2-car Garage With Living Space Above Plans

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Add The Perfect Garage To Your Home

Above Garage Dream Space | 660 sq ft | ADU Tour by Maxable

A garage can be as simple as a one car storage area, a diverse multi-vehicle storage and work area, area or a space designed for the inclusion of overhead bonus rooms or a fully finished apartment. Whether the garage is attached, semi-detached or completely separate from the familys living quarters, todays garage designs offer a multitude of valuable options. A detached garage can offer uninterrupted sight lines to the home, but todays modern plans provide aesthetically pleasing design features which can enhance curb appeal.

Traditional Style Garage Plan

Plan 22-541

When looking for additional garage space, you want to get the most out of every square foot in a plan. This garage is only 742 sq ft but it can really hold a lot. You can store three cars on the bottom floor, each with their own separate door, each 9 ft by 8 ft. Stairs offer access to the second floor, where youll find an impressive amount of storage that can be utilized according to your needs .

Garages With Living Quarters

Once used to house the “help” , garages with living quarters have come a long way. After falling out of style in the late 60’s, garages with living space have made quite a comeback over the last several years. Some of the contributing factors in this popularity surge are the same as they’ve always been, namely, that garages with living quarters are a great stepping stone to independence for college-age children and can be a reliable source of rental income .

Some of the driving forces behind the current garages with living quarters movement are unique to the times, including the need to care for aging parents who are now living longer than ever before and economic uncertainty that makes having extra space for struggling friends and family a comforting and comfortable back-up plan.

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Think About Where To Put Plumbing

Yes, you can build a bathroom above an unheated garage say Brewster and Tiplady. But pipes need to stay in areas that are heated, and they can’t go in exterior walls. This requires close coordination among your plumber and contractors to make sure pipe runs are planned properly and installation is timed to avoid rework.

At Geoff and Michelle’s house, supply lines for the second-floor bath were tucked above the addition’s floor joists and only the room’s tub sits over the garage the rest of the space is situated over the laundry room to tap into existing pipe chases.

Traditional Garage And Living Plan

Plan 68602VR: Rustic Garage with Living Space Above

Combine extra living space with your garage plan

Plan 81-13913

If your plans for a garage design include living space, then this 1,220 sq ft garage/house plan offers some attractive options. On the ground level, there is one double garage and an additional single garage, as well as a handy half bathroom. The main level features a living room, dining area, and a U-shaped kitchen – much like these garage apartment plans from Builder Online. The bedroom is accessed through a sitting area, where youll also find a full bathroom and a large closet. This plan can be customized to include a deck.

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Garage Apartment Floor Plans

Think From The Outside In

Over the garage additions have a huge impact on curb appeal since they often face the street and tend to be large a typical two-car garage is 24 by 24 or bigger. “You don’t want it to look like a bulky, tacked-on box,” says Brewster.

A few strategies that will help it appear seamless: Make sure features such as gables and windows are harmonious with the house’s style add facade details, like trim, to break up expanses of siding and, if possible, schedule the project in tandem with an exterior upgrade, like repainting or re-siding.

Brewster designed Geoff and Michelle’s addition with a cross gable that extends along the full length of the house, which also allowed for an attic to hold mechanical equipment. For visual symmetry, she centered double windows over the garage door and a gable-end window over the window below.

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Floorplans For Garages With Living Space

The typical floorplan for garages with living space features a compact, one-bedroom apartment above a one or two car garage. This layout works well for properties with acreage constraints and is also usually best in terms of efficiency and affordable construction.

However, not every homeowner has the same objectives in mind when it comes to their plans for a garage with living quarters. Rest assured, our collection features designs for garages with living space above or beside, one, two or even three car storage and up to two bedrooms. Plans for garages with living quarters can be as extravagant or as simple as the circumstances require.

Keep It Safe In Case Of Fire

2 Car 2 Story Garage / Building Plans Package,24×24 Two Car Garage Apartment Plans DIY

Building code requires 5/8-inch-thick fire-rated drywall, known as Type X, on the garage ceiling and walls when an addition is put on above. “If the framing were left exposed, it would be damaged too rapidly in a fire,” says Tiplady. Penetrations in the drywall, for electrical conduit and the like, must be sealed tightly.

Shown: With careful planning, homeowners Geoff Allen and Michelle Forcier gained space above their attached one-car garage for their young daughter’s cheery bedroom.

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The Benefits Of Owning A Garage

  • Lawn mower, yard care, equipment, tool, holiday storage
  • Auto or woodworking shop
  • Guest, children in college, mother-in-law, air bnb or permanent rental apartment
  • Vehicle, RV, boat, recreation vehicle parking
  • Man cave, hobby or kids recreation space
  • Noise isolation makes a great music studio
  • Custom size and configuration not typical of attached garage – higher ceilings, larger doors, more square feet, unique styles and roof lines
  • Positioned on property for privacy and enhanced home curb appeal
  • Detached garage provides more space adjacent to the home for a patio or deck
  • A garage loft can create vertical storage space instead of horizontal to maximize lot
  • Safer storage for hazardous materials such as gasoline, propane tanks, lawn and insecticide products, paint cans
  • Safer storage for aerosol products that produce fumes or pose a combustion hazard

The Next Steps To Get A 2

When you finally figure out the best 2-car garage dimensions for your needs, you are ready for the next steps. From here you can:

  • View the Garage Prices online. Start here and choose the garage you like. If you drill down you will find prices.
  • Request a Free Estimate for the size garage you have chosen. You can add your options and the price will come back with setup and delivery included.
  • Work with your township to find out what it takes to get approval for the garage.
  • Request a set of Free Garage Plans from Sheds Unlimited. We offer a few plans for you to download and review. But if you want customized plans for your building we ask for a small non-refundable deposit to get your drawings.
  • Find a contractor to install your concrete pad. Learn about Pad Preparation here.
  • Now is the time to get started!

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    Browse Our Garage Apartment Plans Today

    Family Home Plans has more than 330 garage apartment plans that comply with national building standards. Moreover, all of our plans are easily customizable to accommodate a wide range of specifications. To view our huge collection of garage plans, all you have to do is try out our search service and make your purchase today.

    What Are The Minimum 2

    2 Car Garage Conversion

    Most experts say the minimum recommended dimensions for a two-car garage is 20×20. This size two car garage will give space for two smaller vehicles. You wont have much space for storing extra knick-knacks, but it should get the cars inside.

    So what are a few challenges of buying the smallest two car garage?

  • If you store two cars inside the two car garage, there will be very little space for the garden tools, a workbench or other accessories.
  • The garage doors will be 8 wide instead of 9 or 10. Although your small car will easily fit through the garage door, an extra foot on your garage doors can make a big difference when using the mirrors to back into the garage.
  • The car doors might hit the walls. When you open the car doors inside the minimum sized 20×20 garage, you might just end up scratching the car door when youre in a hurry to get in and out.
  • In short, the minimum dimensions for a 2 car garage should be 20×20 and to make extra space to get in and out of the car, it is recommended to go with 24×24 or larger.

    If you want to keep your vehicle looking nice and want extra space for other things, a bit wider and deeper will go a long way.

    While 20×20 is the minimum size of a two-car garage, if you want to keep your vehicle looking nice and want extra space for other things, consider going a bit larger.

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    More About Garage Upgrades:

    “An over the garage addition doesn’t increase a house’s footprint, which helps reduce costs,” says Brewster. “But it also presents unique challenges in planning and construction.”

    What does a home-owner interested in such an add-on need to know? We asked Brewster and Tiplady for their advice and about how the project played out at Geoff and Michelle’s house.

    Find The Right Garage Plan With An Apartment

    Our plans are available in different styles and designs. To view our full collection of garage apartments, just fill out the features youre looking for in our advanced search utility. Alternatively, you can narrow down your options by including the square footage and the number of garage bays you need for your new unit.

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    What Is Included In A Set Of House Plans

    Each set of home plans that we offer will provide you with the necessary information to build the home. There may be some adjustments necessary to the home plans or garage plans in order to comply with your state or county building codes. The following list shows what is included within each set of home plans that we sell. Depending on the home designer there might be more home building information provided.

    Our blueprints include:

    Cover Sheet:Exterior Elevations:Foundation Plans: Floor Plans: Electrical Plans:Roof PlanTypical Wall SectionStair SectionCabinets

    Country Style Garage Plan And Two

    Garage Converted into AMAZING Modern Living Space – Tiny Home Tour

    Enjoy single-floor living above your garage space

    Plan 23-623

    This attractive 1,096 sq ft garage plan includes a roomy second-floor living space. The garage has room for two cars and additional storage for equipment or tools. There is an additional covered porch space perfect for firewood or outdoor chairs. The second-floor living space includes a living and dining area that flows directly into the kitchen space. Both bedrooms come with ample closet space, and one has private access to one of the two bathrooms that come with this plan.

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    Country Style Garage And Rec Room Design

    An easy way to get additional storage options

    Plan 124-1068

    This garage design is the perfect way to fit up to four cars, or a spacious way to house two or three. Above the garage is attic space that is accessible by a stairway. Off to the left of the garage is a large recreation room that includes space for a full bathroom. A vaulted covered patio provides a great spot to add some outdoor furniture or a grill.

    Depending on your needs, these garage plans can offer extra space for vehicles and tools, or provide additional areas for living and working. If youre curious to learn more about these designs, contact a Houseplans representative for more information at 1-800-913-2350.

    Prairie Style Garage Layout

    Plan 124-994

    This stylish garage plan offers 1,968 sq ft that can be used to store up to four cars, both inside and outside with use of the carport. There is a double garage door–at 16 ft wide at 8 ft tall– which allows for generous space when moving vehicles in and out. In addition to a vehicle area, there is also room for a workshop or tool storage.

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    Garage House Plans To Suit All Needs & Design Styles

    Our garage house plans are all detached garages. Some have living space on the same floor as the garage, while others are designed with the living space above. These house design plans allow you to provide a home for a relative, give your child more privacy when they reach college age, or supplement your income as a rental unit.

    These garage apartment designs are available in a variety of styles to match your home, including contemporary, farmhouse, European, and more.

    If You Can Dream It, We Can Design It

    Custom Home Design

    Features Of Garage Apartment Plans

    Plan 80425

    Our collection of garage home plans range in size from 350 to 3,000 square feet. There are many architectural styles available, so youre sure to find one that fits your current home design. There are a few things common to these plans, including:

    Parents with college-age children sometimes let them live in this space as it allows them to live at home while attending school. These house plans are also frequently used as an in-law suite for homeowners who have elderly parents move in with them.

    No matter why you need a garage apartment plan, it offers ample space for you to customize as you see fit. It provides privacy and extra space for storage, all while remaining close to the main living quarters.

    Browse through our plans below, and contact us with any questions that you have. Our team is happy to help!

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    A Width: What Is The Best Width Of A 2

    The average width of a car is around 6 to 6.5 feet. Add a few feet on either side to get in and out of a vehicle and you will soon be close to the 20-foot width of the minimum garage size. If your property has space and your township gives permission, we recommend going at least 24 wide. You will love the extra width for getting in and out of your car when it is parked inside the garage. If you cant go 24 wide on your garage, a 22 wide garage would still give you a bit more space to play with.

    Craftsman Style Garage And Work Area

    Get lots of storage and a built-in workbench

    Plan 118-124

    Garage plan 118-124 would work well for anyone looking for a place to work apart from the main house. The garage has ample room for two cars and a workspace that can be accommodated to your needs. If you choose to partition off the garage from the workshop, this space can turn into a place to work for hours, as there is also a full bathroom. The second-floor loft has a vaulted ceiling and would work well for additional storage or even a workout area.

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    Dream Garage With Apartment Plans

    Garage apartment plans add value to a home and allow a homeowner to creatively expand his or her living space. For example, perhaps you want a design that can be built quickly–and then lived in–while the primary house plan is being constructed. Or, maybe you want a place to house an adult child who regularly visits you . A garage with apartment affords you space to entertain these foreseen scenarios, as well as unforeseen possibilities. These are also referred to as carriage house plans, accessory dwelling units, or granny flats.

    A garage with apartment can also be beneficial from a financial standpoint. For instance, you may need help paying off your mortgage. If this day comes, renting out the apartment above the garage to a local college student or young professional could cover some of your monthly mortgage payment. The extra cool part about renting out a garage with apartmentas opposed to, say, a 1 bedroom guest houseis that you have the potential to still use part of the space. For example, if you purchase a 2 car garage plan with apartment, your tenant could rent out the apartment and one garage bay–leaving you to continue using the second garage bay for whatever you want.

    Whatever your specific situation and intentions entail, Dream Home Sources collection of garage apartment plans is sure to please with its large variety of architectural styles, layouts, and sizes. Explore garage apartment floor plans today and find the blueprint that’s right for you.

    Traditional Style Garage And Living Quarters

    2 Car Home Garage Renovation DIY on a Budget

    An airy living area with a roomy garage

    Plan 23-444

    Whether you need this garage space for cars or to set up a work area, there is plenty of space in this two-car garage layout that includes a useful half bathroom. The second-floor living area comes with space for two bedrooms that share access to a center bathroom. The living room, dining area, and kitchen offer a nice view out over the garage thanks to tall windows. This plan also comes with a side porch for easy outdoor living.

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