Are Garage Door Sensors Universal

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace Garage Door Sensors

Digi-Code Model CR2149 Universal Garage Door Opener Safety Beam Sensor

When your garage door sensor starts to malfunction, they thankfully arent too expensive to repair. It is even cheaper than some vehicle repair jobs.

Depending on how handy you are, you can remove and install the garage sensors yourself as well, further reducing the cost.

But if you need to pay for the labor and the sensors, it will still be an inexpensive job.

  • Estimated price of garage sensor: $75 to $150
  • Estimated price of garage sensor and labor: $150 to $250

Before you buy a new pair of sensors, check the garage doors warranty. The cost of new sensors may be covered by the warranty if its still active. Most garage door warranties last 3 to 5 years.

Dirty Receiver Or Transmitter

The clarity of the optical system is imperative for the signal to be transmitted, reflected, and received. Its normal that dust, dirt, debris, and humidity accumulate on these parts.

Its often sufficient to clean up the optical components as per the manufacturers recommendations. But if the system remains glitchy or unresponsive, then the sensor needs to be replaced by a new one.

What Is A Garage Door Safety Sensor

Garage door sensors are a safety feature and an essential component of garage doors. In fact, most of the automatic garage doors are required to have these elements since 1993. Their main function is detecting possible obstructions upon closing a garage door.

Thus, if youre trying to close your garage door and the sensors detect any type of obstruction, they will prevent you from closing the door. This way, the sensors ensure your safety and help you avoid any damage to your property.

In general, these sensors can detect the following types of obstructions:

  • Accidental obstructions typically entail physical obstacles such as trashcans, boxes, toys, or other items. However, dust or dirt on the sensors may also be interpreted as obstructions.
  • Improper sensor positioning can also prevent your sensors from operating properly. If the alignment and placement height arent properly adjusted, the sensors will have an interrupted beam of infrared light, which will be interpreted as an obstruction.
  • Damage to the photo-eye lens may also prevent the sensors from functioning properly and, thus, operate as if there were obstructions.

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Are Garage Door Sensors Universal

Garage door sensors represent one of the several essential safety features of any overhead garage door opener. Days are gone when manufacturers could choose whether to add them to their product or not.

In 1992, Safety Commission published their final rules for automatic garage door openers, and since then, manufacturers have been mandated by law to implement this critical safety mechanism. Sensors add an extra layer of protection for your guests, family members, and valuables inside your garage. And most dont even know about their existence until their garage door wont close and they think they need a garage door repair service.

Homeowners often go for a DIY garage door sensors replacement, ordering the parts online, but are garage door sensors universal? The quick answer is NO, garage door sensors arent universal, so read on to find out which sensors will work for you.

Like many mechanical or electronic parts in any vehicle, most of them arent interchangeable between different manufacturers. You cant just buy a starter from Ford and expect it to fit or work properly on a Dodge vehicle. Same with most garage door openers. Sensors from Marantec wont work on a Liftmaster opener and vice versa. However, as you probably know, some car manufacturers that operate under the same umbrella, like Chrysler and Dodge, KIA, and Hyundai, share many components between them. This is the case with the Chamberlain Group.

The Garage Door Sensors Are Covered In Dirt And Debris


Since theyre located quite close to the ground, the garage door sensors are prone to getting covered in dirt and debris. You may be tracking mud into your garage with your shoes and splashing it over the sensors accidentally. If your garage door is not sealed, debris could also fly in through the openings and cover the sensors.

Garage door sensors are pretty sensitive. Theyll struggle to work properly if theyre caked in layers of dirt and debris so clean them up regularly.

A piece of soft cloth or even microfiber cloth should be good enough to clean the sensors. Just gently swipe the cloth over the sensors to get rid of the foreign materials in the way.

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Are Garage Doors Sensors Universal

By: Author Lindsay Reed

Manual garage doors are almost entirely a thing of the past, and electric garage doors are here to stay. With just one click of a button on a remote, the garage door will easily open.

Directly next to the door, electric garage doors have sensors to protect objects from getting crushed by the force of the door.

Garage doors sensors are not universal, and there is not one type of sensor.Every garage door company program sensor needs to work in tandem with the motorhead and circuit programming, meaning many sensors will not work with other companys products.

When two garage door sensors are installed, their primary purpose is to monitor the area directly next to the garage door. Without these sensors, anything underneath the garage door could be crushed when it closes.

Also, the object in the way could damage the garage doors ability to close, resulting in hundreds of dollars in repairs.

How Do I Know If My Garage Door Sensor Is Bad

If you believe that your garage door sensors have broken down, there are a few ways to check if theres a certain problem with their operation. Here are a few steps you should follow:

  • Check the path. This is the first thing you should check if your sensors arent functioning properly. There may not be any kind of problem, but simply an obstruction in their path. If there are any objects, clear them out and then try closing the door.
  • Reconnect the power supply. Sensors typically have small LED lights that should be turned on. If the lights in one or both of the sensors are turned off, it means that they dont have power. In this case, try reconnecting the power supply.
  • Clean the sensor lenses. As already mentioned, sensors may stop functioning properly if theyre dirty. Clean them from dust and dirt and test if theyre working.
  • Dry out the moisture. If theres moisture around the sensors, it may be the cause of the malfunction. So, if youre garage door sensors have been exposed to any kind of moisture, dry them out and check if theyll work.
  • Inspect for damage. Physical damage can also cause the sensors to stop working. Normal wear and tear may also be the cause of the problem. See if theres any damage and then contact the pros for a replacement.

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Professional To Fix Or Change The Sensors

If you decide not to replace your door sensor yourself and want a professional to do it for you, it will cost around $150 to $200.

However, this price will depend on whether you need a new sensor, repair an existing sensor, or need to change the sensor. Having to replace your sensor completely will land on the higher end of pricing, whereas installing a current sensor will fall on the lower end of pricing.

Common Issues With Garage Door Sensors

How to Align the Safety Reversing Sensors on Your LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

Just like the yearly maintenance you need to do for your garage door, there are some things you can do to help keep your sensors working correctly too. Usually, its just some small cleaning and adjustments because the sensors are durable.

If the sensors havent experienced a significant failure, you should be able to quickly troubleshoot them and get them working in no time.

Here are the most common issues that you might have to solve during the life of your safety sensors.

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Interchangeable Garage Door Sensors

All garage door sensors produced by Chamberlain Group will work for all openers manufactured by the daughter companies.

Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Raynor, and Craftsman garage door openers will all work with a set of standard Chamberlain sensors. In some cases, you can even get away with installing Chamberlain sensors on a Linear opener, but that is a hit and miss. Some models will work fine with a foreign set of sensors, and some wont. Therefore, hiring a professional garage door company is essential if you need your sensors replaced. Otherwise, do proper research before buying a set of sensors for your garage door opener unit to avoid returns and loss of time.

Are Garage Door Safety Sensors Universal

When a company advertises that its models are universal, this usually means that specific units will be compatible with certain garage door openers. However, once you have installed your garage door safety sensor and connected it to your garage door opener, it will provide the same level of safety as any other door sensor.

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How Garage Door Sensors Work

They work on the simple principle of transmitting a ray of infra-red light and then receiving it. If it is blocked or attenuated, then theres an object blocking its way. And in that case, it sends a signal to a control system to carry out a particular job.

In the specific situation of garage door sensors, the interruptive signal would be to stop closing, then reverse the action, and open it back up. All that in less than 2 seconds, to make sure that no one gets hurt and no accidents happen.

There are two main types of garage door sensors:

  • Through-beam sensors: where the transmitter is on one side and the receiver is on the other side.
  • Retro-reflective sensors: where both the transmitter and receiver are on the same side.

Does It Matter Which Side Garage Door Sensors Are On

Universal Garage Door Opener Sensor CR2149 Safety Beam for sale online ...

Yes, it does matter what side the sensors are on. If the sensors are made with infrared light technology, then each sensor has to be on one side of the door, and they have to be aligned. They cannot be on the same side of the door.

Sensors that have reflective technology can be on either side of the door. All that matters is that the reflective surface is directly opposite from it so that the beam can hit the reflective surface and travel back to the sensor.

Note: Not only does it matter which side of the garage the sensors are on, but it also matters how high the sensors are from the floor.

Safety sensors have to be 6-8 inches above the ground, but not higher. If the sensors are too high, they will not prevent the door from smashing small objects or animals.

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The Bottom Line For Universal Sensors

The bottom line for Calgary garage door maintenance involving universal sensors is that no, not all garage door sensors are universal. Some devices will work with multiple manufacturers, and, generally, they all perform the same function. Still, certain manufacturers and units will have their own particular brand of sensor.

For more information about this, and any other questions you may have, give us a call today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff look forward to hearing from you!

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Why Do You Need Garage Door Sensors

The short answer is because its the law.

In 1993, the U.S. Federal Law UL 325 made it mandatory for manufacturers to include sensors that interrupt opening and closing your garage door. That law states they need to be able to reverse the doors motion within 2 seconds.

This protects users from injuries while simultaneously making the garage doors more convenient and efficient.

Besides being the law, installing safety sensors have some other benefits as well:

  • Protecting your car or other vehicles from damage and scratches
  • Preventing you and your family from entrapment or severe injuries, especially if your garage has a steel door
  • Small children and pets running in and out of the house can inadvertently collide with a closing or opening door. Sensors lower the risk of harm.

Although its possible, we do not recommend .

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Are All Garage Door Sensors Universal

No, not really. They all work in the same manner. But some are advertised as universal. This means that such garage door sensors are compatible with doors from specific manufacturers. Garage door sensors are compulsory in automatic garage door systems. This has been made mandatory by the law.

Traditionally, sensors were mechanical. The mechanical sensors would reverse the garage door when it came in contact with a physical object. Nowadays, photoelectric sensors are more popular.

Are Garage Door Remotes Interchangeable

Get the Right Garage Door Safety Sensors 2 – Does Genie make it easy?

No, not all are interchangeable. The older garage door remotes are not always compatible with newer versions. Newer versions have upgraded memory chips. They use Wi-Fi and could be USB-charged. The older garage remotes are slower and have less chip memory.

It would be advisable to acquire a universal garage door remote. Manufacturers incorporate in these remotes old and new sensor programs. This makes them a must-have attribute for garage owners if they don’t want to be locked out of their garages.

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How Do You Reset Garage Door Sensors

If you are having problems with your door sensory, but it is not the alignment, then there are a few other reasons it might not be working.

If there arent any lights on to tell you whether your sensor is on or aligned correctly, there may be a wiring issue. Youll want to check if the wires are correctly connected by seeing if the white wires connect to the white terminal and the black wires connect to the black terminal.

Ensure that the power is turned off for your sensory before you touch the wiring. Remove the wire nuts or cut the sensory leaving 12 of wire. You can then check that the wires are appropriately connected, and strip both wire ends to reconnect them correctly.

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Why Is The Green Sensor Flashing Or Flickering

If one of the sensors flickers, theres a poor signal reception on this receiver sensor. There are typically three reasons for that.

  • Dirty lens on one or both sensors.
  • Sensors are not perfectly aligned.
  • Wiring issue with a poor connection.

First, clean both sensors. Then have a quick look and see if one of them is not facing sideways. It is easy to accidentally bump into one of them and get them out of alignment. If all looks fine, grab the receiver sensor and twist it gently towards the garage door while looking at the LED indicator. If the light changed from flickering to solid theres a good chance you just fixed your issue. If that didnt help and the light still isnt turning solid, inspect the wires and look for damage or poor connections. Finally, if nothing helps, this is the time to pick up the phone and call your local garage door repair company. They will be able to troubleshoot, repair or replace your garage door sensors if needed.

Are Garage Door Opener Sensors Universal

CHAMBERLAIN CLDM1 Universal Garage Door Monitor,indicates door is open ...

Perhaps you still have your safety sensor from your old garage door opener, and you are wondering if it will work with your new garage door opener? Or you are not getting a replacement safety sensor for your garage door opener. Or maybe you want to give it to a friend who has a damaged safety sensor, and you want to find out if garage door openers safety sensors are universal. Well, I was in a similar situation too, so I did some research. Here is what I found out.

Short answer, no. Garage door opener sensors are not universal. Safety sensors can only communicate with garage door openers from the same brand. Also, a couple of garage door opener brands make unique safety sensors with features that work only with their products.

If you own a garage door opener from a company that is not in business anymore, well discuss the different options you have and how to find the best safety sensors for your garage door opener. Now, lets take a look a look at why garage door openers are not universal.

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