2 Pack Led Garage Lights

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Led Tube Garage Lighting Fixtures

Review of LED Garage Light Two Pack by KPBOTL

LED tube type garage light fixtures can be seen everywhere in the market, its one of the most favorite lights to use in the garage, workshop or basement, etc. These lights can be single or double tube fixtures, or multiple tube fixtures. The tube types can be also found in many sizes, such as T5, T8, or T12, each T means the diameter is 1/8 inch, T8 is 1 inch, T12 is 1.5 inch.

Among the tube series, T8 is the most popular model, you can see most of the tube garage light fixtures are equipped with T8 tubes. Depending on the fixture you choose, some can be mounted flush to the ceiling, others are suspended so they can hang lower, and some have the option to be installed either way. No matter which installation you choose, it has to be hardwired.

T8 tubes, work as the light source of the tube garage light fixtures, they are easy to be replaced when it comes to its end. Just buy a new LED tube to replace the old one, and you can still keep the light fixture, no need to replace the whole system. Its cost-effective and design for sustainable use.

Dansny High Bay Type 80w Led Garage Light Fixture

This is a highbay-like LED garage light from Dansny, it with deformable round shape panels. When you adjust the three panels down at a 0° angle, it is just like a high bay light hanging on the ceiling. Besides the 3 deformable light panels, the light is with an extra light in the middle of the bottom, which gives off a more even light distribution and eliminates the dark spot.

In addition, this high bay garage light is super bright that illuminates up to 12000 lumen , which is bright enough to light up a 20 x 20 two-car garage. And the garage is lit up just like a new car dealership which makes it very easy to detail and work on your vehicles.

In a word, if you are looking for a light for garages, workshops, or basement storage rooms, where you dont need an electrician but energy saving and long lifespan, get this.

Brand / ASIN:
  • 4 light modules give even illumination, Deformable aluminum construction,
  • Things We Dont Like: × Wide light distribution, no narrow beam.

Led Bulb Type Garage Lights

LED bulb type garage light doesnt mean that it has the bulb appearance or size, in fact, they are quite different in styles and much bigger than the normal globe bulbs. That being said, they share the same installation method as LED bulbs. They have a bulb base which can be screwed into an existing fixture on the ceiling, This is an extremely easy and fast installation, just take down the old light bulb and screw in the new bulb type garage light, the total process only takes a few second.

And not only does it has a quick installation, but it offers extra benefits as far as the lighting output and other features such as adjustability of the direction of the lighting. Takes the deformable led garage lights as an example, the wattage can be up to 200w or higher, and it has several deformable light panels you can adjust its angle to aim at the direction where you want the light to shine. It also features with sensor, timer, and remote control function.

Thanks to its great versatility, the led bulb type garage lights become the most favorite garage lighting to people.

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Other Things To Think Of

Lamp color: Most of the garage lights are either in black color finished or white color finished, some are with other colors available. If you want the color to match your decor or ceiling style, go with the appropriate one, so it does not look awkward.

Waterproof function: If you need to install the light outside of the garage or in a carport, standard garage lights are not suitable, since they are mainly for indoor application. To install outdoor, the light should be waterproof and dustproof , this is to ensure the light can work properly and with a long lifespan.

What To Look For When Buying Led Garage Lighting

Amazon.com: 2 Pack LED Garage Lights, 80W Deformable LED Garage Ceiling ...
  • Brightness/Lumens

Brightness is the main purpose that you want when buying a garage light, you want to light up your whole garage with a light fixture as little as possible and brighter as much as possible. So what specs determine the brightness of LED garage lights?


What is Lumen? The lumen is the SI derived unit of luminous flux, a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time. *

In short Lumens equals brightness!

Therefore, when selecting a lamp, you should always look for the number of lumens rather than the wattage. Because the light fixture with bigger wattage may not give off the brighter light as you thought it would, yet its more energy-consuming. For example, a 10w LED bulb is 1000 lumens, while a 60w incandescent bulb is only 600 lumens, its obvious that the 10w LED bulb is brighter and more energy saving.

Bottom line: The more lumens, the brighter the lighting will be.

  • Luminous Efficiency

Now you know that lumen is the key factor that describes the brightness of led light, however, even the same led lights with the same wattages, their brightness could be also way different.


LED itself has different quality and brightness levels. Generally, LED includes normal brightness LEDs, high brightness LEDs, and Ultra-high brightness LEDs. These LEDs could be in the same wattage, but their brightness is quite different, of course, the cost is also different.

  • Easy Installation
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Color Temperature

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Royana Portable Led Garage Flood Lights

If there is no E26 socket available to screw in the deformable LED garage lights, try this Royana portable garage flood light with a standard North American plug. Whats more, its with a hook on top, so simply hang it on the ceiling and plug it into the socket, then thats it.

The hook also makes this light portable, and easy to take from room to room. You can carry it around and use it either in the basement or in the workshop. In addition, this plug-in garage light is with a built-in two-prong outlet, that allows you to charge other devices, so you get an extra outlet to use, which is a great bonus.

Also, its with a rocker switch design for you to easily control the light, more safe and convenient to use the lamp. The wattage options are 60w and 100w available, and with a radar induction version for you to choose from

Brand / Part Number:
  • Ready to plug in installation, Built-in two-prong outlet, Rocker switch design for easy control, Deformable aluminum construction.
  • Things We Dont Like: × Wide light distribution, no narrow beam.

Lightdot Motion Activated Led Garage Light Fixture

If you want an automatic on/off garage lighting fixture, try this Lightdot motion-activated LED garage light. It equips with a microwave motion detector that can detect up to 8-10m range movements and with a 360° sensing angle. When you move into the detection range, it turns on automatically and turns off when you leave.

Whats more, theres a switch that you use to select operate by motion detection or operation by the switch. When its off, these garage lights just work like a normal light without a motion sensor, so you can decide which control method to operate.

Similarly, its a deformable design with 3 adjustable panels that can be folded to form different light angles. One difference is that these panels are with milky cover rather than a transparent one. It makes the lights softer, but you still dont want to look at it directly.

Brand / ASIN:
  • Easy installation, just screw in and its on, Bright enough for a small garage, Deformable design with milky cover.
  • Things We Dont Like: × Motion detection is too sensitive,× Wide light distribution, no narrow beam.

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Three Types Of Led Garage Lights

In the past, the incandescent one dominates the lighting field, and then later the fluorescent light takes its control of light, both last long time in the lighting history. However, when it comes to energy-saving, brighter, and environmentally friendly, LEDs will be the final winner.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is a fancy way of saying theres a tiny component built inside of the light that gives off bright illumination when power is on. Since LED is a semiconductor component, and thanks to its small size , LED light manufacturers are able to integrate it with various light fixtures to fit any particular places and areas.

And when it comes to LED garage lights, there are several popular types available in the market:

Neporal Dimmable And Color Adjustable Led Garage Lights

Is the Costco 3-Panel LED Garage Light 2 pack worth $49? Find out!

Most of the LED garage lights are with a 6000K cold white color, as the brightness and white appearance of daylight lighting react with the human brain to make it more awake and alert. Sometimes its not bad to consider a warm white color, to get a different lighting environment.

This Neporal garage light fixture is not only color-changeable that you can adjust from cold white to warm white , but its also dimmable so that you can dim the light from 0% to 100% brightness as per your actual need.

Whats more, it can be controlled by remote or App. The light comes with a remote controller which you can use to turn the light ON/OFF without a switch, set your favorite brightness, color temperature, etc. And, you can also set a timer with the App, to schedule the light to turn off according to your plan

Brand / ASIN:
  • Color changeable from 3000 to 6500K, 10% 100% Dimmable, Night light mode and timer feature, Deformable design.
  • Things We Dont Like: × Wide light distribution, no narrow beam.

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What Are The Features Of The Best Led Garage Lights

1. Super Bright: LED Garage Lights are with high luminous efficiency up to 100lm/w. If the garage light is 80w, the total lumen could be 8000 lumens, providing super bright daylight illumination that you can see every corner of your garage, as well as offering you the best indoor lighting experience.

2. Energy saving: Although LED lights are super bright, it uses only a little power in comparison with incandescent and fluorescent lights. LED light features highly energy-efficient thats why it can save you lots of electricity cost. The more LED lights you use, the more electricity bill you can save. And, since LEDs emit bright illumination, it turns out that you can use fewer light fixtures, overall it reduces the electricity cost further.

3. Ease of installation: Best LED garage lights are as simple as removing the old bulb and screwing them in, or its simply plug in. It uses no tools to install and no need to do extra wiring, installation is easy and quick. Basically, it serves the plug and play purpose.

4. Compact size: Normally the garage or basement in our home is with a low ceiling, to make full use of the space, LED garage lights should be in compact design or small size. So when its mounted or hanging on the ceiling, you will not have the sense of push and squeeze. And it also looks appropriate within the small space.

Engrepo Solar Powered Led Garage Light Fixture

This ENGREPO solar-powered LED garage light is a wonderful alternative to using electricity to light up a good portion of your garage, and basement by putting the solar panel in the window, and hanging the light fixture from a beam. Its also great to have in case of power outages.

The solar panel and light body are designed separately, with a 16.4 ft long cable to connect. The cable is long enough for you to put the panel against the window or mount it on the roof. In addition, this solar light has a push-button switch on it but it also comes with a handy remote, which allows one to power on/off, uses the auto feature, or simply have the light stay on for 2, 4, or 6 hours.

However, since its just 5w, with 800lm only, so dont expect the output you would get from those AC-powered garage lighting that screws into an outlet in your garage or home. Overall this is a great option for those places that need light but there isnt any electricity available.

Brand / Part Number:
  • 2, 4, 6 hours timer function, Remote control,
  • Things We Dont Like: × Not aluminum material.× Not very bright, only 800lm.

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Best Led Garage Lights Round

Very bright to illuminate a garage, Adjustable panels for desired angle, ETL certified, Easy installation, just screw in and its on, Bright enough for a small garage, Deformable design with milky cover. Remote and App control, Color changeable from 3000 to 6500K, 10% 100% Dimmable, Night light mode and timer feature, Deformable design. 4 light modules give even illumination, Deformable aluminum construction, Milky light cover with less glare, Comes with an E26 socket extender, 5 light panels, more even illumination, Solar-powered, Rechargeable, 2, 4, 6 hours timer function, Remote control, Ready to plug in installation, Built-in two-prong outlet, Rocker switch design for easy control, Deformable aluminum construction. Super bright with 13800 lumen, Remote Control, Anti-interference, Up to 6 lighted panels, Deformable aluminum construction. An alternative to tube light fixture, Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, 5 years warranty. 3 colors adjustable, 3000K to 5000K, Dimmable, compatible with 0-10V dimmers, Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, 5 years warranty.
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Qimedo Deformable Led Garage Light Etl Certified

2 Pack,Garage Light,BALORAY 60W 6000 Lumen 6500K Ceiling Lights LED ...

This Qimedo super bright LED garage light is with 3 adjustable aluminum LED heads, total up to 6000lm. However, do not look directly at the light. Its too bright and blinding. Additionally, the LED heads are 90° adjustable, which can be aimed in different directions, so you can put the light where you want it. Basically, the light can cover a 360°area.

The installation couldnt be easier, it installs in a standard screw-in lightbulb E26 socket and its ready. In addition, its made of aluminum, which is well-made and heat dissipation is better. When this garage light is on, it produces much heat, good heat dissipation is important to ensure a long lifetime.

Overall, this is a great replacement for a regular incandescent bulb. Its good for task lighting and general workshop lighting. And, if you have a very low ceiling where an inch would make a difference, this is a good model for you.

Brand / Part Number:
  • Easy installation, just screw in, Very bright to illuminate the whole garage, Adjustable panels for desired angles, ETL certified,
  • Things We Dont Like: × Too bright and blinding, uncomfortable to the eyes,× Give off wide light distribution, not direct light to light up a specific area,× Got too hot when operating for a long time.

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How To Choose The Best Led Garage Lights

Now that you know the difference between each type of garage light fixtures and their features, its time to decide on which LED garage lights should fit for your car garage or your workshop, basement.

  • Check the ceiling height

You should know the ceiling height before you make up your mind to purchase the light. Since most garage spaces are with lower ceilings, between seven to nine feet high, LED wraparound lights or LED screw-in garage lights are more suitable to install under this condition.

Because they are surface mounted on the ceiling, it will not be an obstruction as they wont hang as an ordinary shop light would, keeping them out of the way of ladders, boards, and other objects you might be moving around the space.

If you have a preference for the LED shop lights, make sure they are hanging in the high ceiling on chains, to avoid hitting your head.

  • Choose the high CRI one

If youre doing the garage works that require you to see the real colors, always check the color rendering index rating of the light before purchase. The CRI rating indicates how clearly or accurately objects appear in the LED light.

Generally, the CRI could be 70, 80, or higher up to 97. Just like with lumens, the higher the CRI, the more true color you can see. LED garage lights with a rating of 85 or above are best for rendering true color.

  • Sensor function
  • Dual-color feature

Dimmable and CCT Tunable

  • Installation methods
  • Adjustable Beam Direction

How To Install An Led Garage Light

In this section, well go over general tips and recommendations for installing an LED garage light. For specific mounting and usage instructions, you can refer to the manufacturers manual.

First things first, anytime youre working with electricity always turn off the power at the breaker.

1. Planning the Lighting Layout

The purpose of installing garage lighting is to give a nice and even distribution of light across the entire garage or workshop. You want to limit the number of shadowy areas as much as possible.

To serve the purpose, you need to draw a layout of your garage on paper, making sure the layout includes all different objects, such as workbenches, appliances, garage door, storage or shelves, etc. With this layout, so you can have a complete view in mind, and decide where to place garage lights, as well as task lighting, to get uniform illumination across the room.

2. Determine numbers of lights needed

If youre refurbishing your garage room and want to replace the old bulbs with new garage lights, its a piece of cake, just buy a suitable new light to replace the old one, then youre good to go.

But, if youre decorating a new garage or workshop, you have to do it from scratch. Even though you have planned the lighting layout, you know where should have lights and where dont, its a little bit tricky that how many fixtures youll need for it?

3. Check for available outlets

4. Determining the Installation height

5. Install Safety Cable or Hanging Hooks

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