2 Car Garage With Workshop Plans

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Watch This Video Before You Build A Two-Car Garage Framing And Foundation

Being a woodworking shop, I have lots of reclaimed wood to store. But with losing so much space, I needed to find a new place for it.

As luck would have it, last summer I reorganized my garden shed that stores firewood. A middle isle had been created, which became a new wood storage area for plenty of reclaimed wood that I didnt have room for in the garage. So out a bunch went! Perfect.

Traditional Style Garage And Living Quarters

An airy living area with a roomy garage

Plan 23-444

Whether you need this garage space for cars or to set up a work area, there is plenty of space in this two-car garage layout that includes a useful half bathroom. The second-floor living area comes with space for two bedrooms that share access to a center bathroom. The living room, dining area, and kitchen offer a nice view out over the garage thanks to tall windows. This plan also comes with a side porch for easy outdoor living.

Example : Small House Plan With Garage

This plan is a small house with a reasonably small garage to park one car. The garage is oriented so that the entrance is from the side, and it also saves the square footage of a house and does not occupy any extra vertical space in front of the house. A small house with one or two users is a fair-sized garage as mostly, users with a limited family only have a single car. The downside is that there is no direct entrance to or from the garage into the house, and there is minimal space for storage or movement.

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What The Workshop Lacked

But the workshop lacked square foot floor space for working on larger pieces of furniture or builds. I mean, who wouldnt want as large of a work area as possible?

So for years, I worked as-is, in somewhat tight, cramped quarters, bringing larger pieces outside to work on or sand. But at least it was a full-blown workshop where everything was set up and ready to go any day of the year!

Everything worked out great! Except when winter hit.

Online Garage Floor Plan Maker

My 2

These floor plans can be made online using the templates or from scratch using one of the best online floor plan makers – EdrawMax. EdrawMax Online has tons of free templates you can choose from to demonstrate your idea and use its expansive range library to add symbols and blocks to pose and pitch your idea to your friends and the builders. Sharing the floor plans is also not an issue, as you can save and share the floor plans in any format with your friends and family using EdrawMax’s share feature.

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Why I Wanted To Park Indoors

All winter long, I agonized over my truck parked outside. While vehicles are obviously made to park outdoors, with our prolonged winter this round, more ice and snow and freezing meant more work involved to get my truck driveable during cold weather.

Luckily, my smart brother has shared many of his winter parking tips you can read HERE. They have been life savers!

But I havent parked inside a garage for over 20 years. And I yearned to better protect my truck from the weather elements!

However, that goal morphed from push to shove once I landed another truck!

Why yes, you are seeing double! Sort of.

The newer truck is the same truck as my old one but in better condition. You can read the whole truck story HERE

Among other things, the clear coat was melting off the old Dodge Dakota truck, and while its likely a factory issue, sitting outdoors certainly hasnt helped.

So once the newer truck came home, I wanted to park it inside the garage workshop SO bad. But with not an extra inch to spare spacewise, I talked myself out of it. I just didnt see it happening.

Thats when I started to price out potentially building a workshop in my backyard. But after hearing how much a new workshop would cost, I didnt want to take out savings or a loan at this stage of the game. Im planning for travel and retirement!

And thats when my eyes turned towards my overstuffed single car garage workshop one more time. With MUCH hesitation.

Cottage Style Garage And Living Plan

A welcoming two-car garage with a patio and a deck

Plan 917-10

This appealing garage plan and one bedroom apartment offers lots of room for storage. At the back of the two-car garage is an elevated space perfect for a workspace or additional storage. Moving through the patio youll reach the staircase–with storage underneath it– to the second floor deck and entrance. Inside youll find a family room, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, and additional half-bathroom.

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Example : House Plans With Side Entry Garage

The garage in this house plan has an entrance from the side. This is helpful for people who are conscious about the appearance of their house. Having an entrance like this saves the users from having large and bulky opaque doors in the front of the house and rather have matching windows or doors similar to the ones used. It also leaves room for a lawn to be made in the front as the driveway will be further on the side of the house.

Do A Trial Park To Ensure The Vehicle And Workshop Needs Fit

Massive 2 Story Garage (30×40) | 4 Car Detached Garage Review

Measuring my truck, I marked off where the back tires would need to stop when backing in, with an 8 board positioned across the entire parking spot.

This board would stay in place, indicating where to stop before I hit anything.

And by golly friends, I did it. After 15+ long years of parking outside, I was now inside! With plenty of room to open my drivers door! WOW!

PS: the table is screwed to the wall in case if fell over.

Now knowing everything would fit, it was time to finish up the finer details and get this workshop to really sing!

Right after I cleaned up all the clutter I threw on the miter saw in order to get the truck inside!

Bear in mind, I was working in winter, so shuffling was the key to getting this done during this time of year. Trickier, but not impossible as youll soon see.

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Two Bedroom Traditional House Plan With Large Garage Space

This is a spacious three-car garage plan

Plan 22-404

This homey garage and house plan offers two bedrooms and comfortable living. The first floor contains a garage with a double door as well as a single-door entrance and will hold up to three cars. There is an area for additional storage in the back. Up the stairway youll find two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen with a breakfast nook, and a family room. The kitchen and family room are divided by an area for a washer/dryer and a pantry.

Example : Garage House Plan

This is a unique and safe garage floor plan as all the entrances to the house are located in the garage. The stairs and the door leading to the front, basement, and upper floor are very convenient for everyone living in the house. This garage plan can be very effective and efficient for a family with people living in different parts of the house. The only downside to this design is that anyone visiting the house will have to enter the garage to enter the house, which may or may not lead to potential privacy issues.

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Double Garage With A Loft From Northwest Custom Home Design

This plan from CAD Northwest Custom Home Design includes a 5-foot loft that can double as an extra living area or additional storage space. It has a personal entrance, included a 6-foot window, plus 24×24 feet of floor space enough for two cars and a fair amount of storage. The plan has an interior staircase included for easy loft access. This is a perfect plan if you need an extra office or want to rent out a small living space.

What Is Included In A Set Of House Plans

2 car garage workshop layout 2 car garage shop layout work designs ...

Each set of home plans that we offer will provide you with the necessary information to build the home. There may be some adjustments necessary to the home plans or garage plans in order to comply with your state or county building codes. The following list shows what is included within each set of home plans that we sell. Depending on the home designer there might be more home building information provided.

Our blueprints include:

Cover Sheet:Exterior Elevations:Foundation Plans: Floor Plans: Electrical Plans:Roof PlanTypical Wall SectionStair SectionCabinets

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Diy From The Ground Upfrom Instructablescom

This detailed and entertaining plan outline from Instructables.com has all the info you need to build a garage from the ground up. It also includes details of the permits, materials, and tools needed for the job. Far from just a plan outline, these instructions will take you from the ground to a completed double garage, complete with humorous anecdotes, mistakes made, and lessons learned.

No matter the plan you choose in the end, this is definitely worth the read. Its packed with useful information, no matter your decision.

Want To See More Garage Plans With Apartments See The Full Collection Here

Garage Apartment Plan with Farmhouse Style

Garage Apartment Plan with Farmhouse Style 430-237 – Front Exterior

Board-and-batten siding and quartered windows deliver farmhouse touches to the exterior of this garage apartment plan. Inside, the main level holds up to three cars and offers extra storage space. A full kitchen, living space, bedroom, and bath round out the second floor.

Modern Curb Appeal

Modern Curb Appeal 932-339 – Front Exterior

Get modern style with this garage apartment plan, which gives you head-turning curb appeal and a fresh open floor plan. Hang out in the vaulted family room or on the generous balcony. A loft on the upper level could be used as a home office. Another wow moment: the primary suites enormous walk-in closet.

Clever Craftsman Design

Clever Craftsman Design 124-1270 – Front Exterior

A covered porch highlights the exterior of this clever Craftsman house plan. Featuring a two-car garage and a workshop on the first level, youll have plenty of room for storage. A convenient loft, a kitchenette, a full bath, and two bedrooms round out the second floor.

Barndominium Plan with Garage Apartment

Barndominium Plan with Garage Apartment 1070-121 – Front Exterior

Heres a super-spacious garage apartment plan with loads of barndo curb appeal. Youll find lots of room for storage in the big three-car garage. The living room flows easily into the island kitchen and enjoys access to the patio. A bedroom and a full bath sit near the back of the plan.

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Blueprint for 24′ x 32′ – Post Framed 2 Car Garage Plans
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    Traditional Style Garage Plan

    Above Garage Dream Space | 660 sq ft | ADU Tour by Maxable

    Plan 22-541

    When looking for additional garage space, you want to get the most out of every square foot in a plan. This garage is only 742 sq ft but it can really hold a lot. You can store three cars on the bottom floor, each with their own separate door, each 9 ft by 8 ft. Stairs offer access to the second floor, where youll find an impressive amount of storage that can be utilized according to your needs .

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    Get Rid Of Good Stuff For Free

    This wood storage bin was indeed handy for long pieces of lumber, but it was sticking out too far if I wanted to park inside, so it was the first thing that HAD to go.

    This bin, along with anything else that I felt was in the way, was placed on my front porch, then posted on Facebook for my neighbours to take for free. Lots was picked up that very evening!

    Tip: Want quick pickups? Offer good stuff for free! Or if you dont mind storing and waiting, you could sell some things as well.

    Throw Out What You Dont Need

    One worktable had a massive shelf built under it to store a ton of reclaimed wood. Its been handy, and when I knew it had to go, this one hurt. But after realizing it fit in the garden shed, what a relief!

    But not all would fit. So it was mandatory I go through every board to determine if Id actually use it or not.

    This is a good practice to do at least once a year, because I found a lot of garbage wood Id likely never use. So out it went, into the back of the truck, bound for the dump! Other clean, untreated wood boards were cut down for fireplace kindling.

    While shuffling your stuff helps condense space, getting rid of stuff really truly is the key to gaining more space with less clutter.

    Tip: Something that really helps me clean are large reusable yard bags. I like to fill them, throw them in the back of the truck then dump and return them home to reuse again. They are very strong, large and easy to store.

    With the work table now free, it was time to move the miter saw on it.

    And then move the miter saw table into place!

    The plan was working! This is more floor space than Ive had in 15+ years! I quickly realized, while I may be out a work table, the space it ultimately would give made up for the loss, big time.

    So lets work on the workshop table on the right next.

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    Reuse What You Have In New Ways

    For years, I had the miter saw sitting on a long workshop table to the right, and another worktable in the center of the garage workshop. Its been nice having all that table space ready to go, however space has always been tight for larger projects that needed to sit on the floor.

    Regardless, if I wanted to park inside, BOTH tables would have to go! Yikes.

    And then I came up with a better plan. After measuring, it was determined the smaller table would now house the miter saw, and the larger table could be collapsed along the wall, ready to use when needed. I didnt have to get rid of either work table after all!

    Check out lots of work benches and work tables

    Sturdy And Simple From Western Construction

    2 car garage workshop layout 2 car garage blueprints best shop layout ...

    This is a clean and simple plan from Western Construction, with no added aesthetic frills. It includes a loft for extra storage and a convenient side door entrance. Included are plans for the steps going into the loft, which can often be a challenging aspect. Its a perfect start for the budding DIY enthusiast.

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    Why Family Home Plans

    Family Home Plans offers you the best customer experience when youre looking for affordable garage and workshop plans. Our advanced search form will enable you to find what you want in a fast and convenient way. You can count on our commitment to helping you locate the ideal garage plan for your available space, tastes and budget.

    We also present the following benefits:

    • Time and money savings: Weve put the plans in well-defined collections and categories so that you can save time. We’ll also help you save money by providing stock plans that you can buy for less than 20% of the price of hiring an architect to create a custom plan for you.
    • Price match guarantee: We offer the most competitive prices for home plans. If you find an exact plan being sold for a lower price elsewhere, well give you a five percent discount.
    • Ability to customize plans: We provide custom modifications, so you can ask for a larger garage space or a modified workshop plan and well happily accommodate your request.

    Install Full Swivel Casters On The Work Table For Extra Saw Space

    When I initially decided on the miter saw table to be in this spot, space was an issue. My original 11 foot table plus lots of extra room was a prime area to cut long planks of wood. This tighter 6 foot table space was much more limited.

    But heres the fix!

    Two door pulls were installed along the front of the table, making it very easy to pull forward, offering LOTS of space to cut the longest boards. It works perfectly!

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