Above The Garage Door Storage

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How To Create Extra Garage Storage With Fleximounts

EASY! DIY Hanging Above Garage Door Storage Shelves Cheap!

Is your garage overflowing with stuff? We have a simple idea for you to create more space with Fleximounts overhead garage storage rack.

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Hows your garage?

Is it organized or is it a mess like mine?

I think for many of us we have a lot of stuff to store in our garage.

Lawn equipment, tools, sports gear, beach supplies, coolers, holiday decorations and more.

We were out of storage space and our garage had become a disorganized mess.

But with the help of my new Fleximounts overhead garage storage rack, my garage is neat again.

Before I get into all the details of why & how, I want to share an awesome deal with you!

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Now, lets talk about how I organized my messy garage

How To Install Overhead Garage Storage

The overhead garage racks come with a template that guides you through step by step instructions for easy installation.

My husband, Chris did all the hard work for me.

He installed the overhead garage racks while I took photos of the process.

Fleximount provides longer ceiling brackets and vertical supports, which makes the racks more sturdy.

First, Chris assembled all the pieces for the ceiling brackets and wire grid frame.

Then, he installed the ceiling brackets into the studs over our garage door opener.

Its necessary to install the brackets in studs for optimal sturdiness.

After the ceiling brackets were all properly installed, Chris attached the integrated wire grid to the frame.

Having the brackets integrated with the grid frame provides the more stability.

How To Create Attic Storage Above Your Garage

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If you have a garage, then you might want to create a little bit of attic storage above it. The biggest problem with these types of spaces is load capacity. If the trusses of your garage roof cannot support an attic, you will find that holes will develop in the ceiling of the garage. However, if the load capacity is large, then you will be able to support an attic storage space.

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Spilt A Double Garage In Two

The brief for this double garage was to have one station for training and the other as a workshop for the bikes and home/general DIY. Dura fitted tool-controlled foam for specialized bike maintenance, peg panels for other tools, integrated power sockets, high and low-level storage, an integrated TV and a bridging unit with under-the-counter storage.

The flooring was PVC interlocking floor tiles that are easy to fit, clean and are a great thermal and dust barrier. The result is a fabulous dual-purpose space thats spacious whilst offering loads of storage options.

Garage Doors Richmond Hill Maintenance

Use area above garage door for loft! Done! 21 Garage Organization And ...

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Over Garage Door Storage

I had seen this somewhere before. It is simply some “tracks” screwed onto the ceiling that allow plastic storage totes to slide into them and be securely held above the garage doors. This allows you to store things out of the way but still close by and somewhat easy to get to. When looking online, I could not find it. So I thought I would document it and put it up here on Instructables.

Garage Door Richmond Hill Installation

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So How Does All This Relate To Ceiling

Engineered I-Joists ARE NOT DESIGNED TO SUPPORT A LOAD HANGING BELOW. Except for light things like sprinkler heads, electrical outlets, or light ceiling fans, the manufacturers of these I-joists do not design them to support these suspended-load systems.

Were not kidding. We called every major manufacturer of engineered I-joists and they all said the same thing:

If you attach a suspended load to our joists, you void the manufacturers warranty.

However, we wanted to do better. We wanted this in writing from a credible, authoritative source. All of these manufacturers are part of a trade group called the Engineered Wood Association.

In the APA Design and Construction Guide for I-Joists, it says on Page 8:

You may be asking right now, How would I know if I have engineered I-joists in my home?

You wouldnt, at a glance. Unless you saw your house being constructed and knew to watch for them. For some homeowners, calling the builder is an option. Otherwise, youll need to use a snake camera and cut a hole through the ceiling covering to see.

In short, its not easy to know if I-beams were used to construct your home.

This is where things get dicey.

Do the makers of these ceiling-hung garage storage systems know that this is an issue?

Yes, they do. Unfortunately, these companies are not being completely upfront about the dangers that these systems present.

Here is one warning that we found in a suspended-load systems installation instructions:

Types Of Garage Doors We Service In Richmond Hill

Over the Garage Door Wood Storage Shelves

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Top Piece Of The Track

I cut a piece of 2″ x 3″ lumber 52 inches long. Since I was using 3-1/2″ long screws but wanted more than 1-1/2 inches of screw going into the joist, I counter-bored three holes with a 3/8″ diameter forstner bit about one inch deep. I then drilled thru the board with a 3/16″ diameter bit. I drilled 3 holes, one in the center and the other two 24 inches from the center. I then put the #10 x 3-1/2″ screws in the three holes and the track was ready to screw to the joists.

In hindsight, I wish I had made these a little bit longer on one end and tapered them. This would have given a funnel affect to help guide the totes into the tracks. I might make some wedges to add to the ends of them.

Overhead Diy Garage Storage System

Tuck medium and lightweight stuff onto shelves suspended from the ceiling. The wooden overhead garage storage shelves are designed to fit into that unused space above the garage doors . However, you can adjust the shelf height and put them anywhere. The only limitation is weight. We designed this 4 x 6-ft. shelf to hold about 160 lbs., a load that typical ceiling framing can safely support.

Family Handyman

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Elevating The Boundaries Of Garage Storage

Overhead storage can accommodate large items like seasonal decorations, beach and camping gear, sleeping bags, folding chairs, etc. Store seldom-used items higher up and leave the easiest-to-reach space for everyday storage needs.

Adjustable-height overhead racks let you utilize ceiling space even if you have a low ceiling. Surfboards, fishing rods, or tires laid flat will be safe and secure until you need them.

No more aching backs with overhead, motorized storage racks that come down to your level. The touch of a button lets you load up and unload everything you need to store.

Stationary overhead racks provide secure storage for up to 800 lbs. Heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel frames let you stack boxes, bins, sports equipment, tools, and more, without worry.

Overhead racks come in square and rectangle shapes and various shelf sizes to perfectly fit your space. Adjustable height and size means you can capture all available overhead space.

Overhead storage racks free up valuable floor space for everyday use and safety in your garage. No more tripping over bulky items or toppling stacks of boxes with secure, out-of-the way storage.

Diy Above Garage Door Storage

Over Garage Door Storage : 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Can you ever have enough Garage Storage?

Garage storage, in some form is a necessity. If your family is like mine, then you will relate. Every time someone needs to store or hide something that doesnt work in the house, it ends up in the garage. Right inside the garage door in the middle of the floor, begging to be tripped over. Dad knows best, or maybe Dad knows where it goes better then me. My pet peeve is having a garage stuffed so full of junk that you have to park your cars outside. So, garage storage has to be built around getting those cars back in the garage.

The problem with garage storage is that some items need to be accessible daily, some monthly, and some once a year. So, it makes sense to design garage storage based on frequency of use. You also need the type of storage that allows you to use your garage. You should be able to park two cars in a two car garage and still have storage.

I have in my garage right now enough Christmas decorations for at least 6 trees, two houses , camping equipment for a family of five, car cleaning stuff, and boxes that we havent unpacked for at least 7 years.

I decided to tackle garage storage for the stuff that is used really infrequentlyholiday decorations.

Above Garage Door Storage Solution

Measure the containers to determine 1) how wide your rails need to be and 2) how many containers will fit along your eight foot long stud.

Ready to do more Big DIY Projects? Check out all our BIG PROJECTS!

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Garage Storage Ideas To Create A Place For Everything

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Great garage storage ideas are essential to make the most of this space. Ladders, tools, bikes, sports gear, gardening supplies, lawnmowers, home gym equipment and more along with your vehicles can be stashed in the garage, with the right solutions in place.

But its not just a question of finding a home for all your items: they also need to be easy to locate and grab whether were talking outdoor power equipment, hand tools, or holiday decorations making a range of appropriate storage options vital when optimizing your garage space.

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Other Suggestions For What To Store Above Your Garage Door

Use The Space Over Your Garage Door For Storage

When I was doing my research, I was impressed by the storage creativity that people have had with this narrow strip of garage wall and ceiling. The possibilities here are endless but Ive compiled a basic list to get you started.

Here are some things might consider storing here:

Once you have brainstormed your own list, think about the ways you can store these items securely in the space. This may mean sturdy hooks, narrow shelving, or some other option. We will explore a few in detail to assist with the correct installation.

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Line Garage Walls With Tool Racks

Weve all seen the Chaplin-esque comedy sketches of people stepping on rakes and leaving long-handled tools like brooms lying around will invite this kind of trip hazard. So copy this garage storage idea and get tools up off the floor with a garden storage rack. You can also find smaller versions for screwdrivers, hammers and chisels to save you from rummaging in drawers of sharp tools.

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Get Organized With Sturdy Shelving

The key to good garage storage is shelving, and dont opt for flimsy racking it needs to be tough and sturdy to withstand all manner of items.

Ikeas BROR range is easy to assemble and robust. It can cope with all temperatures, it wont warp, and it can hold a load double that of a standard shelf.

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Install 24 Uprights In Garage

With the 2x2s mounted, I could get the 2×4 uprights prepped by driving in more screws, 2 ½ screws this time. I also ended up pre-drilling these holes later on to help avoid splitting the 2x4s and it helped a ton.

Once the screws were in, I could go ahead and get the uprights mounted to the 2x2s, making sure they were level. The spacing on all of these pieces is pretty specific, and here is a link to free plans for these shelves.

Also, I didnt end up adding glue to these joints on this first shelf, but I ended up coming back and adding it later, and I also added it to the rest of the uprights moving forward. These shelves ended up holding a ton of weight, and the glue will help keep the joints strong over time.

Overhead Storage Racks In Washington Dc Maryland And Northern Virginia

Wasted space above garage door for storage!

We are the leading garage storage provider in the greater Washington, D.C. metro area. We offer a wide selection of customized storage systems including the Monkey Bars Storage System. As the exclusive Gorgeous Garage Dealer in metro Washington D.C, GDS can help you maximize your garage storage space to create a functional garage, basement and mudroom.

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