower Blacksmith Bp9000 Car Lift

Another affordable car lift on our list is the Mayflower, which comes for only $1,750!

While this lift is considered inexpensive, the price tells the value. In other words, it comes in easy to insult instructions and easy to use however, it does not provide you the great capabilities for a professional mechanic to use.

Automotive experts recommend having this type of lift for individuals interested in doing their car repair at their homes, not professional garages.

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Car Lift Space Requirements

The type of vehicles you work on will determine your car lift space requirements. Different types of car lifts have different capacities, so if you’re only working on smaller vehicles you may not need a lift that can handle 10,000 lb. but, if you’re working on trucks or larger SUV’s, consider investing in a higher capacity lift.

On average, older homes tend to have a 7′ to 8′ ceiling in the garage while newer homes are typically built with 9′ ceilings. So if you’re a new or entry-level mechanic starting out in a home garage, consider a low to mid-rise car lift. These are typically around 4′ to 5′ wide and 7′ in length and can raise up to between 2′ and 4′. Having that additional clearance of a low-rise lift is perfect for a quick tire, wheel, or brake service. There are even portable lifts if you’re a traveling mechanic.

Just because these lifts are smaller, doesn’t mean they’re less capable. Need to lift a truck? No worries! There’s a heavy duty model with a 10,000 lb. capacity that’s perfect for lifting trucks. You’ll need a bit more space to accommodate the width and length of this car lift, but you’ll still be able gain some ground clearance in a low ceiling garage.

Whats The Difference Between A Symmetric And An Asymmetric Lift

Best Car Lifts For Home Garages 2022- Top 5 Picks

In symmetric lifts, the post symmetrically divides the vehicle by keeping it balanced in the center. Theres a greater distance between the columns, and the vehicle can be hoisted while facing backward as well. Asymmetric lifts keep two-thirds of the vehicle behind the post, so the doors can open without any obstruction from the post.

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Can You Actually Afford A Home Car Lift

QuickJack is affordable on most budgets. If the price tag is more than you want to throw in all at once, we offer a six-month, zero-interest financing plan through PayPal. As long as you make six easy monthly payments in full, you wont owe a cent more than sticker price.

So, if bringing a safe car lift into your home garage is priority for you, QuickJack is your ticket to ride.

The Best Car Lifts For Home Garage Safety & Stability Within Reach

Crunching, bending over backward, flashlight in your mouth, tools in your hands, squinting to see while you desperately try to get the smallest fix in your car?

If at least a portion of this sounds all too familiar to you, then youre in dire need of a car lift in your home garage.

Whether you have multiple vehicles that you want to stack, or you are an aspiring mechanic just learning the ropes, doing the majority of your repairs, a decent car lift is essential.

To ensure that you will get what you need, I will assist you in your search for the best car lifts for home garage!

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Where Can I Learn More

Our team can help you determine if a car lift is the right solution for your space. A team member at your local Garage Living location can tell you over the phone whether or not your garage can fit a car lift. Well only need to know a few measurements of your space to give you an answer.

If your garage can fit a car lift and youre looking to move forward with adding one or having any other garage upgrades done, schedule a free design consultation with us.

Disadvantages Of Portable Car Lifts

Best Car Lifts For Home Garage (Review &  Buying Guide) in 2020

Portable car lifts can be a great convenience for those who need to get their car out of the garage, but there are some disadvantages to using them. For one, they can be quite expensive. Secondly, they can be difficult to set up and use, which may not be ideal if youre not familiar with how they work. And finally, they can only lift a certain weight limit, so if your car is heavier than that, youll have to find another way to get it out of the garage.

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Suxidi Heavy Duty Service Ramps

The pedants in our audience will cry into their stale popcorn that this is, technically, a set of car ramps and not a lift. Fine, you can have this correction. Now please return to your basements.

Everyone else will be gratified to know this item will be very useful when trying to lift one end of a vehicle off the ground for minor repair or inspection purposes. It also avoids having to struggle with a hydraulic floor jack, most of which cant match this things 10,000 lb capacity. Made of steel, its a great option for those who cant – or simply dont want to – place a lift in their garage.

Car Lift For Home Garage

Since you have decided to get a car hoist for your home garage, now what! the first question you need to answer is what type of lift do I need?. There are many vehicle lift options available out there and in this guide we will try to go over all the information that you need to know to find the best car lift for residential garage. You might want to ask these questions to yourself:

  • Do I have enough knowledge about car lifts?
  • What are the things I need to consider before buying a car lift?
  • What are the best car lifts out there for home garage?

Every car hoist has its own pros and cons, 4 post lifts are excellent for double up the garage space but not all the vehicle parts are accessible for repair tasks. On the other hand, on a 2 post lift, you have a huge advantage of getting exposer to all the parts of vehicle for repair purposes.

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Never Buy Cheap Lifts

There are full-size car lift options out there for under $1,500 USD. But should you trust them? Youre sacrificing a lot when you pay that little for something so important. Well break down what youre getting and why you should reconsider before making an investment you might come to regret.

Best Auto Lift Ramps For Home Garagediscount Ramps Low Profile Sports Car Lift

Best Portable Car Lifts for Home Garage in 2022

Vehicle lift ramps, like these Discount ramps, are a good home garage car lift option because they take up minimal floor space, in comparison to a 2-post, or 4-post car lift, for instance. These low-profile car lifts are the perfect space-saving option, and, as one customer stated, the ramps stack nice in-between 2X4 studs in the wall of my garage. Not only are these ramps easy to store, but with a combined weight of 47.9 pounds, they are lightweight and portable.

Thanks to their 11.5-degree loading angle, these ramps are great for any low-profile car or truck. According to one reviewer, The low profile design is so gradual that it makes driving onto them effortless. Some customers noted that the rubber pads on the bottom of the ramps came off easily, but a few other users were able to use JB weld and contact cement to quickly re-apply the pads.


Lifting capacity: 3,000 lbs capacity

Lift height: 10 inches

Product length/width/height: 66 x 14 x 10

Product weight: 47.9 pounds

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Best Two Post Lift For Home Garageapluslift Two Post Lifts

Two-post lifts should be safe and durable to protect both you and your vehicle, and that is exactly what the APlusLift 2-post lift offers. It is constructed with strong Q355 steel and finished with a powder coat which makes this power unit, as one happy customer described, very sturdy. Built for safely lifting heavier vehicles, this power unit has a lifting weight capacity of up to 10,000 pounds, as well as automatic locking restraints for the arms, and a double point safety lock release. It also has a built-in power pump to prevent overloading.

With these full-rise 2-post lifts, you can get a maximum lift of up to six feet and nine inches, making it easy to service vehicles, according to another reviewer. Thanks to the truck adapters and screw pads that come with it, this 2-post lift is extremely versatile and can be used on just about any vehicle. Another customer wrote that the product is an absolute bargain, and my experience has been so good Im considering getting a second for my other bay.


Lift height: Maximum height of 6 ft and 9 inches

Product width/height: 135 x 114

Product weight: 1350 lbs

Quickjack Portable Car Lifts For Home Garage

If you have a driveway thats too short or your garage is too large, you may be tempted to buy a regular car lift. But these lifts can be expensive, and they can often require professional installation. Alternatively, you could try using a QuickJack portable car lift, which is much easier to set up and use at home. Here are four quick tips for using a QuickJack: 1. First, identify the area youll need to lift your car. Youll need enough space to fit the lift in between the vehicle and the wall of your garage. 2. Second, measure the height of your car above the ground. This will give you an idea of how wide the lifting area will need to be. 3. Third, choose a spot in your garage where youll be able to place the QuickJack safely. You dont want it dangling precariously above your car! 4. Finally, attach the QuickJack to the wall with bolts or screws . Then, raise your car up into place! Using a QuickJack at home is much easier and cheaper than buying a regular car lift,

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How To Use Jack Boss Portable Car Lifts For Home Garage

If youre looking for an easy and convenient way to get your car up off the ground, consider using a Jack Boss portable car lift. These lifts are perfect for use in your home garage or driveway, and they can be used with either standard cars or trucks.

To use a Jack Boss lift, first find the floor level that your car is sitting on. Next, locate the indicator arm on the lift, and make sure its lined up with the center of the floorboard on your car. Tighten the cable lock to secure it in place. Finally, raise the arm to the desired height and lower it back down onto your car.

These lifts are easy to use and can be set up in just a few minutes. Plus, theyre great for getting cars off of high floors or hard-to-reach places. If youre looking for an affordable way to get your car up off the ground, consider using a Jack Boss lift

Triumph Nos9000 Four Post Lift

9 Best Car Lifts For Home Garage in 2020
  • Overall Dimensions: 212.5 x 113 x 95
  • Warranty: 1 year

This is an upgrade over NSS-8 and comes with a good set of features. For one, it has a clearance of 73 underneath so it can fit some taller vehicles. Also, it has a high load capacity of 9,000lbs and features a durable slider design for a sturdy and rigid stance. It is portable and comes with heavy-duty casters that aid in mobility. The ramps are made of aluminum and weigh just 29lbs each. The motor uses 110V meaning it can plug into a standard wall outlet.

Overall, this is a good upgrade over the entry-level four post lifts with similar features to the BendPak and TCE. For anyone wanting to upgrade and have decent quality lift the Triumph is worth considering.

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Best Four Post Lifts For Home Garagetriumph Four Post Lift

Although most standard four-post lifts require a lot of floor space, this Triumph model is a four-post lift that is a great option if you have a smaller garage, as one user reported. This power unit is only 94 inches tall and 112 in. in width, but has a lift height of 82 inches meaning that this power unit still leaves a decent amount of room to store a second car below or to access the underside of your vehicle.

This storage lift features very easy assembly, according to many reviews, plus it has dual hydraulic chain drive cylinders, a caster kit, a metal jack tray, and three plastic drip trays to catch stray oil or car fluid so that your garage floor remains clean. One customer mentioned that the lift works really well, and the casters allow movement and repositioning. A few reviewers helpfully recommended checking the wheelbase of the cars you wish to lift in the future before buying this product to ensure it is the best fit for you.


Lift height: 82 inches above the runway, 79 inches below the runway

Product length/width/height: 190 x 112 x 94

Experts Recommend These Vehicle Lifts For Your Home Garage Or Shop

These lifts are perfect for both amateur and professional wrenchers.

If you work on your car more than three or four times a year, it might be time to invest in a good vehicle lift. There are all kinds of styles depending on your workspace, whether it’s a home garage or a full-blown shop.

Lifts can save you precious time, helping get repairs done more quickly and efficiently. Even if you’re working on a slow restoration or storing your pride and joy through the winter, lifts are a great option.

We talked to the experts at Forward Lift, a premier manufacturer of vehicular lifts based out of Madison, Indiana. Along with their recommendations, we drew upon our own wrenching experiences to bring you our top choices. So forget jacks and stands a lift will save you valuable timeand maybe even a visit to the chiropractor.

This is a great option if you’re on a low budget or have space constraints. Just drive up the ramp and lift the vehicle with the 4400-pound capacity bottle jackperfect for inspections and oil changes. Make sure to chock the wheels to prevent the car from rolling.

Note: The shown price is for ONE single ramp, not a pair. We recommend getting two, for obvious reasons.

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