2 Car Garage Plans Free

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Woodberry Garage & Barn From Todays Plans

9 Free Diy Garage Plans ðï¸?

This Woodberry garage design, also from Todays Plans, differs slightly from the Berrywood, with a more compact design and barn-like aesthetic. It can double up as a studio or a barn and has plenty of extra space for storage. The loft area has a convenient outside door and pull-down steps to save space. Its also constructed with a pole-framing technique, which lessens the need for excavation, making it a perfect DIY project.

Example : 4 Cars Garage House Plan

This is a straightforward yet effective garage floor plan. It is common in a more prominent family where you have more than one car. You can easily accommodate up to 4 cars side by side without the fear of getting any car stuck by parking directly behind it. The only downside might be that you may not have enough storage space for other things, and the place might get a little cramped up with four vehicles simultaneously.

Sturdy And Simple From Western Construction

This is a clean and simple plan from Western Construction, with no added aesthetic frills. It includes a loft for extra storage and a convenient side door entrance. Included are plans for the steps going into the loft, which can often be a challenging aspect. Its a perfect start for the budding DIY enthusiast.

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How Do I Decide Where To Start

Start wherever your most significant stress point is. See if theres a tool or item youre always searching for, and assess which of these plans offer a storage solution for that kind of task. Maybe you want to do more home projects, in which case, adding a workbench might be a great place to begin.

Free 24 X 24 Garage Plan From Cad Northwest

Garage Plan 87824

Cad Northwest has produced a very comprehensive set of plans for a lovely two-car garage with a loft. The plans are complete and contain all the information that an experienced DIYer or professional builder would need to construct this garage, including a comprehensive materials list. While this plan is free and available for you to use, Cad Northwest have indicated a willingness to modify it or provide a custom design for a fee.

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Candlewood Mini Barn And Garage

This is a multi-purpose pole-barn designed by Todays Plans that can be used a one-car garage, tractor or equipment shelter, shed, backyard studio or a workshop. It provides storage space and is inexpensive to build which suits your budget and also meet all the general standards. If you have a good knowledge of post-frame building methods, then only you should try with this plan as it is not recommended for beginners.

Detached Diy Garage Plan

If you dont have a garage currently and want to build one on your property, youll need DIY garage plans to construct something new. These free plans include the blueprint and instructions for how to build a detached garage. This building is a great size to park one vehicle and still have some room for additional workspace.

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Western Construction Room In Attic Truss Garage

This South Minneapolis Garage is a extra large 2 Story 24×28 2 car garage. We used Room in Attic Trusses with a 10/12 roof pitch. The floor on the second level of this garage is a 3/4 T& G plywood and a full staircase was built for easy access. To enlarge the second floor we added dormers to both sides of the garage. This really opened up the second floor usable area.

Example : Small House Plan With Garage

30×40 Pole Barn (2 Car Garage)

This plan is a small house with a reasonably small garage to park one car. The garage is oriented so that the entrance is from the side, and it also saves the square footage of a house and does not occupy any extra vertical space in front of the house. A small house with one or two users is a fair-sized garage as mostly, users with a limited family only have a single car. The downside is that there is no direct entrance to or from the garage into the house, and there is minimal space for storage or movement.

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Buildeazys Single Garage Without Floor

This design from BuildEazy is often referred to as a Shell Garage. If you are in search of plan where it will cost less to build your garage, this is the perfect plan for you as it does not require you to incur costs for the flooring. This garage gives protection to your vehicles and other items but might not be suitable for your items.

Before laying a concrete floor, this garage can be made. With some metal laid on the hard ground, it can serve the purpose of a garage floor indefinitely.

Double Garage Plans Free Pdf Download


  • A 1 piece of 2×4 lumber 10 1/4 long, 1 piece 12 long, 1 piece 144 long, 5 pieces 115 1/2 long, 9 pieces 11 3/4 long, 2 pieces of 2×10 lumber 114 long 2xFRONT WALL
  • B 2 pieces of 2×4 lumber 140 1/2 long, 10 pieces 115 1/2 long 2xBACKWALL
  • C 2 pieces of 2×4 lumber 144 long, 11 pieces 115 1/2 long 2xSIDEWALL
  • D 1 piece of 2×4 lumber 144 long, 1 piece 47 1/4 long, 1 piece 59 1/4 long, 10 pieces 115 1/2 long, 5 pieces 30 long, 2 pieces 80 long, 2 pieces of 2×6 lumber 40 1/2 long SIDEWALL
  • D 2 pieces of 2×4 lumber 144 long, 10 pieces 10 1/2 long, 5 pieces 30 long, 5 pieces 26 1/2 long, 2 pieces 48 long, 4 pieces 51 long SIDEWALL
  • E 2 pieces of 2×4 lumber 120 long, 2 pieces 144 long, 4 pieces 72 long, 2 pieces 80 1/2 long DOUBLE PLATES
  • E 26 pieces of 2×4 lumber 168 long, 2 pieces 35 long, 2 pieces 72 5/8 long, 2 pieces of 2×6 lumber 144 long, 2 pieces 192 long, 2 pieces 96 long TRUSS
  • F 26 pieces of 1/2 plywood 48×96 long, 6 pieces 24×96 long, 4 pieces 21×48 long, 2 pieces 24×48 long, 4 pieces 20×47 3/4 long WALLS
  • 15 pieces of 2×4 lumber 12
  • 120 pieces of 2×4 lumber 10
  • 3 pieces of 2×6 lumber 10
  • 4 pieces of 2×10 lumber 10
  • 26 pieces of 2×4 lumber 14
  • 26 pieces of 2×6 lumber 12
  • 32 pieces of 1/2 plywood 4×8

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Free Garage Plans 2 Car Mn Storage Truss Garage

The 16×7 raised panel insulated overhead garage door also has the popular Colonial style glass package.

It was very important to the owners of this Minneapolis Garage that the garage color matched the color of their home. To accomplish this we used a primed James Hardy fiber cement board lap siding and the owners painted the garage to match.

This garage was was wired with our standard electrical package complete with a light and wall receptacles in the second floor area and a Lift Master Garage door opener.

The Shell Only Single Garage From Buildeazy

2 Car Garage Plan Number 50618

BuildEazys shell only garage is about as inexpensive and straightforward as it gets when it comes to building a DIY garage. Designed with cost in mind, this garage literally consists of nothing more than the foundations, framework and outer shell of the garage. This garage doesnt even have a floor however, BuildEazy suggests that a concrete floor is something you can add later.

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Garage With Attached Apartment

This 2-car garage is a beautiful structure to have on your property. It is very functional as it can hold multiple vehicles or equipment. And it also gives lots of room for storage.

But what sends this structure over the top is the fact that you could potentially place a small apartment over the garage. Or you could simply use that space as extra storage. Either way, it is a great space to have.

Building A 2424 2 Car Detached Garage

Building the concrete slab

A detached garage doesnt require deep footings as in the case of attached constructions. However, read the local codes so you determine the appropriate depth of the perimetral footings. Use batter boards to lay out the footing and then gig the trenches. Fit the rebars and pour the footings along with the elevation wall. Last but not least, pour the concrete floor.

Garage Foundation

As you can notice in the plans, the footings should have a small elevation as compared to the concrete floor. Notice that the elevations are flush with the floor at the door openings. Notice the anchors that go on the elevations, every 4 or so. You will secure the walls to the footings using these bolts.


The first step of the one car garage is to build the two sections for the plain side wall. Cut the components from 2×4 lumber at the right dimensions, as shown in the plans. Drill pilot holes through the plates and insert 3 1/2 screws or 16d nails into the studs. Place the studs equally spaced, every 16 on center. Make sure the edges are flush and check if the corners are square. As you can see in the plans, the walls for the garage will be 10 high.





Assembling the frame of the garage

Fitting the double plates


Building the W truss supports

Fitting the W supports to the trusses

Fitting the trusses

Fitting the truss supports

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Free Diy Garage Plans You Can Make Today

If you are looking for the ultimate DIY experience, you dont get much bigger challenge than building a garage.

Sure, plenty of people buy kit garages and put them together over a few weeks or months, but not as many are willing to take on the task of building a garage from the ground up. Put simply, its not a simple project.

Having said that, if building your own garage is something you want to do, you need to start with a plan. There are plenty of companies that sell complete garage plans, and they generally range in price from $400 to over $2000. However, you can also find a few free plans and project guides on the internet.

A word of caution, though. Many of the free plans that you find on the internet either arent actually free or will be incomplete. To help you out, weve done the research and come up six truly free plans for garages that you can DIY.

Single Car Garage/ Workshop

Watch This Video Before You Build A Two-Car Garage â Framing And Foundation

This single car garage is another great structure that would be a great addition to any property. Though it only has room for one full-sized vehicle it is still a very functional building. And it also has a side entry door which makes getting in and out of this building convenient. Especially if you decided to use it for a workshop or for additional storage.

So regardless of what you are needing, this garage could probably rise to the occasion. And any garage that is versatile is a winner to most homeowners.

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Example : Garage Apartment Floor Plan

This is the plan of a garage attached to an apartment. Such garage plans are essential and help users with evacuation under emergencies and imminent threats. This plan has a systematic exit plan with all types of exits immediate, lateral, and partial. The garage has doors from inside the apartment as well as outside the apartment allowing users to access the space from any available entrance. This execution can be used in other types of plans to increase the safety and well-being of users.

Free Diy Garage Plans

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The Spruce / Michelle Becker

These free garage plans will help you build a place for your vehicles and tons of storage space. By building it yourself you’ll save money and know that you have a quality building. These plans below come in various sizes for a one-car or two-car detached garage.

The plans include everything you need to get started: blueprints, building directions, photos, and diagrams. You’ll just need to add the materials, tools, and hard work. Many of these plans can also be used for a workshop, a barn, shed, or even a greenhouse.

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Diy Insulated Garage Door

Working in the garage can be a pain during extreme seasonal weather conditions. Whether youre struggling to keep things cool in the summer or shivering in the winter, consider insulating your garage door to lower your electric bill. This project may be a little more advanced, but the step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to get everything installed.

Here are some frequently asked questions about DIY garage plans.

Example : Duplex Plan With Garage

2 Car Garage Plan Number 50607

This is the plan of a duplex, a house divided into two symmetric units and identical to each other. They both have garages with twin car parking and ample storage for car parts and maybe a workshop if the users have only one car. The conjoined garages can also have a door between them, so if the two users are working on a project car, they might be able to shift things with ease without using alternate routes and entrances.

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Detached Single Car Garage

This detached garage is what you would think of when you think of a typical detached garage. So if you are just needing a basic structure to do the job of protecting and storing your belongings then this would probably do the trick.

But though this building is rather basic, dont let that fool you. It is still a nice looking structure. And one that would be very functional. And functionality trumps pizazz any day of the week in my book.

Free Detailed Diy Garage Plans With Instructions To Actually Build

Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases.

Garages are important for providing shelter and protection to your vehicles. The make is very important of the garages as this decides the total space for storage and the capacity for optimal protection. If you have multiple vehicles, you will consider a design that will provide maximum space.

Garages in the past were primarily built separately in the backyard of the house and were referred to as detachable garages. With increasing popularity of automobiles, garages are now mostly attached to the residential buildings.

As the shed is of prime importance for your vehicles, you may hire an expert contractor to build your garage as well along with your home leading to increased costs. However, here is a list of DIY garage plans with detailed instructions that would reduce your total cost incurred to some extent.

Please note that local building codes always have to be considered whether you are creating this garage by alone with your own two hands, with a professional or with a friend by using garage kit to save money and time.

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Woodberry Garage And Barn

This is another two-car garage from Todays Plans that can serve the purpose of equipment shelter, a backyard studio, or workshop. This pole-frame structure serves many purposes and a unique addition to your property. The storage loft has an outside door that makes it convenient. The loft space is 420 square feet with a floor space of 560 square feet.

Example : 3 Cars Garage Plan

4 Bedroom Container Home Design Floor plans 2 car garage

This is a three-car garage floor plan, and it has three doors, one for each car. The length and width of the garage are appropriate for all mid-sized cars. The garage has windows on both sides and an entry into the house from the side, along with stairs that lead to the upper floor. This is for users who live on the upper floor, with the garage being directly underneath the house. There is also some space left on the front that you can use to store tools and other stuff for the cars.

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Detached Double Garage From Myoutdoorplanscom

This is a large 24×24-foot plan from myoutdoorplans.com. It is a highly detailed, step-by-step plan designed for the DIY enthusiast. It gives a thorough rundown of all the materials needed, including tools, wood, and permits. The plan includes two 9-foot garage doors, a 4×4 window, and a side entrance for easy access to the workshop or storage space.

Example : Angled Garage House Plan

This is an angled garage plan, attached and detached from the house simultaneously. It is safer and larger than other garage types as well. It does not affect the look of the house, but it also adds to the value of the place. Angled garages are usually larger than standard garages and might also include a workshop or a hobby space. It can also make parking cars easier as they are at an angle, and the driveway might lead straight to them from the street.

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