Basketball Hoop Attached To Garage

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Mount A Basketball Hoop Above Your Garage

Goaliath Wallmount Basketball Hoop
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Practice some home court advantage with a basketball hoop mounted to your garage. If the play area in your driveway is big enough, you’ll have an ideal court for shooting games of “Horse,” practicing free throws, or engaging in a little one-on-one play.

Indoor Garage Mounted Basketball Hoop

An indoor garage mounted basketball hoop is great if you have a spacious garage. With garage basketball hoops you will be required to mount them on the wall of the garage.

The type of basketball hoop will depend on the height of your garage wall, space, and also design. We also have portable basketball hoops that are great for indoors since they can be moved to different areas of the garage.

Advantages of an indoor garage mounted basketball hoop

A great addition to a garage gym workout

If you use your garage as a gym, adding a basketball hoop is great for your workout. You can play basketball as a warm-up before you start your workout. Practicing your shooting techniques can be good for your fitness.

Play even during harsh weather

The best thing about an indoor basketball hoop is that you can play even when the weather is harsh. If your garage is heated, it is possible to play during winter instead of going outdoors.

Indoor basketball hoops will last longer

Since the basketball hoop is indoors, it is not affected by extreme weather. You can be guaranteed durability since you will have protected it from rust and deterioration.

Variety of designs to choose

The main benefit of an indoor garage basketball is that you can choose from a variety of designs. We have indoor wall-mounted basketball hoops and free-standing basketball hoops that can be moved from one area of the garage to another.

Mounting A Basketball Hoop On Your Garage

So, youve decided to buy a new basketball hoop and plan to install it in your garage. Seems like a limited space to enjoy a game? Well, yes, that is why it is important to make sure that you mount the basketball hoop properly.

When you just mount the hoop anywhere in your garage, you might end up getting problems after. Make sure to consider the following first:

The windows in the garage door

Take a look at your garage first. Are there plenty of windows? If youre installing the hoop in an area with a window, an incident of smashing it can be possible. For sure, you dont want to break the window when youre throwing some free throws.

This is why it is imperative to take into account the location before you do the hoop installation.

Possible panel damage on garage door

Are you planning to mount the hoop to the front of your garage? If so, there is a possibility that your garage door will be damaged due to missed or low shots. It will be better if you will not mount the hoop above the garage door.

A ball that hits the garage door may also cause dented panels, chipped painting, and broken windows. It is also possible to have damage in your outdoor lighting, vinyl siding, gutters, and vehicles parked nearby.

Limited space for playing

The integrity of your garage wall

Ensure as well that the backboard is secured to the wall. To achieve that, the surface should be flat and not close to the roofline.

Possible siding damage when you take down the hoop

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How To Install Basketball Hoop On Brick Wall

Installation of a basketball hoop on a brick wall is a two person job that requires some basic tools. First, using a drill and masonry bit, create pilot holes in the brick where the lag bolts will be placed. Next, insert the lag bolts into the pilot holes and secure them with washers and nuts. Finally, attach the backboard and rim to the lag bolts.

It is a great way for children and adults to get some exercise, even if they are just playing basketball. A hoop can be either freestanding or planted on the ground. Furthermore, they can be attached to a wall, such as an exterior. To mount a basketball goal on a brick house, youll need some steps. When installing the wall mount, make sure the backboard and rim are securely attached to it. Because of the weight of the three pieces of equipment, attaching them to a brick wall will be more difficult. As the months grow longer, you should double-check the tightness of the bolts once a year, when it comes to spring.

The Perfect Basketball Hoop For Your Home

Unique Sports : First Team RoofMaster II Roof Mounted Basketball Hoop

There are several factors to consider when selecting the perfect basketball hoop for your home. One of the most important factors to consider is the height of the hoop ensure that all players have equal access to the court. Additionally, make sure the cement is deep enough to keep the hoop stable, as well as that the hoop is the right size for your requirements. Furthermore, the hoop should be mounted level to the ground so that the ball arrives at the net as soon as possible.

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Garage Mounted Basketball Hoop Above Garage Door

A basketball hoop above the garage door is great for outdoor games. If you want to play outside the garage then you need to mount this type of hoop. When mounting a basketball hoop above the garage door, you will mount it on the wall or the roof of the garage.

Is mounting the basketball hoop above the garage door a good idea?

Yes, a basketball hoop above the garage door is a good idea to practice shooting even without going to the court. However, before you mount your basketball hoop above the garage door considers these factors:

Make sure that your garage door is strong

Before you install a garage mounted basketball hoop on your driveway make sure that your garage door is strong enough. If your garage door has windows, lights, and any other accessories that can be damaged then you need to keep that in mind. There are chances that the ball will keep hitting the door so you need to make sure that your door is strong to take it.

Space on the driveway

It is also important to make sure that you have enough space on the driveway. Make sure that you do not have plants or anything that can be damaged when playing. You do not need a lot of space on the driveway but having some space to dribble the ball can be beneficial.

Enough space for installation

How to choose the right garage basketball hoop

Indoor or outdoor

Lifetime 73650 44 Inch Shatterproof Backboard And Rim Combo Kit

This is a perfect combo of Acrylic Fusion Backboard and Slam-It Rim, which can be a great starter if you wish to enjoy basketball at home. The set becomes complete with high-impact polyethylene plastic, spring-back action rim, and all-weather nylon net. The entire set is in no danger of getting spoilt due to weather, and thus you can enjoy the fantastic graphics for the entire lifetime this set serves you.

The durability of this garage mountable basketball hoop is not to be questioned. It is supplemented with an acrylic, shatterproof backboard that wont give in even to your strongest hits.

The mounting kit is to be purchased separately and can be seen as an investment. If you are replacing an old hoop or starting afresh on a wall, roof, or even a 3.5 pole, you got it all covered. All the possible requirements have been taken care of already.


  • Blow-mold plastic for the backboard is not durable and resilient
  • Mounting kit to be purchased separately

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Choosing The Right Basketball Hoop For You

Because everyones situation is different, basketball hoop manufacturers have developed an enormous range of products that attempt to fit everyones needs. However, that range can make choosing a basketball hoop feel impossible with how many different options and form factors are out there. Some people want a hoop just to play with the kids on weekends. Some have rising athletes who need home practice equipment. And some are serious sports fans who want a hoop that can handle them and their adult friends. At Swings-n-Things, we know basketball hoops that nobody else and we want to help you make the right decision for your family, which is why weve boiled down the most important decision points you should know about as you make your purchase. The hoops form factor is the most important variable, and then, the backboards specs. If you have the design and backboard styles locked down, youre 80% of the way to getting the right hoop for you.

Goalsetter Adjustable Glass Backboard Wall Mounted Basketball Goal

Silverback NXT Wall Mount Basketball Hoop

If you are looking for a permanent solution to be mounted either indoors or outdoors of your residence, this choice will satisfy you. This set is the most professionally built, offered with the strong trust of Goalsetter.

There are various factors that multiply the strength and durability of this product. The major one is its fully tempered glass backboard with a 3 overhang. The steel frame for this backboard is yet another addition to strength.

With the American Quality standards, all checked, the hoop is designed to occupy less space than an in-ground unit. Hence, there will be no troubles of emptying your garages or finding spacious spots to mount this one.

This hoop also sports baked-on acrylic enamel with a long-lasting primer underneath. Hardly a product to miss out when you want to recreate the professional playing ambiance!


  • Difficult installation and may require professional help to set on rough surfaces

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Progoal Basketball Hoop Garage Wall Mounted

It might not be as popular as Spalding or Silverback, but PROGOAL is definitely one of the best wall-mounted basketball hoops on the market today. That is for a reason as well.

If you are interested in getting a sturdy system thats going to last for years, youll love this one.

Its got a fully tempered glass backboard, unique telescoping adjustable frame, double spring rim, and most importantly, its not going to cost you an arm and leg.

Backboard Size
Check Price

Backboard & Rim

This wall-mounted model comes with a glass backboard. Tempered glass has the very best rigidity and provides a true gym-style experience.

In case youre wondering, the board is available in two sizes 60 and regulation 72 so you can exercise capturing the best basketball experience. Shooting bank shots on this hoop is just like on the NBA court.

PROGOAL also makes use of at least 1/2 thicker glass than many other manufacturers which makes this hoop also better.

Furthermore, this wall-mounted hoop includes padding along the bottom of the backboard for safety and security.

Lastly, the rim is made of stainless steel and features a two-spring breakaway design that just compliments the ultimate performance and durability, so theres really nothing to whine about there.

If you are the type of player who wants a hoop that can take it, if you like to exert your dunking powers, then you should consider the ProGoal hoop. Its built to last!


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How Do You Attach A Basketball Hoop To The Wall

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First, you need to find a stud in the wall using a stud finder. Once you have found the stud, use a drill to create pilot holes for the screws. Next, use a screwdriver to attach the screws to the wall. Finally, use a level to make sure the hoop is level before you start playing.

Make sure the location of the hoop is correct. It may be the most critical step as soon as possible. In addition to making sure the area is suitable for basketball, you should also ensure that no one is impeded by the activities. The hoop I recommend has a 25-foot adjustment range for all of these heights. A free throw line of 15 feet is established between the front and backboards. It is beneficial to have a clear understanding of your requirements. When it comes to wall mount basketball hoops, youll typically find lag bolts that allow for the bracket to be installed, but with just an impact drill, I was able to secure the brackets.

Wall-mounted basketball hoops are becoming increasingly popular due to their space-saving capabilities and performance. These hoops have the same durability and performance as in-ground hoops, but they can be installed either inside or outside of a wall to provide extra storage space. The base of the hoop should be filled with play sand to help prevent spills and make it more playable.

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How To Install A Basketball Hoop On A Garage House Or Wall

Setting up a new basketball hoop can be a bit of a challenge. If youve decided to go with a more permanent approach as opposed to a mobile hoop, there are a couple options. Installing a permanent pole in the ground, or getting a wall mount for the hoop and installing it on the garage, the house, or a wall.

To install a basketball hoop on the garage, you will need a basketball hoop wall mount and compatible basketball backboard and rim. Set the height of the rim to the ground at 10 feet, and draw a free throw line 15 feet from the hoop to comply with NBA regulations for a more realistic practice.

That sounds simple enough right? Well, theres a bit more to it so I will go into more detail about the planning, set up, and installation so keep reading.

If you already have a basketball wall mount set, then great, lets jump into the steps. If you havent selected a hoop yet, I recommend at least a 54 wide backboard for a two car driveway sized area, like this Silverback 54 Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop Set .

Smaller areas can get away with smaller backboards, but its best to get as close to regulation size as possible for training purposes.

Required Tools And Equipment

Roof Mounted Basketball Hoop Australia

Now that youve decided where you want the hoop to be mounted, its time to gather the tools and equipment.

Most of the wall mount basketball hoops come with lag bolts to mount the bracket, and I could do so with just an impact drill and the correct size socket.

However, if you dont have an impact drill, a set of wrenches should do the trick.

In addition to the lag bolts, youll also need a stud finder. This is especially important when mounting the hoop on a brick wall, as it can be difficult to find the studs.

Once youve located the studs, mark them with a pencil to know where to drill.

Finally, a ladder should be . The height of the hoop determines how tall of a ladder you need. Most roof-mounted hoops require an extension ladder.

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Use Right Size Of Studs

Now, find a wall stud to drill the wall mount into.

If you cant find a stud, use a stud finder and install the wall mount securely into a frame stud.

In addition, for a concrete or brick wall, use concrete anchors of an appropriate size to install the wall mount. I used 2×4 pieces to keep my hoop in the centre of the wall.

You can also follow me but remember, on a brick wall, concrete anchors are more useful than lag bolts.

How To Mount A Basketball Hoop On Your Garage

by Josef Castillo | Nov 2, 2022 | Basketball Equipment

If youre looking to add a basketball hoop to your garage, there are a few things youll need to take into account. First, youll need to make sure you have enough space. Youll also need to find the right place to mount the hoop so that its stable and safe. Once you have those things figured out, mounting a basketball hoop on your garage is relatively easy. Youll just need to use some basic tools and follow the instructions that come with your hoop. With a little bit of effort, youll be playing basketball in your driveway in no time!

In cases where the driveway leads to a garage, you might want to avoid digging and installing pole-mounted systems, as well as installing basketball backboards on the garage roof. Roof-mounted basketball hoops can be adjusted to heights as high as four and a half feet using slide mechanisms and nut-and-bolt locking mechanisms. How do I install a basketball backboard on a garage roof? Youll need to identify where you want to install the roof and then line up the spots. Level and large enough surfaces are required for the game. To secure the front tubes, use hex nuts, lock washers, and hex bolts. The bottom of the support tubes should not be less than 97 degrees.

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Can You Mount A Basketball Hoop To Concrete

There is no way to secure a bolt-down basketball goal to concrete that is already poured, and it is extremely dangerous. This is an incautious decision, regardless of the thickness of the concrete, and will almost certainly fail.

A surface has advantages and disadvantages depending on its type. The concrete surface has a satisfying bounce for basketballs, whereas asphalt has the potential to tear up basketball shoes, skin, and the ball itself. You will have to pay more for a basketball hoop installation if you live in a more rural area of the United States. The average cost of installing a basketball goal in the NBA ranges from $400 to $600.

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