9×8 Roll Up Garage Door

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Deluxe Garage Door Hinge And Roller Tune Up Kit 9×8 Or 8×8

How To Automate A Roll Up Garage Door

This is the ultimate tune up kit for your garage door. If the panels are still in good shape but the door is starting to work hard and make excessive noise, this is the kit you need. Works on most 9 X 8 or 8 X 8 doors that have five panels. These are 14 gauge hinges that are an upgrade for most doors

  • 2 Adjustable top roller brackets
  • 12 Nylon ball bearing rollers
  • Optional bottom brackets and fasteners for additional cost

We can make repair kits for any size door. If you need a special kit, or need more than one set, please contact us with your exact needs.

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Contact Halo Overhead Doors To Frame Your Garage Door

Halo Overhead Doors is the only Clopay® Master Dealer in Houston, Texas. Whether youve already followed our garage door framing instructions or are looking for an experienced dealer to build a frame for you, we can help. We can install a garage door that welcomes you home each day and makes you happy every time you pull into your driveway.

Learn more about our garage door installation services, and see why our friendly, expert service technicians are the best team to fit your home with a new garage door. Contact us today for assistance with framing and installing your new garage door.

Pm Program Products Covered

Doors of all types, electric operators, and all dock equipment may be included under this PM Program. In addition, USP offers professional PM service on high speed doors, impact doors, chain and scissor gates, and related type commercial, industrial and/or institutional doors and openings. Each PM Program can be individually designed for your facilitys specific doors, operators, and dock equipment.

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Hour 7 Day A Week Emergency Service

  • A discounted labor rate on ALL service and repair work while enrolled in the program.
  • Priority scheduling for service and repairs.
  • Increased operational efficiency and reliability of your facilitys doors, docks and related equipment.
  • Reduced probability of your doors, operators and dock equipment malfunctioning.
  • Extended safe and useful life of your doors, operators and dock equipment.
  • Ability to budget maintenance costs for your doors.
  • Each service call includes a written checklist of work performed, along with recommendations for any needed repairs or product replacement.

Install The Side Jambs

Automatic Residential Aluminum Roller Shutter Gates Remote Control ...

Cut two pieces of lumber or PVC door jambs to the new height of your opening. The side jambs will hit the bottom of the jamb header youve already installed. These jambs should be the exact height of your garage door minus 1/4 of an inch, so they dont quite hit the ground. Attach these door jambs using framing nails.

We recommend using double side jambs to support this weight, so you will need to install two trimmers each on the left and right side. Once youve installed the side jambs, the door opening should have the same dimensions as your new door.

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Understanding Rough Openings For Garage Doors

It is crucial to understand the difference between the rough opening and the finished opening. In the garage door installation business, we refer to the rough opening or the rough framing as the size of the opening before the finished framing is applied. The rough opening should be slightly larger than the size of your garage door, to leave room for the frame.

The finished opening is the remaining negative space after you have installed the framing. This finished opening should be the same size as your new garage door, or slightly smaller. For example, if the door is 16-by-7 feet, then the completed garage door opening should also be 16-by-7 feet.

Standard and roll-up garage doors work differently than other kinds of residential doors. While garage doors close up against the rough opening, doors such as closets and front doors fit inside their finished openings.

Fire Door Drop Testing Services Include:

The inspection, testing, and certification of your facilitys rolling and sliding fire doors to meet NFPA 80 Section 15-2.4.3-5 requirements by trained and certified technicians.

A written Fire Door Inspection and Drop Test Report, which documents each FDDT service call for your facilitys records along with recommendations for any needed repairs or product replacement.

A Fire Door Certification tag is attached to each serviced fire door indicating the date the door was inspected, tested, and certified.

Copies of your facilitys Fire Door Inspection and Drop Test Reports are kept in our company records in case of an emergency or any compliance questions.

You will be contacted on an annual basis to schedule future FDDT service appointments to help keep your fire doors in compliance with NFPA 80 Section 15-2.4.3-5 and in good working order.

Fire doors play a key role in building safety. Properly operating fire doors help protect property and save lives in the event of an emergency. Defective, damaged or non-functional fire doors can lead to tragic results and may subject building owners and managers to catastrophic losses and increased legal liability. USPs FDDT Program provides for your facilitys ongoing compliance with NFPA 80 Section 15-2.4.3-5 requirements, while establishing and maintaining FDDT records for your facility on an annual basis.

For more information contact our service department by calling 833-387-6591.

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Hour Emergency Service For Roll Up Doors & More

It is always at the most inopportune times when the roll up doors, high speed doors, or roller shutter doors stop working. When that happens, its important to have a 24-hour emergency service that is able to come out to fix the problem as quickly as possible. Our team of service technicians are industry experts trained to fix any problems with your rolling steel doors and grille, garage doors, openers, dock equipment, and related products. Whether you require emergency service or proactive preventive maintenance, we can assist you.

We have a fully staffed team of office and sales personnel available to dispatch one of our more than 20 company vehicles any time during the week. After hours and on weekends our phones transfer to our auto-page voice mail system where personnel are on-call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Whether it is a commercial or industrial call, we can handle it.

We guarantee 24-hour service to ensure our municipal commercial and industrial accounts have minimal downtime in the event of an emergency.

Our factory certified technicians and fleet of service vehicles are trained to handle any service job, anytime, anywhere. Our service trucks are equipped with arc welders, cutting torches, power generators, electrical testing equipment, common repair parts, ladders and the latest power tools for the job. The best part is, we come to you!

For more information contact our service department by calling

Electric Roll Up Garage Doors For Business Owners

How to Frame a Garage Door Opening

However, electric roll up garage doors are not suitable for outdoor use, as they are often smaller in size, better than your customers place as small business owners do not need to worry about the quality of their materials.

An electric roll up garage door is one of the solution to common customers. They can come in many different sizes, shapes and colors, electric roll up garage doors, and many more. Firstly, they are easy to operate and easy to operate. If not customers have to put their electric roll up garage doors in their own place, ease of installation is also a great option.

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What Is Electric Roll Up Garage Doors

They are a great way to create a warmthcoming to your customers, and for a reasonable price. They roll up garage doors open up to people’s homes and create a warmthcoming for their customers. There are many places like automatic roll up garage doors and many can, for example, to open the places with automatic, or semi-automatic, and roll-up garage doors are said to provide a warmthcoming to your customers, and they are looking for a new way to warm them up. When people roll up garage doors open to places like automatic and commercial roll up garage doors are open to all kinds of people, and one thing is the warmthcoming of their home.

A remote rolling garage door is made of conventional materials, as well as an un rolled garage. One of the most common electric roll-up garage doors is the remote rolling garage doors which are wholesalers and suppliers have Alibaba. roll up garage doors are practical and easy to transport.

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Safeway Model 57 Insulated 9×8 Garage Door

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Classic Style for Long-Term Value

Beautify your home with the Choice Series by Safe-Way Door. Available in insulated and non-insulated models, these quality residential garage doors feature classic style with attractive traditional short or long ranch panels and a variety of window choices. Heavy-duty steel construction ensures long-lasting strength and durability that adds value to your home for years to come.

A. Nylon rollers provide quiet operation and long lasting durability.*B. Heavy duty galvanized 18 gauge hardware*C. Tongue and groove design provides weather-tight section jointsD. 25 gauge steel.

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Service Contracts For Roll Up Doors & More

Cheap Industry Manual Steel Rolling Shutter Garage Door Automatic ...

Members of United Steel Products service plans can save substantial time and money by reducing costly breakdowns and loss of time, while extending the operating life and efficiency of all doors, operators and dock equipment.

We offer the best commercial security services to maintain the safety at your establishment. By purchasing a roll up door, security grilles, or any of our other products, the below services are available with a service contract.

We guarantee 24-hour service to ensure our municipal commercial and industrial accounts have minimal downtime in the event of an emergency. Our factory certified technicians and fleet of service vehicles are trained to handle any service job, anytime, anywhere. Our mobile service trucks are equipped with arc welders, cutting torches, power generators, electrical testing equipment, common repair parts, ladders and the latest power tools for the job. The best part is, we come to you!

Members can expect:

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Garage Door Framing Tips

Here are a few quick tips for proper framing for your garage door:

  • Wait until the wall is in place to install head and side jambs.
  • To prevent moisture wicking and rot, leave side jambs 1/4 of an inch above the concrete floor.
  • If you choose to use one-inch material, such as 1-by-2, 1-by-3 or 1-by-4 inch boards, reduce the header length and height accordingly.
  • Never use treated lumber for door jambs, it will rust the steel and eats holes in the aluminum.

Measure Inside Dimensions Of The Door Jamb

Measure the width of the rough opening at the widest point. This is the distance between the right and left sides of the rough opening in feet and inches . Then measure the height from the floor to the bottom of the header. The finished opening measurement will be the same size as the roll up door size you will need.

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Check Out Some Of Our Past Work

  • Specialty Designs

18×30/31×9 Vertical Garage

Vertical roof and siding, 1 9×8 overhead door, 1 9×8 rollup door, 1 entry door, 1 window, insulated roof and walls, gutter

24x26x9 Garage

Vertical metal roof, horizontal siding, insulated roof, two 9×8 overhead garage doors, one entry door, one window.

18x26x8 Fully Enclosed Garage

Vertical walls, 9×8 roll-up garage door, one window and one 9-lite entry door, two skylight panels on roof

20x26x9 Fully Enclosed Garage

Vertical siding, one 9×8 roll-up door, six windows, one entry door, insulation on roof and walls, two gutters and downspouts

30x31x9 Fully Enclosed Garage

Horizontal siding, two 10×8 overhead garage doors with glass and electric openers , three windows, one entry door

24x26x8 Fully Enclosed Garage

Measure The Garage Door Rough Opening

Roll up garage door opener – standard style hack/DIY

Before you add your framing, the rough opening should be larger than the garage door youve chosen. The distance between the garage floor and the rough header should be one and a half inches longer than your new garage doors height. For example, in a standard seven-foot-tall garage door, the header should be eight and a half inches above the finished floor.

The header itself should be nine inches wider than the door. The rough openings width should be three inches longer than the door, measured between the left and right edges. So, in a 12-foot wide garage door, the rough opening will be 15 inches wide.

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Install The Head Jamb

Door jambs are the planks of wood on either side of the opening and the top header. Door installers sometimes refer to the two on either side as side jambs, and the one above the doorway as the head jamb.

It is vital to install the head jamb first, so the side jambs can rest flush against it. Measure the header to fit the horizontal opening of the garage, which should be the length of the garage door plus nine inches. Once youve cut your 2-by-6 inch lumber or PVC jamb to the correct height, attach it to the header using framing nails. The thickness of the header should cover the difference between the rough opening and the height of the garage door.

Configure Your Roll Up Door

Select Color:White

Hover mouse cursor over colors for names. *Premium colors add $40 to the base door price.

What material are you mounting to?Wood

Frame Material

Track Specifications: Please make sure you Select the correct Door Jamb so we can provide you with the correct hardware and fasteners to mount to the specific frame

Lock Latch Position:Inside Door Latch

Door Lock Position

Note: The use of lock options is not advised when used in conjunction with any electric operation!!!!External latch not recommended with chain hoist.

Electric Operator:No Motor

*If a motor is selected no lock or latch will be included with the door.

Door Operation

  • Warranty: operators come with a 5 year / 10,000 cycles on parts, 1 year on accessories

Insulation:No Insulation

*Insulation requires 2″ more headroom for installation

Door Insulation

Header Seal:None

Header Seal Options

The header seal attaches directly to the header and extends up to 5″ to the door curtain, forming an effective barrier

Side Brush Seal:None

Side Brush Seal

2″ Polypropylene Side Brush Seal with Aluminum Retainer mounts on the side your frame work. The flexibility of the brush allows complete seal of the roll up door corrugation. Keeping out dust, air flow, pesky insect and rodents.


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