Average 2 Car Garage Size

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Whats The Average Garage Size

2 Car Garage Dimensions | Minimum, Average, and Ideal Garage Sizes

The answer to this question varies.

There are no standard garage dimensions. Still, many homeowners think the answer is as simple as a one-car , two-car, or three-car garage.

But this can vary, too. And you certainly want something wide enough to get in and out and open your car door!

A one-car garage is clearly the smallest choice. On average, a one-car garage is 12 feet wide and 22 feet deep. Other common sizes are 14 x 22 feet, 16 feet x 24 feet, and 14 x 24 feet. These bigger one-car garages are great for storage space in addition to the space for your vehicle.

Two-car garage dimensions are generally 18 feet wide by 20 feet deep. But, if you want space to fully open the doors of the car, or you want more storage area or a workspace, there are other common sizes, including 20 x 20, 22 x 22, and 20 x 22.

Three-car garages are the most spacious and provide ample parking and storage space. Some homeowners choose to renovate one of the garage areas into a living space, a bedroom, or even a rental unit. These garages are usually 32 feet wide by 22 feet deep .

Depending on the area you have to work with, a garage builder can make the garage for you at any of those average sizes. Some builders also offer custom-built garages that fit your unique size and shape needs.

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Is Your Garage Big Enough Let’s Do The Numbers

Park your Ford Explorer in the garage with at least one foot between it and the garage door. That leaves about 30 inches in front of the vehicle if your garage is 20 deep. Subtract 25 for the workbench and you now have 5 to spare. My advice? Stay slim. REALLY slim.Now, lets park your Ford Explorer in a 24 deep garage. With the same one foot between it and the garage door, you have about 4 1/2 feet between the front bumper and your workbench. But, you say, Ill just back my car out of the garage when I need to do some work? Why not choose a 2 car garage plan that allows enough room to actually walk from one side of the car to the other, without opening the garage door?

Do I Need A Permit For A Garage

Each city or region sets its own rules, but they are pretty straightforward when it comes to building a garage. The garage might need to be constructed from fireproof materials, or the electrics and plumbing might require a permit.

In some areas, it depends on the size of the garage. In some local zoning departments, single-car garages dont need a permit, but double-garages do.

Your structure needs to be single-story, less than 750 square feet, minus a roof deck, and with beams spanning 14 ft or less to qualify for a subject-to-field-inspection permit.

If the garage meets all these requirements your garage complies with the planning laws.

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The Next Steps To Get A 2

When you finally figure out the best 2-car garage dimensions for your needs, you are ready for the next steps. From here you can:

  • View the Garage Prices online. Start here and choose the garage you like. If you drill down you will find prices.
  • Request a Free Estimate for the size garage you have chosen. You can add your options and the price will come back with setup and delivery included.
  • Work with your township to find out what it takes to get approval for the garage.
  • Request a set of Free Garage Plans from Sheds Unlimited. We offer a few plans for you to download and review. But if you want customized plans for your building we ask for a small non-refundable deposit to get your drawings.
  • Find a contractor to install your concrete pad. Learn about Pad Preparation here.
  • Now is the time to get started!

    Car Garage Dimensions: Wall Height

    The dimensions of an one car and a two car garage

    A common wall height in a two-car garage is 8 feet. An overhead clearance of 8 gives the interior of the garage a nice feel that is not too cramped. You may be able to go higher in some cases, however, youll soon begin to run into height restrictions for delivery if youre planning on buying a modular 2 car garage. Shippers of modular garages need to keep the height of the building on the trailer under about 13 6 to be able to pass under bridges and overpasses. So if you want a wall height that is much higher than 8 when it comes to your 2 car garage dimensions, youll probably need to go with a prefab or stick-built garage rather than a modular garage.

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    Standard Garage Door Thickness

    Standard garage door panels are roughly 1/8 inches thick. Depending on the utilization of your garage, you may or may not need insulation. If you spend time in your garage, you might consider installing insulation. Properly installed insulation can keep your garage 12 degrees warmer in winter and 25 degrees cooler in the summer which can also positively impact energy costs.

    Garage Size Guide For 1 2 3 & 4 Car Garages

    Most homeowners want to have a garage attached or detached from their home. It helps keep the cars safe from the elements.

    Garages also provide more shelter when needed, such as if you have an outdoor party and it starts raining. Your guests will have a dry place to go in the meantime until it stops.

    Given that information, what is a good garage size?

    You will ultimately know what a decent garage size is by what you need to store. However, an average residential garage size ranges from 1 to 3 cars.

    The measuring of these garages is roughly 12×22 for one car garage and 32×22 for a three-car garage.

    This article will dive into what a good garage size is and what considerations need to consider before investing in the right choice for you. Continue reading on for more.

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    You can easily say you want a specific garage and be done with it altogether, but it is wise to consider certain factors first. Let us go over them down below:

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    How Wide Is A 3 Car Driveway

    If you are going to have three-car traffic on your driveway, then the width of 16 feet will not do anymore. You should instead go for extended driveways that can even allow you to turn around and even drive backward through your yard. For such the three-car driveway, a width of at least 30 feet would do. It is optimal to go for 40 feet if you can afford it.

    A 25 Car Garage Is Around 500 Square Feet

    2 Car Garage Dimensions | Specs + Square Feet | Hometown Structures

    A 2.5 car garage, not surprisingly, is bigger than a 2 car garage. Its around 500 square feet in total, which means it has an extra 3 feet of width and one more foot of height than a standard 2 car garage.

    This extra space may be all you need to store those large items such as your lawnmower and snow blower more comfortably and to have room for that workbench or storage shelving youve been wanting.

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    Is There A Cheaper Alternative

    Technically, you can go below 20 x 20 and opt for 18 x 20 for a two car garage, which saves money but is not ideal. Here are a few quick numbers to refresh on before considering an 18 x 20 garage:

    • 6-6.5 car width
    • 1-3 feet width when opening car doors
    • At least 10-12 space between each car

    An 18 x 20 2 car garage simply does not have enough space to comfortably fit 2 cars. Unless you have two exceedingly small cars and no need for storage, 18 x 20 is just not enough.

    Another thing to consider is that depending on your car length, the garage door clearance may not be enough. To put it simply, the only way you could fit 2 cars comfortably in an 18 x 20 is if the cars are small. That, and If there is enough space between the car and the garage door.

    You need about 2 6 of space between your car and the garage door. Otherwise, most garage doors will not shut because their sensors wont allow it without the proper spacing.

    Choosing 18 x 20 over a 20 x 20 is only a few hundred dollars difference and is not worth it if you need space.

    Can You Fit Two Cars In A 20 X 20 Garage

    It is possible to park two cars inside a garage that is 20 feet long and 20 feet wide. There will be no room for anything else, and there is a possibility that you will not be able to open your doors all the way. Despite this, both cars should be able to be parked without any additional difficulties.

    Once you have determined how big your two-car garage needs, other decisions must be made. Because of this, things can quickly get complicated because you must consider regulations, building codes, and neighborhood constraints.

    After determining the size of the garage you want to construct, the next step is to conduct research to identify the best building plan and obtain the necessary permits.

    It is also the time to determine if you want to build it yourself or hire a construction company to do the work for you. If you want to build it yourself, it is time to make that decision.

    Large 2 Car Garage 24×28

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    Do You Need A Workshop

    If you are like me, the answer is simply yes when it comes to a workshop out in the garage. More storage? Yes. More room for tools? Double yes! With my standard two car garage size, I find myself having to back one or both vehicles out when I am working on something. A third stall for a workshop or extra storage is a functional option worth entertaining.

    What Is The Best Width Of A 2

    Las dimensiones de un garaje individual

    A cars width is typically between 6 and 6.5 feet of space. You will need about 20-foot width of the minimum garage size if you provide a few extra feet on either side to enter and exit a vehicle. If there is room on your property and your township approves wide garages, we advise going at least 24 wide.

    When your automobile is parked inside the garage, you will appreciate the extra width for entering and exiting the vehicle. A 22 broad garage would still provide you a little more room to work with if you cant go 24 wide.

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    How To Measure Your Garage Door

    If youre considering purchasing a new garage door, were happy to visit and measure your door to ensure youre looking at the right options. But, if youre the do-it-yourself type, here are step-by-step instructions for measuring your garage door and ensuring your garage can accommodate an opener and the door in both the open and closed positions.

    1. Measure the width and height of the door opening called the rough opening to the closest inch. This will be approximately the same size as your door.

    2. Measure the space to the left and right of the opening called the sideroom. Most vertical track systems require 3.75 inches on each side. Some systems require even more space, at 5.5 inches.

    3. Measure the distance between the top of the opening and the ceiling called the headroom. Standard systems require 12 inches of headroom, and most openers require an additional 3 inches of clearance.

    4. Measure the distance from the garage door opening to the back wall of the garage called the backroom. You will need backroom equal to the door height plus 18 inches, possibly more based on opener installation.

    The Minimum 2 Car Garage Dimensions

    A two car garage is a garage that fits exactly two cars without leaving much space for much more. If all you do in the garage is park and go, this may be a perfect option for you. Remember that it also does not leave any extra space for storage.

    The recommended size for a 2-car garage is between 18×20, 20×20 and 22×22. These dimensions offer very little room for movement, storage, or much else. Two small-sized cars will fit, but you will have to provide space elsewhere for your work tools, a bench if you desired one, and other items.

    If you prefer smaller doors for your garage, a two car garage may be a good fit for you, but who likes small garage doors? The bigger, the better in most cases. Why would you choose 8 doors when you can get 9 or even 10 garage doors? Larger garage doors are also easier to operate when getting in and out of the garage. But remember, the right size for your needs will depend on the activities you plan to carry out within your garage.

    This small-sized garage may not offer enough space to let you open your doors as widely as you would want to. You will need to be extra careful when navigating inside.

    But why would anyone subject themselves to this when you can get a longer and deeper garage? A 24×24 garage is only slightly longer and deeper, but its functionality is epic.

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    Average Three Car Garages

    The largest of the standard garage types is a three car garage. These are typically perfect for families with children who drive everyone needs a car to get to work and be independent. These garages are also best for large living spaces like an additional family room.

    Three car garages are usually 32 feet wide by 22 feet deep. Much like 18 x 20 2 car garages, 32 x 22 feet snugly fits 3 cars. Your other, larger options include 36 x 25 feet, 38 x 26 feet and 40 x 30 feet.

    /2 Car Garage Dimensions

    Ideal 2 Car Garage Dimensions

    When you want a wider space, go for a 2 and ½ garage dimension. This is more than enough to make the garage a workstation on free days and to install storage and hanging cabinets in the garage. The wider it is, the better it is for your cars to breathe and make it look better.

    A 2 and 1/2 garage car garage dimensions, for car owners, is defined as between the dimensions of a two-car garage and a three-car garage. This means that it is between 24-30-ft in doorway width and not less than 40-50-ft in terms of depth. Given this, it would also require greater space in the home.

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    Your Ideal 2 Car Garage Size In A Nutshell

    The truth is it is in your best interest to invest in a 2 car garage that will comfortably house your vehicles. Not only will you reap the benefits now, but also in the future if you ever plan on selling your property.

    At Hometown Structures, we specialize in building prefab and attached 2 car garages and with our years of experience working alongside our customers, we highly suggest a 24×24 2 car garage.

    However, we recognize that every situation and vehicle is different, so do not hesitate to reach out to our sales representatives for feedback on the right 2 car garage for you.

    You Use The Garage For Extra Living Space

    Do you have teenagers who wish they had their own space within your home, or do you want more living room overall? The garage will make an excellent exception to that idea.

    However, if you want to provide both a living space and storage area, it might be wiser to make the size a bit bigger than a typical 1-car garage.

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    Picking The Perfect Garage Size

    This is a lot of information to sift through, but hopefully, this helps you plan out your garage transformation.

    Even if your homes garage is an odd size, knowing the standard garage sizes can help save time planning for your garage upgrades.

    In my mind, the bigger garage you can afford, the better. Even if you dont have enough cars to fill it just yet, youll have enough space to convert one of the bays into a workshop or extra storage for tools and seasonal items.

    Theres nothing wrong with getting a larger garage than you need. I guarantee youll find a use for the extra space.

    What Is The Ideal 2

    average 2 car garage size sq ft

    This is the point where preference, interest, and perspective come to play for homeowners. Selecting the ideal 2-car garage size is solely your decision to make. Theres no perfect garage size you have to go for whichever measurement you feel will house your cars comfortably and be helpful for other purposes.

    A 20x 20 two-car garage is considered the smallest of all 2-car garage sizes. This size will comfortably sit a single car or two small cars without extra storage space. For instance, a 16.5ft long X 6.5ft wide Ford explorer SUV and 16ft long X 6ft wide pickup truck will sit comfortably in a 20 by 20 2-car garage. But there might not be enough space for other things.

    A 24 by 24 two-car garage will not only house these cars comfortably but also provide enough room for other purposes. Heavy-duty trucks and other giant-sized vehicles will do well in a 24 by 30 2-car garage.

    So, what you consider ideal may not be suitable for another person. Thus, its best to go for your preference to avoid wasting resources or constructing something you wont enjoy in the long run. Lets quickly whats worth considering when selecting the ideal 2-car garage:

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