3 Panel Led Garage Light 8000 Lumens

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How To Properly Recycle Led Lights

BRIGHTEST LED BULB (8000 LUMENS) For Your Garage! (Comparison Video)

Even though you can dispose of your tired LEDs in the landfill, it doesnt mean that its the preferred method. Recycling is by far the better choice for several reasons:

  • LED Lights are not biodegradable.
  • LED Lights contain small amounts of toxic chemicals.
  • Parts of LED Lights can be repurposed.

Here are some suggestions as to how to recycle your LEDs:

  • Take them to local retailer recycling deposit repositories.
  • There are several retailers and/or big box stores that provide a drop-box and safe recycling for:

  • Take them to your local recycle depot.
  • If you know how to do an internet search, its fairly easy to find a recycling location near you. Here are a few things you can try searching:

    • Your countys site. To find this, type your county name + your state abbreviation + recycling. What you type in the search bar would look something like this: Delaware+OH+recycling. The top result ends up being: Recycling Information Delaware County. delaware.oh.us/recycle. You should end up with similar results for your county.
    • Another search you could do is to type Local recycling center near me. This will provide you with the best options closest to your address
    • A third choice could be to searchcom/find. This search allows you to choose from several options within any state.
    • First you choose your delivery option of:
  • Then you choose what it is you need to recycle. If they have a location near you, they will list it for you.
  • Individual Planning Of Luminaire Mounting Heights

    To ensure that the luminaires reference the exhibits more strongly in terms of design, “ERCO individual” designed a technical solution with pendant tubes for the Pollux spotlights. Lighting designers specified different lengths for the pendant tubes according to the spatial situation at the European Hansemuseum in Lübeck. Architecture: Studio Andreas Heller GmbH Architects & Designers, HamburgLighting design: Andres + Partner, HamburgLocation: Lübeck, Germany

    Higher Lumen Packages For Monumental Buildings

    To meet the special requirements of the protection of historic buildings and monuments at Milan Cathedral, the “ERCO individual” service developed individual lighting tools from standard luminaires featuring higher lumen packages, higher protection ratings, special mounting brackets and housing colours matched to the facade.Lighting design: Ferrara Palladino Lightscape, Pietro PalladinoLocation: Milan

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    Recessed Spotlights Recessed Floodlights And Recessed Wallwashers

    ERCO recessed spotlights, often also called recessed spots, combine the flexibility of spotlights mounted in track with the calm appearance of recessed luminaires. With distributions of different widths, recessed spotlights are ideal for accent lighting. Swivel mechanisms allow you to direct the recessed spotlights towards objects such as paintings, sculptures, merchandise and information signs. Recessed spotlights are inconspicuous architectural details and can be very well combined with downlights. Alignable luminaires with special wallwash distribution are available in the form of recessed wallwashers. This allows you to illuminate walls uniformly and thus create a generous perception of space.

    Precise Light For Democracy

    80W LED Garage Lights, 8000 Lumens Garage Ceiling Lights with 3 ...

    Lighting in the Reichstag plenary hall is a balancing act between the comfort requirements of Members of Parliament and the technical requirements of television cameras. Together with lighting designer Claude Engle, a high-output spotlight with very good glare control was developed. The spotlights were precisely aligned and individually focused in the plenary hall.Lighting design: Claude Engle, Chevy ChaseLocation: Berlin, Germany

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    Dansy Led Garage Lights

    Starting off with the Dansy LED Garage Lights. These are 80 watt LED lights that have a high 12000 lumen output. They have a 3-panel adjustable design, so you can adjust anywhere from 0°to 120° accordingly. Additionally, the deformable design allows you to really customize for your specific needs.

    Next, the LED technology featured has 306 PCS high-quality diodes . They are high efficiency, high output, low power bulbs that offer a color temperature of 6000K . Their life expectancy is over 50,000 hours of constant runtime. Dansy uses premium aluminum alloy heat spreaders along with a hollow structure for maximum heat dispersion. Finally, they are very easy to install with no tools required, no wiring required, and an environmentally-safe design.

    One Luminaire For All Trade Fair Locations

    The lighting technology for the Grand Basel Motor Show must not only be portable and capable of repeated assembly and disassembly, but must also comply with regulations and safety requirements and be compatible with the mains voltage. The \’ERCO individual\’ experts have developed special control gear for this purpose. Special LEDs with 5700K light colour were specified to create a daylight-similar impression.Location: Basel, Switzerland

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    Efficiently And Precisely Illuminating Shops

    Spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers are flexible and efficient lighting tools for the effective presentation of products. The quality of lighting technology is not only decisive for the precise distribution of light and therefore enjoyable shopping experiences, but also for the long-term cost-efficiency of the lighting installation. When comparing the efficiency of luminaires, key figures need to be evaluated based on identical lighting tasks. In this regard, optical systems utilising the principle of projection via lenses benefit from qualitative and quantitative advantages compared to conventional reflector solutions. We show these advantages in our case study: A comparison of lighting technology.

    Prestigious Lighting For Large Rooms

    Quick and Easy Garage Light Nathome 80W, 8000 Lumen Deformable LED from Bring Lighting

    In the prestigious hall of the European Convention Center in Luxembourg, the Council of Ministers of the European Union meets several times a year. The lighting solution with ERCO directional spotlights and separate emergency lighting is installed in a suspended ring structure. The special mounting situation with direct and indirect light components can be switched and dimmed in programmed scenes according to the situation.Architecture: Schemel Wirtz Architectes Associés, Luxembourg Jourdan + Müller.PAS, FrankfurtLighting design: Reflexion, Zurich Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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    How White Led Lights Are Created

    Speaking of warm and cool color tones, you may be wondering why white wasnt listed as part of the colors listed above except within the note about red lights.

    White is not a natural light color. It is created.

    There are two different methods used to deliver the bright white LED output:

    • All of the colors are used in combination with one another to create the right mix that will provide the appearance of white light.
    • The diodes are covered with a white phosphor material to convert the color to the white you expect to see. The phosphor tends to be a yellowish compound and is often used in signal lights and indicator lights like those used on electronic panels.

    That may seem to be counterintuitive since in the color spectrum white is the absence of all color.

    In the light spectrum, however, white light is the presence of all colors.

    When thinking about color in means of light, youre really talking about various color wavelengths and their deviations. Red has the least amount of diffusion, thats why its the easiest color to see when you look at a rainbow. Conversely, violet suffers the most amount of deviation and is, therefore, the hardest to see.

    When all of the light waves collide and combine, the result is the white light.

    When you see a rainbow, the various light waves have been placed through a prism of water which refracts and disperses the different colors.

    Choosing The Best Led

    The possibility of a significantly improved incandescent bulb is nice to think about, but what about your current lighting needs?

    Since LEDs are the most energy efficient in todays market and easiest current bulb to dispose of, there are a few things youll want to know when choosing the bulb thats best for you.

    To help you choose the right bulb for you, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission has mandated that LED bulb cartons have a Lighting Facts label similar to the Nutrition Facts found on food containers. On the LED label you will find:

    • Estimated Yearly Energy Cost
    • Light Appearance

    Heres how each of those categories are defined:

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    All Led Bulbs Are Not Created Equal

    There are several companies that develop some form of LED lighting options, but theyre not all as safe, economical, and energy efficient as you may think.

    Unless LED bulbs sport the EnergyStar brand, they likely are not going to provide you the quality of light distribution or energy and heat savings youre hoping for.

    Those non-approved LEDs likely also possess more of the dangerous chemicals than you expect they will.

    Whether youve grown up using incandescent light bulbs or CFL bulbs, you subconsciously have a certain expectation of how much light a bulb will emit. You also expect it to project light a certain way. Not all LEDs are subject to those types of standards.

    Affordable Light Fixtures: Brightness On A Budget

    Luxrite 2

    Unless you expect your guests to pay a toll when they cross your threshold, don’t light your home like you live under a bridge. There are plenty of gorgeous lighting options at amazing price points that are both functional and fashionable. Keep reading to get a feel for where youll want to splurge or save on home lighting.

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    Thinking In Lighting Functions

    In shops, lighting functions serve as a theoretical model for flexibly responding to a high diversity of display concepts and architectural situations, for modularly combining lighting solutions and scaling these according to needs.

    Retail lighting needs to comply with a variety of requirements: in every project designers are faced with the challenge of bringing together the display of products, cost-efficiency targets, organisational framework conditions and the design aspects of a brand into a single concept. This spectrum of tasks also extends beyond the merchandise on tables and shelving. It begins with the facade and illumination of the entrance area and shop windows to also include the selling space, changing rooms and the cash desk as the conclusion of the purchase process.A theoretical model of lighting functions helps to evaluate the quality of lighting not just according to purely quantitative criteria such as illuminance figures: should a particular area welcome customers, communicate a brand message, display products, invite to stay and look around or provide information?At the start of each lighting project it makes sense for lighting designers to ask the following three questions for each required functional area:

  • Which architectural and functional importance does the room or spatial zone have?
  • Which tasks in a shop can lighting adopt to optimise the display of products?
  • Developments In Light Bulb Technology

    Not wanting to passively wait for potential solutions, a significant partnership to conduct forward-thinking research was formed between:

    • The Army Research Office
    • The MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
    • S3TEC Energy Frontier Research Center
    • Purdue University

    With that partnership in hand and EISA in mind, researchers at MIT and Purdue University began working on an incandescent solution that could be as much as 80-percent more efficient. This proof-of-concept light actually recycles the bulbs heat using nanotechnology.

    Their studies have shown that as much as 95-percent of the energy that goes into traditional incandescent bulbs ends up being wasted because of the heat disbursement. The beauty of this developing process is that instead of losing a large percent of the light bulbs energy via heat disbursement, that heat is captured and reused to create more light.

    In addition to the energy efficiency, another exciting facet of this potential development is the ability for consumers to retain the warm color, or glow, that traditional incandescent bulbs produce and is often preferred.

    After reading the paper and the initial findings, Alejandro Rodriguez, Princeton assistant professor of electric engineering, who is not involved in the development of this new technology, commented,

    • I believe that this work will reinvigorate and set the stage for further studies of incandescence emitters, paving the way for the future design of commercially scalable structures.

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    Benefits Of Led Lightbulbs

    Youve probably heard that LED lights last longer than incandescent or CFLs, but here are some facts about quality LED lights:

    • LEDs use up to 90% less energy than their counterparts.
    • LEDs can last up to 15 times longer.
    • LEDs can save up to $55 in electricity expenses over their lifetime.
    • LEDs create about 70-90% less heat than their counterparts, so they dont contribute to extra heat in your house when its hot outside.
    • Most LED bulbs are dimmable.

    How To Safely Dispose Of Led Lights

    Costco Super Bright 3 Panel LED Lights – Extremely Bright Garage Shop Lights

    LED lights are amazing! They last significantly longer than traditional bulbs and are much more energy efficient. Even though LEDs dont technically burn out they just get really, really dim, they still need to be replaced every few years. So, the question becomes what are you supposed to do with the old bulbs?

    How to safely dispose of LED lights. Although its permissible to dispose of LEDs in your local landfill, the safe recommendation is thatLED bulbs should usually be recycled along with your normal household recycling items. Some jurisdictions require special recycling practices for all light bulbs, regardless of type, so check with your local recycling facility or your County solid waste management practices to be sure.

    This article will not only discuss the proper way to dispose of your LED bulbs, but also the differences between LEDs and traditional bulbs.

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    Power Fist Led 8000 Lumen Black 3

    Deal Link:



    simplypop wrote: How much is the costco one when it goes on sale ?

    simplypop wrote: How much is the costco one when it goes on sale ?


    Does it work continuously when there is no motion ?

    1. Use the wall switch to turn the garage light on.2. Set the garage lights motion sensor switch to the ON position.a. The garage light will turn on automatically when it detectsmovement within range.b. The garage light will turn off automatically after approximately 90seconds when no further movement is detected.3. Set the motion sensor switch to the OFF position to revert into astandard garage light. Use the wall switch to turn the garage lighton/off.


    simplypop wrote: How much is the costco one when it goes on sale ?

    1. Use the wall switch to turn the garage light on.2. Set the garage lights motion sensor switch to the ON position.a. The garage light will turn on automatically when it detectsmovement within range.b. The garage light will turn off automatically after approximately 90seconds when no further movement is detected.3. Set the motion sensor switch to the OFF position to revert into astandard garage light. Use the wall switch to turn the garage lighton/off.



    craftsman wrote: I actually doubt that the light needs to be powered for it to understand the status of the motion control switch. Something was probably lost in the translation in the instructions.


    Minimising Luminaire Size For An Elegant Appearance

    To be able to elegantly mount the luminaire heads to the facade of The Shed in New York without drivers, “ERCO individual” reworked the design of the luminaire. A special mounting bracket fixes the luminaire head while the driver is positioned remotely. A colour temperature of 5,000K underlines the cool aesthetics of the movable steel construction.Architecture: Diller Scofidio + Renfro, New York, Rockwell GroupLighting design: Tillotson Design Associates, New YorkLocation: New York

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    Best Floor Lamps For Stylish Lighting

    Nothing gives decor a face lift like the right lighting. It accents your home, adds warmth where there’s no natural light, and helps set the mood. Whether you’re looking for a great reading light or stylish illumination for your home, you can step up your home decor game with our top three favorite floor lamps.

    Check Inventory For This Product At A Store Near You

    Led Garage Lighting 80W 8000 Lumen Deformable Garage Lights Ceiling Led ...

    Replace standard light bulbs in your shop or home with this ultra-bright, super long-lasting LED Light. The adjustable light panels provide 360° of light for full illumination with no dark spots.

    • 8000 lumens – puts out 10X more light than a 60W incandescent bulb
    • Three independent adjustable panels for perfect light placement
    • Average bulb life up to 50,000 hours
    • 360° light distribution for no dark spots
    • Easy installation – fits standard E26 light socket
    • Ideal for closet, bathroom, basement, garage, attic, laundry room or stairway

    Important Information

    • *Compared to a 60 Watt incandescent bulb.


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    Individual Light Colour And Control

    Numerous buildings dating from colonial times are characteristic of the long stretch of The Bund waterfront in the centre of Shanghai. Ground-recessed luminaires from the Tesis and Site product ranges were used for displaying the facades. ERCO individual enabled a special light colour as well as an interface to the DMX control system.Lighting design: Huangpu District Lighting Landscape Management OfficeLocation: Shanghai

    Taxi Yellow For The New York Times

    For all new buildings in Times Square, local regulations stipulate facade lighting that corresponds to this special location in terms of brightness, colour and dynamics. The lighting technology of the spotlights was perfectly suited for the extremely high facades of the New York Times building. At the request of the lighting design office OVI, the ERCO luminaires mounted in pairs on the base storey were coated in the special colour “New York Taxi Yellow”.Architecture: Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Paris/Genoa, FXFowle Architects, New YorkLighting design: OVI Office for visual interaction, New YorkLocation: New York, USA

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