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What Is The Cost Of Refinishing My Garage Floor

Garage Guard Epoxy Floor Paint – Benjamin Moore Paints

The cost for a home owner to refinish the average two car garage varies based on product selection, but can be done for an estimated $1,000 or less. The most important understanding is that considerable research and man hours are required to apply a long-lasting durable coating. There are cheaper, residential grade options for homeowners to consider, but the coating usually only lasts 2 years before high traffic areas need to be resurfaced.

Unfortunately, the cost of having your garage floor professionally refinished fluctuates considerably and is impossible to properly estimate without key information. Epoxy versus poly aspartic systems, the amount of patchwork required to properly prepare the floor and approximate square footage are important elements to compiling an accurate professional quotation. If youre interested in getting more information, call the store and ask to speak with the store owner Graham directly.

How Long Does The Usual Garage Floor Refinishing Project Take

For a standard 2 car garage depending on the floor system you choose, the average professional job takes 2-3 days to complete. Cement floors both old and new, need to be properly prepared with a diamond grinder, patch work and a prime coat applied followed by two top coats with the option of acrylic flakes applied between coats .

Benjamin Moore Epoxy Floor Paint Review

If youre looking for durable, long-lasting floor paint, Benjamin Moores Epoxy Floor Paint is a great option. This paint is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and it can withstand high-traffic areas. Its also resistant to staining and fading, so your floors will always look great. This paint is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the perfect shade for your home. Its also easy to apply, and it dries quickly. Overall, Benjamin Moores Epoxy Floor Paint is a great choice for anyone looking for durable, long-lasting floor paint. Its available in a variety of colors, its easy to apply, and it dries quickly.

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What The Other Garage Floor Paint Reviews Get Wrong

Weve been reading some other garage floor paint websites and posts. They are saying all concrete needs to be profiled i.e. roughed up. Yes and no. All floors must have a profile of about 100-80 grit sandpaper, but many floors are created like that. All most floors need is the complete cleaning and rinsing and drying. But some concrete is trowled very smooth, and then yes you need to etch. Here is all about that.

Following a lot of research into the best paint for a garage floor, we have settled on the above that should suit any budget. Other websites want you to buy their paint and mention 2-part epoxy just as a side note. They say how expensive epoxy is. Not true in the long run. The upfront cost is a long-term saving.

We read some websites saying that if you want to save money, then low-budget paint may be the thing for you. Hogwash. They claim latex acrylic paint is a good choice because you have many choices in color. Are 5 choices not enough? For a garage floor? Do you need a Chartreuse? We think too many choices is bunk.

Latex paint is not appropriate for a garage floor coating, although some may be formulated to be tougher: they will not last like our recommendations of the real deal 2-K epoxy or even the 1-K. Period.

Sales, oh sales. Many websites are recommending clear coating over your epoxy: we dont like this idea and we explain why in Section 6 below.

Is Your Garage Floor A Good Candidate For Painting

Benjamin Moore Floor &  Patio Paint

If it has lots of divots, serious cracks, or loose chunks of flooring, you may need to get the floor resurfaced before painting. But if you just have a few minor cracks or chips, you should be good to go.

If the floor is currently painted, you will need to remove old paint to ensure adhesion. New concrete must be aged for at least 30 days before painting.

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How To Paint Garage Floor

If your garage or workshop needs some TLC, garage floor paint can make it look fantastic again! Not only that, but itll make the floor easier to clean while protecting it from spills, stains, and moisture.

If youre on a budget or you enjoy doing projects yourself, painting your garage floor can be a DIY job. Its a relatively easy and inexpensive way to totally transform your garage into a clean, fresh-looking space. Heres everything you need to know about prepping and applying garage floor paint.

Clean Your Garage Floor

With everything off your garage floor, lets look at how to clean your garage floor before painting. Start by sweeping and mopping the floor. Remove any grease stains by scrubbing with Corotech® Oil & Grease Emulsifier. Rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water and allow it to dry completely.

  • If youre using Corotech® Oil & Grease Emulsifier to clean your floor, be sure to mix the concentrate with water before applying. Read all product instructions before use.

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Texturing And Camouflage Flakes

Color Chip Flakes:

You can apply color paint chips: they do look nice, but they also hide imperfections . But then again, we like Pollack.

To get the flakes to spread evenly, throw small handfuls up in the air and really flick your wrist to spread it. Start slowly and you will get the hang of it.

Generally, after broadcasting or tossing the chips, you would want a clear coating over that, but its not essential. Some recommend that you can keep adding the chips to the point of refusal , or just a light sprinkle which is more common. If you go to the point of refusal, many chips will be stuck up, like Russell Crowe, and will break off and need to be removed for months, like Russell Crowe.

We dont recommend the point of refusal flakes. Dragging a heavy table, for example, will tend to crack any chips not laying perfectly flat.

We recommend the chips made of epoxy but the acrylic will be fine too, even if you are doing the above refusal method.

Maybe the best value for a standard home garage is the 5 lbs. of epoxy chips you see here that are much tougher than the acrylic chips. Many colors to choose from.

A very large bag of epoxy flakes if you have a big floor or need a lot to go to the point of refusal.

Rust-Oleum Flakes: Comes in various colors as well.

Benjamin Moores INSL-X has its own color-coordinated flake colors which has 3 very nice tones to choose from.

Choose The Right Concrete Paint Or Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

Metallic Epoxy Floor Installation Using Corotech Benjamin Moore Products

Benjamin Moore offers a few different options for concrete floors. These flexible paints are great at adhering to surfaces while also resisting cracking and peeling. Even with heavy foot traffic and parking vehicles, Hot Trax® Garage Floor Paint and Corotech® Command are extremely durable.

If you want an epoxy garage floor paint, Hot Trax® is an epoxy fortified acrylic that is designed especially for concrete floors. And, if you want an industrial-quality concrete paint that dries in just 24 hours, Corotech Command paint is the ideal choice. Both are available at Da Kine Paints, your local paint supply Kahului store.

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Benjamin Moore Super Spec Dtm Alkyd Semi

A highly versatile alkyd based coating. Super Spec HP D.T.M Alkyd Semi Gloss seals and protects both exterior and interior metal surfaces from rusting and moisture. It offers superior rust inhibition and protection along with the convenience of a primer and topcoat system in a single package.

  • Tough durable film with outstanding adhesion
  • Attractive low lustre finish
  • For exterior or interior use
  • Self priming with easy application
  • Extremely durable with rust inhibitive ingredients

Painting Garage Floor And Prep Links

  • PREP OF GARAGE FLOORS: For simplicity, we made a separate page just for prep: Concrete Floor Preparation ListThis post contains info on the floor profile you need, plus moisture and pH, cracks, primers, cleaning, and curing. Oh how I love thee.
  • PAINTING GARAGE FLOOR: A post on the sequence to follow to paint a garage floor, a complete step-by-step: Painting a concrete floor: full list. Its more than just cutting and rolling.
  • Gather the necessities: Safety glasses, nitrile or rubber gloves, respirator. I give people the knee pads you see here as a gift. Oh yes, I do. Great for cleaning the house too!

But firstsome tips for epoxy fans and then

tips for all garage floor paint work:

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Our Garage Floor Kits

At Aboff’s Paints, we have two high-quality options for garage floor finishes:

  • Rust-Oleum® EPOXYSHIELD® Garage Floor Coating Kit: This kit provides a glossy, showroom-quality finish applied in one easy coat. It protects against motor oil, antifreeze, gasoline, hot tire pickup and salt for the ultimate performance and longevity. Once it has been applied, you can walk on it in one to two days and drive on it after three days.
  • Rust-Oleum® RockSolid® Polycuramine® Clear Top Coat: RockSolid is a high-gloss, industrial-grade protective coating with unmatched durability. It is 20 times stronger than epoxy, providing exceptional resistance to chemicals and hot tire pickup. It is also low-odor and virtually VOC-free.

Before you apply these kits, make sure your garage floor has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. The coating material comes in easy mix-burst pouches that you shake to mix and then pour into paint trays. Use a roller to coat the floor in uniform patterns until it is fully covered.

Shop At Aboff’s Paints

Benjamin Moore Epoxy Floor Paint

At Aboff’s Paints, we carry an extensive selection of premium paints, coatings and supplies to meet all your painting needs. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, we have outstanding products that will make your project a success.

Visit one of our 32 Long Island locations to see our inventory and chat with our product experts, or browse our selection online and place an order today.

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United Gilsonite Lab E

  • Color: Platinum
  • Dry time: 24 hours
  • Finish: Semi-gloss

While the United Gilsonite Lab E-1 Epoxy Floor Paint didnt crack our top three, it was a very near miss. Its a premium product that delivers a high-quality and beautiful finish, and it lasts for a very long time.

Even better, compared to many other garage floor paints, it has a very quick dry time you can drive on it in just 24 hours! It gives you a sharp finish to your garage that delights, but it isnt so overpowering that its all you notice when you walk in.

Still, despite the fact that its an outstanding product, it did just miss our top three for a reason. First, its a more expensive option. But not only is it more expensive compared to our top choice, but it also has a slightly smaller coverage area.

Youll still need two coats to get the finish you want, meaning youll end up spending more per can, and youll likely need more cans. Youll love the final product, but were not sure youll love it any more than our top choice, and its going to cost you far more to get there.

  • Slightly smaller coverage area

Is Epoxy Floor Paint Good

Epoxy floor paint is a type of paint that is specially formulated to resist wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. This type of paint is also very easy to clean, so it is ideal for areas that are likely to get dirty, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Epoxy floor paint is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose a shade that compliments your homes décor. This type of paint is also very durable, so it will not chip or scratch easily. If you are looking for paint that is both durable and easy to clean, then epoxy floor paint is a great option for you.

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Complete List Of Garage Floor Paint & Coating Colors

Lets get to the list. Each company is listed in alphabetic order with a brief description of the company and where theyre located. Theres also details on the paint itself.

After that is what youre really looking for. There is a color palette showing every available color for each type of paint.

Choose which type of garage floor paint will be best for you based on the look you want to achieve.

For more information on what the different types of paints are as well as the differences between them, check out my buyers guide to garage floor paints here.


Rust Bullet Duragrade Concrete High

Painting my Garage HARBOR GRAY
  • Color: Beige, blue, butterscotch, concrete gray, emerald green, jet black, light blue, light gray, lilac, orange, pistachio, red, slate gray, storm gray, turquoise, white, wine red, or yellow
  • Coverage: 300 square feet
  • Dry time: 72 hours

If youre looking for a garage floor paint that gives you options, then consider Rust Bullet DuraGrade Concrete High-Performance. Its not like there are just one or two color options here, Rust Bullet DuraGrade comes in 18 different color options.

No matter what youre looking for, Rust Bullet DuraGrade has it. Just like our top choice it also acts as a primer, and theres very little prep work you need to accomplish before slapping down your first layer of paint.

But while all these features are nice, what really sets this garage floor paint apart from the pack is how long it lasts. Once you finish painting your garage floor, you shouldnt have to worry about it again for

But with all these perks, why did it fall down our list? Well, it all comes down to the price. There are expensive garage floor paints, and then theres Rust Bullet DuraGrade. It costs over three times more than some of our other more expensive options.

Not only that, but it has a smaller coverage area, and youll still need to apply two coats to get the finish you want. If you use rust Bullet DuraGrade youre going to end up spending two to four times as much to complete the job compared to any other option on our list.

  • It still requires two coats

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Rtg Concrete Floor Paint

  • Color: Satin gray
  • Dry time: 24 hours

RTG Concrete Floor Paint might not have the splashiest logo and container, but that doesnt mean it wont do a great job on your garage floor. Its really a great mix of price and quality, as it gives you a very durable product, with a finish youll love, and an outstanding price.

Its another garage floor paint that is easy to apply, and this one completely dries in just 24-hours, allowing you to get your garage back in use almost right away.

However, theres only one color option and style to choose from with this paint. Either you like the satin gray finish, or you go with another paint option. Its a pretty neutral finish, but we do like the versatility that some of the other options provide.

Finally, its important to note that one gallon of RTG Concrete Floor Paint usually only covers about 300 square feet. This is a bit smaller of a coverage area than many of the options on our list, and it means theres a good chance youll need to purchase an extra gallon or two to finish the job.

This is especially true once you consider that youll still need two coats to get the finish you want. Its not the end of the world, but the lower coverage area leads to a slightly higher project cost, and its why this paint is farther down our list.

  • It still typically requires two coats

Floor Paint Buyers Guide

With so many great options and different choices out there, it can be a challenge trying to narrow down exactly what you want. And even when you pick a product, how do you know how much you need?

We understand the frustrations, and thats why we came up with this buyers guide to walk you through everything youll need to know to pick out your garage floor paint and get the right amount on order the first time!

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Other Floor Coating Products From Aboff’s Paints

In addition to our garage floor kits, we offer several other floor coatings for different surfaces:

  • Benjamin Moore Floor and Patio Latex Enamels: This top-quality, low-sheen floor latex enamel covers previously painted surfaces in fair to good condition. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and provides a smooth finish.
  • Aboff’s Ironworks Acrylic Satin Enamel: This acrylic multipurpose enamel provides outstanding color retention and adhesion, low sheen and resistance to water, alkali and blisters. It is ideal for floors, decks, trim and steps.

How The Garage Floor Paint Color Guide Is Set Up

Pin by Angela Angie Leavell on paints to get the job down

What I did was go to all of the major hardware stores web sites and see what brands they sold. This included:

  • United States: Lowes, Home Depot, Ace Hardware, True Value
  • Canada: Canadian Tire, Home Hardware
  • United Kingdom: Homebase, Wickes
  • Australia: Bunnings

I only listed each store once, even if it has locations in different countries. For example, Home Depot is found in both the US and Canada so I listed it once.

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Fixall Skid Grip Anti

  • Color: Cobalt, crimson, or jet
  • Coverage: 80 square feet
  • Dry time: 24 hours
  • Finish: Anti-slip/gritty

If youre looking for a way to paint your garage floor and get an anti-slip finish, then consider the FixAll Skid Grip Anti-Slip Acrylic Paint. It comes in three different color options to help style your garage to exactly what you want, and it lasts a very long time.

Its quick to apply, although it is important to note that this paint has the smallest per gallon coverage area of any garage floor paint on our list. This means that while the price per gallon is lower, your overall project cost is going to be much higher because youll need to purchase more gallons of paint.

  • Costly to cover an entire garage floor

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