3 Car Pole Barn Garage

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Save On A Durable Prefab 3

3 Car Pole Barn Garage | (32×48)

A homeowner may want to consider a modular 3-car garage for a number of reasons. For many people, a need for more storage space leads to the search for a new garage, whether its needed to store more vehicles or other things you need to keep safe. When additional space is needed, a single or even two-car garage may not be enough, and in these cases, our three-car garage size might be the perfect solution. With the purchase of the right 3-bay garage from Alans Factory Outlet, you can get the space you need in a safe, detached 3-stall structure thats attractive and affordable.

We offer an array of prefab 3-car garage styles, all of which come with free installation to help keep your cost low. As you browse our products, youll find that we pride ourselves on offering only the highest-quality 3-car garage kits for sale. When you choose a 3-car garage from Alans Factory Outlet, you wont be sacrificing durability for a low price!

Pole Barn Garage With Loft

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  • Whats The Difference Between A Barndominium And A House

    A house is generally made from brick or wood and has a deep and solid foundation. Barndominiums are made of metal and dont require foundations. There are also different rules and regulations when building a house as opposed to a barndominium.

    Check your local area housing authority for more information.

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    What Are The Advantages Of A Pole Barn Garage

    Because they primarily use treated lumber that is ready to install, pole barn garages are best for quick, cost-effective, durable builds. Some of their benefits include:

    • Lower cost Post-frame construction doesnt require a foundation or basement, which cuts the cost of the project down tremendously. In stick builds, the necessary continuous concrete foundation can contribute to over 15% of the project budget.
    • Safe and fast construction Since post-frame construction doesnt require the lengthy framing process of a traditional stick build, it takes much less time, and considerably fewer materials. This makes for a quick construction process that goes up quickly, with fewer hands needed on site, too.
    • Durable Due to the wooden posts being sunk in the ground, pole barn garages are as durable as they come, even in severe weather conditions. They can withstand heavy snow and large gusts of wind.
    • Easy add-ons Any additional projects you may want to add on to your garage in the future are easy to attach to pole barns posts. This can help promote the longevity of your garage.
    • Ample space The 8 feet of separation between wooden posts allows for a lot of uninterrupted interior space and large wall openings. If you need a garage with a lot of door or window space, post-frame construction is the way to go.

    If your priorities lie with time, money, durability, and longevity, a pole barn garage is probably the best option for you.

    Customize Your Very Own 3 Car Prefab Garage

    At 46W x 11H x 60L, this #BuildMorton garage in Georgia includes a ...

    If youve looked through our large selection of steel garages and other building styles and youve yet to find your dream garage, we recommend using our signature 3D Building Estimator to design your very own custom garage. This tool allows you to start by choosing your install location, foundation type, and building style. You can then start adding customizations such as windows, walk-in doors, garage doors, color combinations, a roof, and everything in between. Once youve completed your design, the Estimator will show you what your structure will look like once installed. Keep in mind, viewing your project on a screen will make it slightly different than what it will look like on your property. Check out a few of our other features below:

    • 12- and 14-gauge framing

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    Customizing Your 3 Car Steel Garages

    While buying a 3-car garage, you can customize it to match your preferences by deciding the desired dimensions of the garage. You can also choose from a selection of colors for the roof, trim, sides, and doors. There are also two-tone color and panels orientation options.

    Youll also have several other design options. For example, the doors of the garage may be located on the end or the side of the structure. There are many 3-car garage kits with windows, and walk-in doors are also available you choose from. Lets see some customization features that you can employ to fulfill your transformation needs.

    • 29 Gauge Roofing

    Daily Applications For Three Car Garages

    When you make the decision to invest your hard-earned money into a steel building, you probably already have an idea on how you plan to use it. Whether its a shelter for your vehicles, a guest house for visiting friends and family, or a storage shelter for your equipment, our three car metal garages can fulfill most any need you have. Take a look at some of the ways you can utilize this garage style below:

    • Business Office

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    Unique Needs Require A Unique Building

    At American Metal Buildings, theres no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Instead, we offer endless customizations that allow you to create the three-car metal garage of your dreams. No matter what your preferences and needs, American Metal Buildings can provide a building that fits.

    Custom sizes, roof styles, doors , windows, colors, and framing thicknesses are just the beginning. Do you need certain certifications for your areas? American Metal Buildings has you covered! No matter what your needs, theres a customization for you.

    Prices Of 3 Car Metal Garages

    Pole Barn 3 Car Garage – $25k??

    The price of your garage will depend on several factors, including its size, additional customization options, certifications, and its install location. And while it may seem overwhelming at first, we dont want you to worry about how you will afford the unit. Not only do we offer some of the best prices in the industry, but we also provide two flexible payment plans. And its because of strong partnerships with several financial networks that were able to offer these rent-to-own and financing programs. For more information regarding these stress-free programs, you can give one of our building specialists a call at 321-9898 or visit our website.

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    What Are The Cons To A Barndominium

    While you can incorporate walls and different things to help fill the large indoor space, a barndo can feel empty and too open on the inside. Depending on the size of your structure, you also may need more land purchased than a traditional house if you still want to have a yard. While the barndominium pros and cons list may convince some, others just want to know about our next question in more detail.

    What Are The Advantages Of A Stick Built Garage

    Stick built garages are best if youre looking for a cozy, unique, aesthetically pleasing build. Some of their benefits include:

    • More walls Wide open spaces arent for everyone. Some homeowners like a cozier space with more separating walls, even in their garages.
    • One of a kind Since youll have your hands on each piece as your garage is constructed, you have more opportunities to customize your garage so it doesnt look like anyone elses.
    • Aesthetically pleasing Its true, stick built garages just look more homey than the other types. You could even match materials to align with the style of your house.

    If your priorities lie with the originality and aesthetics of the building, a stick built garage is probably the best option for you.

    The choice between pole barn garages vs. stick built garages can be a tricky one. If youre planning to build your own garage, Zeeland Lumber & Supply can help you decide which is best and provide you with all the materials you need to build a solid post-frame constructed structure. From quality lumber to roofing and siding materials, stop into one of our locations or contact us online today.


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    Choose Metal Barn Central For Your Metal Building Needs

    Between our high-quality products, fair prices, and outstanding customer support, its still the dedication and passion we have for our customers that has set us apart from other companies in the metal building industry. We arent just here to sell you a metal building that you may or may not need or want, were here to find you a steel solution that you can trust for years to come. Feel free to reach out to us today for assistance designing your dream garage or come see us at Metal Barn Central. We cant wait to help you.

    Pole Barns For Every Use

    Three Car Garage by North Country Sheds. This custom garage includes ...


    Looking for some extra space for your vehicles? Check out our 2-car pole barn garage. Need even more space? We also have a 4-car garage option! From sedans to semis, we have pole building sizes for everyone!


    Need a place to store products for your business? Maybe you need a spot for all that new equipment. We can help design and build your new structure! We build pole buildings for commercial use in PA, MD, NJ, and beyond!


    Our pole structures are perfect for a wide variety of agricultural uses. Whether providing a home for your tractor or your horses, a pole barn is one of the most versatile and affordable structures you can choose!

    And More

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    Amish Built Garages For Car & Agricultural Needs

    No matter if you need an Amish-built garage to house animals or store your cars, we can help make your dream a reality. Our team of Amish garage builders can take your new garage from start to finish. That means we can help you design your garage, select the best materials, and then completely construct it from the ground up. And, because we offer pole barn garages in addition to custom garages, you can get your new garage in as little as a couple of weeks. And with our strict attention to detail, you wont have to worry about any part of your new project going overlooked or unattended to. If you need a quality Amish-built garage for your property, look no further than Blue Ridge Builders LLC. Fill out an online form to claim your free estimate today!

    Contact Our PA Garage Builders For a Free Quote Today!

    The demand for pole barn garages for both residential and agricultural needs is growing every day in PA and MD. By partnering with the Amish garage builders here at Blue Ridge Builders LLC, we guarantee that your job will be done efficiently and professionally. We are dedicated to creating the perfect Amish-built garage for your family, business, or agricultural endeavors. So what are you waiting for? Add your name to our growing satisfied customer list when you call us to get a free quote on your new two-story garage!

    What Is A Good Size For A Barndominium

    A good size for a barndominium is 40×60. This allows for ample space with 2,400 square feet. You can have multiple bedrooms, a garage, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and bathrooms all spaced out nicely in a space like this.

    The smaller size barndos generally stay around 20×30. And the large barndos can reach sizes of 80×100. What could you do with 8,000 square feet?

    You can design your barndo to be any size so that it can perfectly fit the picture of what you want your home to be!

    Surprisingly yes, a barndominium can have a basement. This is not, however, a common choice when building a barndo. These structures are famously large and affordable. That thought process starts going downhill when you add in a basement.

    Now, foundational costs will increase with the levels of the home. Labor will also increase because it is going to take longer to excavate a basement than put down a simple concrete slab.

    Basements are safer in severe weather conditionsbut as we have already stated, barndos are safe themselves. While the option may be there to add on a basement, it might be pertinent to weigh the pros and cons before choosing to add a lower level to your barndo.

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    Why Choose A Pole Barn Garage

    There are many reasons to choose a pole barn garage over a traditional stick-built garage. First, pole barns are more affordable. Because they dont require as many materials and labor, you can save a significant amount of money by choosing a pole barn kit.

    Second, a garage is easier to assemble. If youre handy with a few tools, you can easily put together your new structure by following our step-by-step instructions. And if youre not the do-it-yourself type, we can put you in touch with one of our qualified contractors who can assemble your garage for you.

    Third, pole barns are more durable. Theyre designed to withstand the elements, so you dont have to worry about your new garage falling apart after a few years. And if you do ever need to make repairs, theyre easy to do and wont cost you a fortune.

    Fourth, pole barns are more versatile. You can use them for a variety of purposes, so if your needs change down the road, your garage can easily be adapted.

    Finally, pole barns add value to your home and can save money. If you ever decide to sell your house, potential buyers will see the value of your property increase thanks to the addition of your new garage.

    If youre ready to add value to your home and get the extra space you need, get free quotes for pole garage kits. There are a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, so youre sure to find the perfect one for your home.

    Expert Guidance & Local Installation

    28×36 Pole Barn (2 Car Garage).

    A quality post frame structure from Pole Barns Direct is within reach! Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, from your initial quote and getting your custom design just right, to completing the construction of your dream pole barn.

    If youre in our service area, our team will even install your pole barn to streamline the process and ensure a quality and durable final structure.

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    The Advantages Of A Metal Garage

    By building a detached metal garage on a standard foundation, youll find that there are many benefits to be enjoyed. Lets take a look at some of the biggest selling points for metal garages:

    • Durability. You can count on your metal garage to last for many years when you get it from a trusted supplier like American Carports, Inc. If you dont want to be dealing with this project again just a couple of years down the road, go with a metal carport for impressive durability.
    • Cost savings. Yes, even if you have to create a proper foundation for your metal garage, you can still complete this project for a modest price. The notable factor contributing to those savings is the speed with which a metal garage can be constructed. Thanks to a simple building process, a metal garage will go up faster than a wood building, so you can save significantly on labor as a result.
    • Versatility. One of the best parts about ordering a metal garage from American Carports, Inc. is the ability to customize the garage to meet your specific needs. Think about how you would like this building to perform, and our team of experts will help make it happen. Build Your Garage.
    • Minimal maintenance requirements. Not only will you save money upfront by going with a metal garage, but you can continue to save as the years go by, as well. Metal buildings made by quality suppliers require very little maintenance on an annual basis. Simply wash down your structure from time to time and it should be good to go.

    Many Uses For A Pole Building

    Pole barn projects are a great way to store your cars, trucks, tractors, and other equipment. They are also a great way to keep your property looking neat and tidy.

    Pole buildings are a structure that is made out of metal poles and metal sheeting. The poles are set in the ground and the metal sheeting is attached to them. This creates a sturdy structure that can withstand the elements.

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    Versatile Pole Barn Plans For Serious Storage

    Big things require big storage. Whether you need a place to keep a heavy-duty combine or a few heads of cattle, our versatile pole building plans can accommodate serious storage needs. As suitable for farm equipment as they are for livestock, our pole barn plans are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles and are specially designed to support the demands of a rural lifestyle or agricultural business.

    Table Of 3 Car Steel Garage Prices


    Following is the table of the three car metal garage costs according to different sizes and locations.

    3 Car Metal Garage Prices

    Regular Style
    36X52 $14,795

    NOTE: The above price includes only the base structure it doesnt involve the cost of height, side walls, end walls & a garage door. We are updating the prices, and the changes in prices will reflect on the website soon.

    *Note: These prices are for a basic structure, you need to add walls to side and ends of the building along with a 9 garage door. while pricing it with our Building Specialist.

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