Air Conditioner For The Garage

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Can I Install Air Conditioning In My Garage

Installing an Air Conditioner Into the Garage

If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, you know Summers can get quite hot, often into triple digit temperatures. Not only does your homes living spaces get hot, but your garage, especially after returning from driving your car, can really heat up. Some Phoenix area residents use their garage as a workshop, or for other activities. As such, they may be interested in cooling down their garage to a more comfortable temperature.

Thus, the short answer is yes, you can install air conditioning in your garage. However, you must be VERY CAREFUL not to violate the building code.

Price And Value Ratio

The most important thing to consider when buying a portable garage air conditioner is its price and value ratio. You should buy a product that offers you the best value for your money. For example, if you want to buy a portable garage air conditioner, you should consider buying one with good quality features but at a reasonable price. This way, you will save money from buying cheap portable garage air conditioner that do not have good quality features. In addition, if your budget allows it, then go for higher priced portable garage air conditioner because they offer better quality features and are less likely to break down easily compared to cheaper ones which will need constant repairs and maintenance fees.

Mini Split Air Conditioners

These are the air conditioning units we usually use for households. They are split into two parts, placed inside and outside of the house.

All things considered, they are the best options for your garage. You dont need a duct space, theyre up on the wall saving floor space, and they have higher efficiency.

But the downside is they come with pricier tags. They are needed to be installed by a professional. Also, you need to insulate your garage completely for them to work properly. If you have a big garage, covering the whole area might be costly in terms of higher AC unit and energy cost.

The initial cost might be high. But if youre looking to spend a considerable amount of time every day in your garage, theyre still your best option.

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Where Can I Buy An Air Conditioner For My Garage

If you are looking for a plug and play AC like a portable air conditioner or window unit, I have found the best deals for our portable units on Amazon. I tend to buy ours at the end of the cooling season when demand goes down to get the best deals. If its an evaporative cooler youre after, most HVAC Contractors sell and install them including mine.

If you are looking to have a ductless air conditioner or heat pump installed, and live outside of the Phoenix-Metro area, I recommend using the Dealer Locator on the Mitsubishi Electric ductless air conditioning website. Look for a Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer in your area. Diamond Dealers are factory trained and certified which gives you the end user several advantages including an extended warranty of 12-years on all parts.

More importantly, Diamond Dealers have to certify by traveling to Mitsubishis training center for hands on training. Recertification is required every two-years. This equipment is high-tech and a proper installation is the most important part of the equation. I have seen many a nightmare created from this equipment being installed improperly usually because the homeowner attempted to save some money by purchasing the equipment online and hiring unqualified contractors to install it. Just like the equipment itself, you get what you pay for.

Ductless Mini Split Ac For Garage

The Best Ductless Air Conditioner for Garage In 2020

Mini splits are similar to central AC systems and come in two parts: the outdoor compressor and the indoor air unit. They can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and usually only need a 3 hole through the wall to run the conduit between the two components. Best of all, they are the most energy-efficient type of garage air conditioner because they dont have any ducting.

Need help installing your mini split AC?

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The Best Air Conditioner & Heater Combo

Good for: one-car garages

Power: 12,000 BTU

To get the most out of your unit year-round, you can invest in this portable air conditioner that also has a built-in heating function. Besides the heating and cooling options, this wheeled unit also works as a fan and dehumidifier, making it the most versatile option overall on the list. You can adjust the settings, set the temperature, and activate timer and sleep modes directly on the machine or with the included remote. According to the brand, this unit is designed to cover rooms up to 330 square feet, making it a good choice for a one-car garage . Investing in this unit is a budget-friendly choice, as you wont need to purchase a separate space heater to use your garage in the winter months.

According to a reviewer: Plan on purchasing another unit. Works better than expected. The unit has wheels on the bottom. Has like 3 different fan speeds and works excellent. The remote has a display so you can see the temp you selected and other info. The ac works great as does the heater part. I expect to save money going from a space heater to a heatpump. The thermostat works great when it hits your present temp it switches to fan only.

  • Available coverage option: 300 square feet

Caution Regarding Central Air Conditioning

Whatever you do, dont tap into the house air conditioning system to cool your garage. This may seem like a logical solution, and many homeowners have attempted to extend central air conditioning into a garage simply by adding a length of ductwork through the side of the home and into the garage.

It is a bad idea for several reasons:

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Ac/heating Repair Service Area

When your Air Conditioner breaks downs during Arizona’s Summer heat, call the AC Repair Experts at Eagle Air in Queen Creek, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, Apache Junction, Chandler, Gold Canyon, Florence, Sun Lakes and San Tan Valley, AZ. You can also visit our Service Area page. We’ll schedule an appointment fast for your AC emergency and provide prompt, professional AC repair service at a very fair price.

What Types Air Conditioners Are Best For Garage

Problem With the Garage Air Conditioner

The best garage air conditioners are those that are efficient and powerful.

In this Best Garage AC guide, we discuss the types that will keep the garage cool and one that wont.

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Plus, there are a bunch of links to useful pages on the various types and additional information that will help you select the best type and size for your garage.

Here are the best air conditioners types for garages.

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Wall Mounted Air Conditioners

Wall-mounted air conditioners are also good choices for garage air conditioners as they help you cut energy costs while regulating the temperature in a given space.

They operate just like a window air conditioner but can be installed without windows. This makes them ideal for windowless garages. However, you will have to cut a hole in the wall to install the metal sleeve to extract hot air from inside and replace it with cooler air.

Besides that, wall-mounted air conditioners also ensure noiseless operation. So, if you intend to use your garage as a workspace or studio, you wont be disturbed by the constant noise of the air conditioner.

Garage Air Conditioner Considerations

  • How big is my garage? The size of your garage will affect the type of air conditioner you choose. Smaller or portable units, for example, will be less energy efficient in a three-car garage than in a single-car one. This is also a good time to ask yourself whether or not your garage is insulated and how adding insulation to its walls will impact the overall temperature in your garage.
  • What do I keep inside my garage? Do you use it for storage? What kind of items do you keep? Band instruments, VOCs, and other sensitive items will likely last longer and maintain their condition in a temperature-regulated space.
  • How do I primarily use my garage? If you donât use your garage for much outside of parking your car, purchasing a garage air conditioning unit may not be a wise investment. On the other hand, if your garage is more of a multifunctional space where you like to work or hang out, an air conditioner could be well worth the money.


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The Best Evaporative Cooler & The Best Option For Large Garages

Good for: three-car garages

If you live in a dry climate, an evaporative cooler is a great alternative to an air conditioner as it doesnt strip the air of its moisture, and its more energy-efficient, to boot. Plus, this unit can cover spaces up to 950 square feet, making it the best option for a three-car garage since most portable air conditioners arent powerful enough to cover that much space. It does require you to keep its water tank filled , but theres an option to hook up your garden hose to the unit to avoid constant refilling. You can also use the cooler as a simple fan, and the casters make it easy to move around your space, but there are no timers or sleep functions. Keep in mind that an evaporative cooler may not make your garage quite as cool as an air conditioner, but its an economical buy in the long run since it uses less power.

While this pick is great for three-car garages, the brand also offers a portable evaporative cooler thats more suitable for two-car garages.

According to a reviewer: Best investment ever! You will not be disappointed!! This thing is a BEAST! Cools our entire 3-car garage with ease! Glad I took a chance on this product after researching so many to choose from! Now, Go get you one!

Solution: Garage Insulation Installation

10 Best Portable Air Conditioners for your Garage  Best Home Fixer

Garage insulation is important if you want to keep all of that cool air inside your garage. Not only that but garage door insulation is also have to if you want to keep your energy bills low while still using a garage cooling system. We can help with both scenarios.

A recent customer reported that, Just installing SRX alone on the garage door decreased the temperature of the garage by 20 degrees. This is before installing the Garage mini system.

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What About Portable Air Conditioners

Portable ACs have their place, but it is not in the garage. The reasons are many:

  • They take up floor space and are likely to get dinged up in a garage setting.
  • They have to be vented out a window.
  • They arent as efficient as window and through the wall air conditioners, and come nowhere near the efficiency of mini split units.
  • Theyre not powerful enough to combat the heat and humidity often found in the garage. The largest are just 14,000 BTU, and thats not going to get it done unless your summers are quite mild and a powerful fan would do just as well.

Portable air conditioners are a good fit in a bedroom, office, den or other enclosed space inside the house, but not ideal for the garage. Our Portable AC Reviews, Prices and Buying Guide has more information.

How To Shop For The Best Garage Air Conditioner

Summer heatwaves, poor ventilation, and hot car engines can all make your garage feel unbearably hot.

Even if your garage is well insulated, it might not be enough. In some cases, adding air conditioning may be your best option.

But with literally thousands of options available, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you.

The best garage air conditioner is one thats slightly larger than necessary for your space and one that uses at little energy as possible. Ohand one that doesnt cost an arm and a leg.

That should be easy to find, right?

When I started looking into air conditioning my garage, I was overwhelmed by all the choices. If thats happening to you, then hopefully this can help make that decision process a little easier.

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The Best Garage Air Conditioners For 2022

Best portable AC unit

This 3-in-1 portable air conditioner combines the power and functionality of a Friedrich window unit with the flexibility and no-installation convenience of a portable AC unit. The ZCP12DB has a cooling capacity of 11,000 BTUs and can service up to 400 sq. ft.

This unit boasts three modes: air, fan and dehumidifier, and includes built-in WiFi for on the go control through the FriedrichGo app. It also works with Amazon Alexis and Google Home. This allows you to control it from virtually anywhere so no matter when you can walk in the door, your garage will be ready for you!

Other features of this portable air conditioner unit include a 3 speed fan with Auto setting, auto restart after a power outage, and a washable anti-microbial air filter for easy maintenance.

Best through the wall garage AC

This through the wall AC unit offers both air cooling and heating, perfect for keeping the garage comfortable during the cold season. It packs 11,800 BTUs of cooling power, with 9,000 BTUs reverse cycle heating plus electric heat of 10,600 BTUs.

Features include a 24-hour on/off delay timer, an energy saver function that temporarily shuts the AC off when the desired temperature is reached, and WiFi connectivity that allows it to be controlled via smartphone or web app.

Modular Air Conditioner In A Package

Air Conditioning for the Garage

Hotels and motels frequently have packaged terminal air conditioners available. The unit, which can heat and cool an area, is generally positioned beneath a window. Because a portion of the unit is within and the blower and condenser are positioned outdoors, it is comparable to a micro split.However, a PTAC is often less energy-efficient than a mini split and requires a significantly bigger gap in the garage wall to be installed. Homeowners that want additional ventilation should think about installing a PTAC while a tiny split AC for the garage can chill a room, it can’t efficiently ventilate it.

See more

  • Cool Air & Energy Efficient: If you want cool, humid, and energy-efficient summers, then our Grelife evaporative air cooler is the perfect solution for you. This portable cooler air conditioner with 3 3-sides honeycomb filters and a cooling system releases water vapor while running,keeping your living or working space nice and cool. The 1.58-gallon large-capacity water tank ensures this cooler will operate for a long time without frequently adding water.
  • Smart & Safety Design: Built-in LED display and remote control, let you know all the functions. With the unique child lock design and the adjustable blade design, you don’t have to worry about children touching the control panel and fan blades by mistake, it is safer to use in families with children or pets.more

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Buying Guide Of Portable Garage Air Conditioner

When looking for a new portable garage air conditioner, it’s easy to get lost in the maze of choices and make regrettable mistakes. It is easy to overlook certain important points when shopping online, and sometimes our concerns can be completely ill-founded. This text is designed to help people purchase better products while spending less money. It is intended to aid buyers in making informed decisions.

There are many things to consider when buying a product. The following is a list of questions that you should ask yourself before purchasing:

  • What is the purpose of this product?
  • Ask yourself what you need this item and what you will use it for. Quality might be more important than price if you use your new product regularly. If it is something that you will only use occasionally, it may not matter as much if the item breaks down quickly.

  • How much time do I have to use this product?
  • If the item is something that you need right away, then it may be worth paying more money upfront so that it arrives on time. However, if you have plenty of time before needing the item, then waiting until sales start may be a good option for saving money in the long run.

  • Am I willing to pay more for quality?
  • Quality items tend to last longer and work better than cheaper ones but they cost more upfront too! Determine how much extra money you will spend on an item to get higher quality components or materials used in its construction.

  • How much do I want to spend on this item?
  • The Best Options For Cooling A Garage

    At this point, lets assume youve decided that it is worth installing an air conditioner in your garage. Now, it starts to get interesting. There are many different types of air conditioners and they all have their pros and cons, and the fact that its going in your garage only makes this decision more complicated.

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    Is Cooling Your Garage With Air Conditioning Expensive

    Keep in mind, 99% of the time your garage is not insulated because it was not intended to be conditioned. In most cases, garages will share one common-wall with your home and that wall will be insulated as its technically an exterior wall of the conditioned part of your home. The other two walls are rarely insulated, and you may or may not have an insulated garage door.

    More importantly, the attic space above your garage ceiling is typically not insulated and this is the one you really want to insulate if you are planning to install an air conditioner in your garage. The exception being if you have a flat roof above your garage, in which case you may have some added R-Value from the roofing materials especially if its a foam roof. Luckily, its not very expensive to insulate the attic above your garage, and can typically be done for hundreds of dollars, not thousands.

    It is possible to insulate the walls of your garage as well, using a spray foam process known as drill and fill, however the return on investment does not typically warrant spending the money on it.

    If you already have an insulated garage door, you are ahead of the game. If not, I typically recommend installing a foam panel kit especially if the garage door is South or West facing.

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