2 Post Car Lifts For Home Garage

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Five 2 Post Car Lifts for Home Garage

A guarantee is only as good as the company that offers it. If a company goes out of business, consumers can find themselves out of luck and paying out of pocket, but you dont have to be concerned about our warranty and services weve been around for over a decade, and we will be here for decades to come.

Katool 8000lb Four Post Parking Lift

  • Hydraulic system: 220V/ 60HZ/ 1PH

The KATOOL 8,000lb four-post lift is a perfect accessory for a home garage. Featuring an 8,000lb capacity it can lift most vehicles. It has a simple and reliable design that is easy to set up and use. The mechanical locks automatically engage and prevent the vehicle from falling off the lift. The hydraulic motor is mounted under the runway and out of the way. The safety locks on one side make it easy to control the descent and overall the lift requires minimal patience after installation. The KATOOL 8,000lb floor lift is another decent option for your home garage and parking needs.

Choosing The Best Car Lift For Your Home Garage

Whether youre looking to free up a little space in your garage or take your repair jobs to the next level, theres no better way to do it than with a car lift. These versatile machines can transform a mediocre garage into the garage of your dreams.

But before you make any purchases its important to know what youre getting.

In this guide, well go over everything you need to know about vehicle lifts to help you find the best residential garage car lift.

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Choosing The Best Car Lift

There are lifts for all budgets and needs and it can be broken down by vehicle type and use. For shop use, the BendPak and TCE are the only ones that are ALI/ANSI certified. Likewise, they are well built and designed to last. While the XK, Mayflower, and Triumph lifts can be used in a shop for light work they are more oriented towards home use. For the four-post lifts, it is difficult to beat the BendPaks for durability and build quality.

They are professional quality units that will last a lifetime in a home garage if properly maintained. The Triumph NOS9000 is another good option with a solid build quality like the BendPaks. As for scissor lifts, unless you only plan on doing light work like tire changes and suspension or are limited with space, a two-post lift is better. You have more access to the underside of the vehicle and they cost the same.

What are the ALI/ANSI certifications on car lifts?

The Automotive Lift Institute is a third-party industry watchdog that verifies automotive lifts meet applicable industry safety standards. Of all the two-post lifts reviewed here, only the BendPak and TCE models are certified. For use in a professional shop, local building codes may require lifting equipment to be ALI/ANSI certified. It is advised to check first before purchasing a lift.For home use, this usually does not apply but it is recommended to check with your local authorities first.

What are some things to consider before purchasing a car lift?

Car Lift Maintenance

Car Lift For Home Garage Pricing

Buy MaxJax M6K Portable Two

You can get a well-constructed, reliable portable car lift for between $1,000 to $2,000. These will offer less lifting capacity, but a major convenience factor. If you want a more heavy-duty, permanent solution thats capable of lifting some serious weight, whether you go with 2-post or 4-post, expect to spend between $3,000 to $4,000.

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Tuxedo Tp9kacx Asymmetric 2

Theres no denying it car lifts can get extremely expensive. Luckily, you can easily find budget-friendly models online, without having to sacrifice quality or safety here.

Indeed, the Tuxedo TP9KACX asymmetric 2-post car lift offers unrivaled performance at a great value and has a 9,000 lbs lifting capacity, enough for most cars and trucks. Besides, thanks to the asymmetrical support arms, you can easily open the doors when the vehicle is up there. Such a feature is not necessarily essential and most repair shops use symmetrical models, making opening the doors a little more tricky. Still, an asymmetrical configuration is a must when it comes to DIY work.

As a result, Tuxedos car lift is especially well-suited for personal garages and DIY-loving motorheads. Thanks to the reduced overall width and single-piece column construction, the Tuxedo 2-post car lift will even fit into smaller garages. Moreover, two people can quickly put it together, and we even heard of some users who built it with their young children. The hardest part of the whole building process is drilling the ten holes into the slab, and you can only install it on concrete at least 4.25 thick.

Still, I wouldnt recommend it to professional mechanics. Its perfect for home garages and DIYers alike but if you work 40+ hours a week in your garage, weve got better ones below!

Highlighted features

Triumph Nt9fp 9000 Lb Two Post Auto Lift Floor Plate Car Hoist Truck Jack Garage

This highly versatile piece is manufactured and engineered to the highest quality standards to provide users durability and years of trouble-free service. It CE certified for safety and should be installed on a concrete floor with a minimum rated 4000 PSI strength. Besides, its highly affordable and an excellent option for anyone looking for a powerful two-post lift.

Additionally, it measures 132 inches in width with a minimum height of 109 inches and perfectly fits tight spaces. Assembling this unit is effortless and doesnt require any specialties to be installed. It incorporates a set of triple telescoping arms on one side and double telescoping arms on the other side for maximum flexibility. It also enlists several locking mechanisms to minimize accidents and risks.


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The Best Car Lift For Home Garages As Per 9000+ Reviews

Welcome to the Thomas guide to the best car lifts for home garages 2022. Thomas has been connecting North American industrial buyers and suppliers for more than 120 years. When you purchase products through our independent recommendations, we may earn an affiliate commission.

A car lift is designed to lift your vehicle high enough off the floor to provide easy access and allow you to work on your carunderneath it in particular. While a car jack can lift a vehicle, its never a good idea to leave a car resting on a jack for long, and jack stands must be used if you want to keep the car in the air in order to work on it for an extended period of time. A vehicle lift with a power unit, however, can lift the car and safely keep it up for however long you want to work on it.

Image credit: Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff

When it comes to purchasing one of these vehicle lifting devices, however, would a 2-post, 4-post, or portable option be better for your needs and your garage or workshop floor space? And what safety features should one of these power units have? Have a look at our guide below to help you in your selection.

Safety Ways To Use A Car Lift

Review of the MaxJax 2-Post Car Lift for a Home Garage (5 years later)

Depending on the style and design of the car lift you pick, its crucial to get the car loaded onto the lift safely. When using a 2-post or scissor car lift, always ensure that the car frame rests on the support. For the strongest and safest parts of the frame to attach to the supports, check your vehicle handbook.

A 4-post car lift, on the other hand, uses floor plates that are much simpler to operate. Simply get the car onto the lift and apply the handbrake to secure it. Similarly, always ensure you place the car lift in a robust, solid area while carefully following the installation instructions. This way, the car lift will operate without any danger. More importantly, never ever use a car lift that weighs more than the upper weight limit.

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Benefits Of True Asymmetric Lifting:

When the lift is loaded properly, doors can be opened and the vehicle is positioned a minimum of 24 away from the nearest obstruction. With true asymmetrical lifting, the columns are rotated 30º to place the approximate center of gravity of the vehicle in line with the optimum load capability of the column, reducing unnecessary wear and tear on the column, carriage, and bearings. Asymmetrical lifting provides more clearance at the rear of the columns approximately 117 vs. 103.

Post Car Lift Space Requirements

The 2 post car lift is a popular option for mechanics and enthusiasts working from their home garage. Depending on your ceiling height, you can choose between a baseplate lift, or an overhead lift. Our shortest 2 post baseplate lift needs 9’6″ of ceiling height clearance while our larger 2 post overhead lifts require a minimum of 12′ ceilings.

Our commercial grade baseplate lift makes a great home garage car lift since it has a 9,000 lb. capacity, and comes with loads of features typically found on overhead models. Their smaller size both height and width wise make them more adaptable as a home garage car lift.

Two post overhead lifts have nothing on the ground in the middle, which makes rolling oil drains, jacks, or other equipment underneath your car simple. They can also accommodate both asymmetric or symmetric arms and come with stack pad height adapter for ultimate flexibility.

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Hpdav 8800lb Four Post Parking Lift

  • Overall Dimensions: 175 x 196 x 84
  • Warranty: 1 year

The XK PP-8S is one of the most affordable four post parking lifts available. With an 8,000lb capacity, it is capable of lifting most passenger vehicles with a 70 clearance. Some of the features are a single point locking system with 10 locking positions and a relief valve to prevent overloading. It features drop trays that prevent fluids from leaking on the vehicle below. An optional caster kit can be added for extra portability and moving the lift into place. A black powder coat finish protects the body against corrosion.If you need a parking solution on budget, the XK PP-8S is one of the best choices available.

Xk 6200lb Moveable Scissor Lift

Best Car Lifts For Home Garage (Review &  Buying Guide) in 2020
  • Motor: 220 volts
  • Warranty: 1 year

Another portable scissor lift that is ideal for a home garage or auto shop is the XK 6200lb scissor lift. It has a good set of features like a 47 lift height, making it ideal for vehicles with high ground clearance and some lighter passenger trucks. It is perfect for changing tires or doing suspension work. This lift also features adjustable arms to access the vehicles lift points. If portability and versatility are important, along with a good lift range the XK 6,200lb scissor lift is difficult to beat for the price.

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Whats The Difference Between A Symmetric And An Asymmetric Lift

In symmetric lifts, the post symmetrically divides the vehicle by keeping it balanced in the center. Theres a greater distance between the columns, and the vehicle can be hoisted while facing backward as well. Asymmetric lifts keep two-thirds of the vehicle behind the post, so the doors can open without any obstruction from the post.

Car Lifts For Home Garage Buying Guide

When looking for a car lift for your home garage space, there are a few factors to take into consideration, particularly when it comes to safety.

If your garage space is limited, the larger industrial-grade two-post lifts or four-post car lifts probably wont fit, and, if they do, will take up all the floor space in your garage. If your space is a little roomier, you may be able to get one of these heavy-duty lifts in there.

Taking into consideration the size of the power unit, the length, and the width is the first step in seeing if the particular vehicle lifting unit works for you. If it doesnt, and your space is limited, car ramp lifts, scissor lifts, or more portable, low rise or mid-rise lifts are a better option.

In addition, the weight of the vehicle you need to lift will play a role in your selection process since each vehicle lift has a maximum weight capacity, so you want to make sure that the car lift you choose can actually lift your vehicle. For larger cars, trucks, and SUVs, a heavy-duty, large pound-capacity car lift, for instance, one that can lift a vehicle of 9,000 pounds or more, will be required.

Last but certainly not least, is taking note of the safety features each vehicle lift offers. Automatic safety locks, safety lock release, a lock bar, arms restraints, hydraulic flow restrictor, anti-sway blocks, and cable chains are all great safety features to look for.

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Best Jack Car Liftpowerbuilt 620422e Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack

No matter what vehicle you need to lift for maintenance or removing/replacing transmissions or differentials, the Powerbuilt triple lift jack has got it covered. Its everything you need in one automotive lift as it can lift motorcycles, cars, trucks, and ATVs thanks to its removable lift saddle and padded lift rails.

The wheels on this unit allow it to, as one customer commented, roll along the floor effortlessly. Another user, who got this lift for his motorcycle, wrote, I have used a few other bike lifts, but this one is the best one, for the price. They went on to write that this lift is surprisingly heavy-duty, strong, and well built. Some reviewers mentioned that they had trouble getting it to lower gradually, but one helpful customer suggested wearing grippy gloves and that it’s better to use less force to break it free from the closed position when twisting to lower it.


Lifting capacity: 4,000 lbs capacity

Lift height: 5¼17¾ inches

Product length/width/height: 17 x 27 x 8.5 inches

Product weight: 79.2 pounds

Chien Rong L1100 10000lb Two Post Floor Lift

MaxJax Lift Installation & Review – Portable 2-Post Lift for Home Garage
  • Time to Full Rise: 60 seconds
  • ALI/ANSI Certified: No
  • Warranty: 1 year

Another affordable lift designed for home use, the Chien Rong L1100 has a good set of features for the money. The lift capacity of 10,000lbs is more than sufficient for most passenger vehicles and light trucks. Door guards prevent damage when exiting the vehicle. A relief valve built into the pump prevents overloading. Also, the truck extensions are included.This is not an ALI/ANSI certified lift so it is not intended for shop use. However, it is a good budget option for a home garage.

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Best Car Lifts For Your Home Garage

Now that you know a little more about car lifts, lets take a look at some of your top options when buying a car lifts. Weve broken them down into different categories so if you know what type of lift you want you can jump to that section.

This buying guide features the best lifts out there for residential use, and weve reviewed each to give some insight before you make a purchase. Read through them all to find the best car lift for your garage.

The Popular 2 Post Lift

Two post lifts are the most popular style of above ground lift because they allow you to access virtually every part of the auto quickly and easily. These 2-post car lifts make it easy to get to every component of your vehicle, this type of service lift is one of our most popular. In fact, we’re confident to state that the two post surface mounted lift is the most popular type of hoist for the professional auto garage and fleet service bays. No other type of lift is as versatile and affordable, yet, they are relatively easy to install.

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Best Car Lifts For Home Garage Reviews & Recommendations

Best Overall
  • Limited warranty

Not everyone who wants a portable car lift wants it so that they can work on their vehicles. If you want a car lift so that you can store two vehicles in the space of one, check out the APlusLift HW-8S Portable Storage Service. This lift is constructed from heavy-duty, powder-coated steel thats capable of confidently holding up to 8,000 pounds. It comes equipped with free casters and approach ramps for easy loading and moving around. It also features a CE-certified hydraulic lift structure and an efficient 1.5HP power unit.

With a drive-through width of 93 inches, an overall lift height of 72 inches, and 10 different locking positions, this portable car lift is a versatile option that can accommodate a lot of different vehicle makes and models. It also comes equipped with handy drip trays and a jack tray to catch any errant fluids that may try to escape. One of the biggest drawbacks to this unit is its hefty price tag. Another is the measly 1-year warranty.

Double Your Garage Parking Space In Just One Day

Portable 2 Post Car Lifts For Home Garage

If your 4 post car lift vs 2 post lift research has shown you that a 4 post lift makes the most sense for your garage, schedule a free design consultation with Garage Living.

Installing a car lift only takes a day. That means your garage will be a lot more functional and parking-friendly right away.

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Best Portable Car Lifts For Home Garage Of 2022

If youre a car enthusiast and probably love doing your own car maintenance, repair, or restoration, youll understand the essentiality of investing in the right portable car lift. Most people find solace in their car, while others use it as a source of conveyance. Regardless, when the time comes to take a peek at whats underneath, you cant afford equipment malfunctions or unnecessary accidents.

Like with the best garage bike racks, portable car lifts are way too stable and secure than old jacks. Besides, they provide more storage room in your garage while giving you a better vantage point when working on your car.

While investing in portable car lifts for home garage sounds like a big investment, theyre not entirely as expensive as people think. So, what must you aim for when investing in the right portable car lift for the home garage?

Weve done our research based on customer satisfaction, expert opinions and concluded that the below choices are way too reliable and of the best quality.

Lets grind in!

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