8 X 7 Garage Doors

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We are here to help you along the way, when unexpected things happen on a weekend, a holdiay, or after nornmal business hours. Please contact our 24 hour emegrency dispatch team or our toll free and your call will be answered by our friendly after hours answering service. They know just the right questions to ask. They will take down all of your particular needs and contact our after hours crew and they will promptly return your call and take care of your issue with effecient, high quality workmanship. Anchor Doors & Service Staff keeps a full line of most common replacment parts on our truck saving you time and money. We service Windsor & Essex County and the surrounding communities. Our Chatham location also offers emergency service. If you are calling from Chatham-Kent area our local phone number is 519-352-9699, or you may still reach us via our toll free .

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How Difficult Is It To Install A Garage Door

Due to the load-bearing metal springs required to open and close a garage door, it can be very dangerous and difficult to install a garage door. Even if you think you know what you are doing, if you havent ever dealt with garage doors before, its best to hire a professional to complete your installation for you.

Diy Vs Professional Installation

When it comes to installing a new garage door, hire a professional. Warranties are worthwhile with garage doors, especially newer, higher-tech ones. Garage doors are opened and closed using a load-bearing metal spring system, meaning that the entire weight of the door is transferred onto the springs.

If these springs break, the kinetic energy stored within will be abruptly releaseda dangerous scenario. Luckily, labor costs to install a new garage door are fairly reasonable, with a $300 national average.

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How Long Does It Take A Professional To Install A Garage Door Opener

The exact length of time it would take to install a garage door opener depends on the setup of your existing garage and the compatibility of the opener with your current system. Most installs will take around four to six hours, though it can be done in as quickly as two hours if you are simply replacing an old opener with the same but newer version.

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‘ By 7’ Clopay Insulated Garage Door With Windows


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All Sales are final and Cash only. We encourage you to thoroughly inspect your product before you leave to make sure your satisfied. Although many have none, items marked new condition may have very minor flaws so please inspect. All Items are sold AS IS unless specifically noted. Returns / Refunds are prohibited.

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Type Of Garage Door Opener

Most garage doors are automatically operated with a manual backup. Garage door openers can last up to 15 years, so they rarely need replacing. Keypads, remotes and smart technology are considered part of the system, but the options you have access to will depend on the opener that you choose. Openers can be installed for around $350, on average.

X 7 Garage Doors Maryland

Are you looking for 8 x 7 Garage Doors in Maryland? Potomac Garage Solutions offers 8 x 7 Garage Doors in Maryland with 24-hour service and industry leading warranties.

Potomac Garage Solutions offers a large variety of garage doors and installation options to residents of Maryland and DC. Whether you are looking for a garage door for a new or existing house, Potomac Garage Solutions has a variety of choices that are durable, reliable and add to your homes curb appeal. Our certified garage professionals will then install your garage door, custom fitting it to your homes specifications.

Potomac Garage Solutions will consult with you on your new garage door installation helping to match you with the type of garage you need whether it be single, double, or double wide. You can choose from a large variety of different materials, colors, paneling, windows, handles and hinges to custom design a garage door that will complement your houses design. Potomac Garage Solutions will then offer you a free quote to help you make the best decision for your budget.

Potomac Garage Solutions Certified Garage Door Installation professionals will then set to work, ensuring that your new garage door looks great and functions flawlessly. They will then give it a thorough security check to make sure that it is functioning up to our high standards.

For more information about 8 x 7 Garage Doors in Maryland, call Potomac Garage Solutions at .

Potomac Garage Solutions Your One Stop Shop For

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X 10 Clopay Gallery Model Gd2lu Long Panel With Grooves Walnut Garage Door With Insul Clear Arch 1 With Grilles

  • 2″ Thick, R-18 Intellicore Insulation
  • Seconds – As-Is, Small perforated pinhole paint line missing paint down the face
  • Standard hardware 12″ or 15″ Radius Tracks
  • nail on weather seals
  • Can be sold as a 16 x 8 Door with or without glass
  • Sold As-Is, Not exactly as seen on display

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