2 Car Garage Door Size

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What You Need to Know About Garage Door Sizes

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Double Or Not To Double

You’ve probably seen many garages split into two pieces. This leaves two smaller doors on either side, with a vertical beam in the middle separating them. This might be aesthetically pleasing, but the inconvenience of having a post in the middle of the garage door is one thing to consider. It does divide the garage into 2 sections, typically 8 feet wide, but that’s easy enough to accomplish by driving vehicles into the garage on the left and right side through a single, wider door. You don’t need the extra post in the middle. In addition, you need two garage door openers at twice the cost for a double-door setup. A single door, 16 feet wide, that opens the garage is more efficient. In a pinch, even a door 14 feet wide will suffice. It increases the room and the versatility of the garage to include wider vehicles such as recreational vehicles and trucks with wide mirrors. This type of door requires that you plan for it before the framing begins.

Measuring A Garage Door

Before buying an RV or an SUV, you need to measure the length and width of your garage door. Its easy to do. Youll need a measuring tape, and a way to write down your measurements.

Measure from the inside of one door jamb to the other. For height, measure from the floor to the lintel. For those building a new garage, you will want to pay close attention to the headroom over the door. Include any obstructions in your measurements .

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What If Standard Sizing Doesnt Apply

If standard sizing doesnt apply, or you simply have a unique vision for your garage door, you dont need to worry.

Custom garage doors can be built to meet your unique specifications and needs. Simply have a chat with your local garage door professional.

If you need a custom garage door or need any other of the types of garage door installed have a talk with the experts at Gryphon Garage Doors today.

We offer a free quote and can help you find and install the best garage door for you. Dont hesitate, see how our professional team can help you!

Brett Rowley

Brett is a garage door expert who also runs Gryphon Garage Doors. He strives for great customer service, excellent product knowledge and constant innovation.

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Size and layout specifics for a 2 car garage

Contact us now to set up an appointment so we can help you plan your project. We can supply you with a precise plan showing how to prepare your door frame and the overhead space needed for your new garage door to work correctly. We also provide electric garage door openers and smaller-sized doors for sheds.

To view all our Garaga door models, simply use our Design Centre. This way you can create your next dream garage door!

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Double Garage Door Sizes

Double sized garage doors can be twice the size of a single garage door plus about three feet of space between the vehicles parked in the garage. Such doors can be convenient as opening for a large space, but consideration is the door is much heavier and is going to require a more powerful garage door opener motor, and is going to need heavier springs and pulleys as part of the opening system.

Everything You Need To Know About Garage Door Sizes

Are you building a new house or undergoing an extensive remodel that includes a new garage? Do you need to know how wide a two-car garage is? In most cases, garage doors are standard sizes. Knowing what the standard size is and how to measure properly can save you many headaches when youre building or remodeling a home.

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Garage Door Extension Spring Size Chart

Extension Spring Chart
25-42-300 TAN

If the door weighs 115 to 125 lbs, itll need a green extension spring which is 25 long at rest and 67 when stretched. It has a 150-inch wire diameter and 1.34 outside diameter when the spring is at rest.

The blue color is for ones that weigh 135-145 lbs. They are 170 in wire diameter and 2,50 of o/d. Accordingly, the length in the rest state is the same as in green and the other following colors.

For 155-165 lbs of weight, youll need a purple spring that is 160 o/d and 180 of wire diameter.

Finally, the orange color is the one you should choose when the weight fits into the range of 175185 lbs. In this case, the wire diameter will be 195 and o/d 1,75.

What Is The Minimum Two Car Garage Dimensions

2 Car Garage Dimensions | Minimum, Average, and Ideal Garage Sizes

The simplest and smallest two car garage layout is 20 x 20. Many homeowners will opt for the minimum 20 x 20 2 car garage because it is the simplest. However, there are both benefits and pitfalls that come with choosing the minimum dimensions for a 2 car garage.

Picture this: the average car is between 6 and 6.5 wide, and sometimes wider. That means that two cars parked adjacent will take up 12-13. Factor in an extra 10-12 for spacing out the cars and youre looking at 14 feet at least already taken up, leaving you with very little space, if any, for storage.

Now 20 x 20 does not seem like much space for a 2 car garage, does it? And dont forget about getting in and out of the car. It is rare for a car door to open more than 3 feet wide. With that said, even if it the doors only open 1 wide, now youre up to 15 of space taken up width-wise at least. That is why going higher than 20 x 20 is a great idea.

Building the minimum requirement 20 x 20 two car garage costs between $2,100 and $3,200 for the foundation. When all is said and done, it will cost $19,000 or more. Affordability is really the best aspect of this size garage. Otherwise, if you want extra space for storage and want to keep your cars in good condition, going bigger is better.

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How To Measure Up And Over Doors

Measurements for up and over garage doors are quite simple. In most cases, all you need to know is the height and width of the garage opening. Although, theres one thing to keep in mind.

Measurements do differ depending on how exactly you want to install the door. An up and over garage door has an inner frame and operating gear. It will take up extra space, so the actual opening will be smaller. Frame legs are usually around 60 mm wide.

Installing the door behind the opening gives you more freedom. It lets you use all of the opening width.

Types Of Garage Doors

When it comes to your options, your choice should be mainly based on how you want your garage door to open. Here you can choose between five different variants. Those are sectional, roll-up, tilt-up/up-and-over canopy, slide to the side, and side-hinged garage doors. Each of them has a specific way of operation and can come in different colors and materials.

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Standard Garage Door Sizes :

Single Bay:

  • Height: 84 1/16

See detailed garage door sizes diagrams below for more detail.

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When it comes to buying a new garage door or putting one in a new home, size makes a big difference.

For instance, we have a two-bay garage with two single garage doors. They are very narrow. Weve already lost a side-view mirror backing out. We only have a couple of inches to spare.

If I were to build a house from scratch or a new garage, Id go with wider garage doors because I like the space.

Regardless, below are your options for various garage door dimensions depending on the type of garage and garage size.

Garage doors, being plural, can be twice the size of a single garage door plus about three feet of space between the vehicles parked in the garage. Alternatively, with proper structural support between them, two identical doors can be hung side by side.

Contact A Garage Door Expert

The dimensions of an one car and a two car garage

Want to know more about your garage door size options? We offer free in-home estimates for new garage doors, including consultation & recommendations from our expert technicians. Contact us today to get started!

Want to browse garage door designs and see what you like? Check out garage door designs here.

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Double Car Garage Door Size

A double car garage door is one door unit that is big enough to accommodate 2 cars. Some homeowners with just one vehicle opt to install double doors so they can have space for cabinets, garden tools, and workshed. Double garage door sizes are usually 12 feet to 18 feet in width and 7 feet to 8 feet in height.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

Single Garage Doors

The most common single garage door sizes are 8â x 7â, 8â x 8â, 9â x 7â, and 9â x 8â. They can be anywhere between 7 8 ft tall and 8 10 ft wide. Less common garage door sizes are 9 12 ft in height.

Some companies do offer 9 12 ft tall garage doors, and theyâre becoming more common in recent years. You can also order these sizes as custom garage doors.

Double Garage Doors

The most common double garage door size is 16â x 7â, though they can be anywhere between 7 8 ft high and 12 20 ft wide.

If you need a double garage door in a nonstandard size, these can also be ordered custom.

Triple Garage Doors

For triple car garages, youll have multiple garage doors with a post between them for structural stability. This is typically either:

  • Three single car garage doors
  • One single garage door and one double garage door

There are currently no standard sizes if you want to put one large garage door on a residential three car garage.

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Commercial Size Garage Door Size

Commercial size garage doors are made to accommodate large containers and trucks. The standard commercial garage door size is 32 feet wide and 24 feet high. Check if this is enough for your vehicles or for the items to be stored. Due to the commercial-grade construction, these doors are thicker and more robust than residential garage doors.

The Town Has A Population Of 163000 And Is Part Of The Greater Toronto Area

Ideal 2 Car Garage Dimensions

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Before You Call To Garage Door Installation Company

Reading various garage door reviews should assist you in your garage door selection. These reviews offer advice and tips in choosing the right garage door for you, based on the first-hand experience.

Look for reviews that provide objective views on pros and cons of various selections of garage door types, sizes, materials, colors, styles, accessories, and prices, as well as those that touch on issues such as garage door security, installation, maintenance, and problems. Beware, though, of reviews written by advertisers, as these would, of course, be biased towards their products.

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For Rent Apartments 2 Car Garage Ontario


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Garage Door Sizes: What To Keep In Mind

Naturally, with the increase of garage spaces comes the increase in garage door sizes. Cars and other vehicles get bigger and bigger such as SUVs and trucks requiring wider doors. Fortunately, manufacturers of these garage doors have made sure that they can make room for large-sized vehicles, even when it comes to double-car garages.

Although there are varied sizes of garage doors, each kind of door have specifications to follow. If you cannot locate any standard size with just a single brand, browse for choices from other companies. Keep in mind however that it can help to know something about the different sizes of garage doors before actually buying one. Being clueless about this aspect might lead you to a waste of money, time, and effort. So below are just the right pieces of information you need.

What Is The Average Height Of A Two Car Garage

Size and layout specifics for a 2 car garage

On average, 2 car garages have 7 or 8 feet of height. A 2 car garage with 8 feet of height leaves a good amount of room for proper clearance, but no room for storage.

Vertical storage is a common feature of many 2 car garages. Choosing a smaller 2 car garage, i.e. 20 x 20 but having added height like 10-12 clearance is a good alternative to a bigger 2 car garage.

If the lack of storage in small plans like 20 x 20 is off-putting but you dont want to go bigger, instead go taller. Going with a loft setup that is 12 high leaves plenty of room to store tools, furniture, and gear.

In fact, some people build an apartment into their 2 car garage if they have 12-14 of height. You dont need a loft/apartment setup necessarily, but that extra height is a huge help. Having height over 8 affords room for storage shelves and racks.

The benefits of having added vertical space in a 2 car garage include:

Whether it is a detached two car garage, or one attached to the house, all of these costs will factor in. There is an added cost of up to $1,500 for permits when doing a garage conversion. Permit price varies from state to state and zone to zone.

If you live in a cold area, insulated garage doors are worth the investment. For a 2 car garage, you need a double garage door which costs between $800-$1,500. To have an insulated two car garage door costs roughly $1,600.

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Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association Regulations

DASMA is a trade association for North American garage door manufacturers. DASMA members represent 95% of the garage door industry making them premier regulatory group for this niche. Their publication regarding overhead door specifications have entries that identify standards for garage door standard sizes, wind loads, durability, hoist operation, torsion springs, and counterbalance.

Reminders On The Measurement

Surely, there is no available garage door for shorter than seven feet unless you customize it. The reason why most doors have to have the standard size is that less than seven feet is not a practical dimension and the location is also a factor in determining the door type suitable to use. For example, an 18-foot-wide door is not advisable in windy areas.

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Get The Dimensions That Will Let You Fit One Or More Cars In Your Garage Plus Storage And Other Needs

Steven RandelGarage Door DimensionsWidth:Height:Two-Car Garage DimensionsThree-Car Garage DimensionsCommon Vehicle DimensionsVans and SUVs:

  • Width: 6 to 7 feet
  • Length: 16 to 19 feet
  • Height: 5 to 6 feet

Large and luxury cars:

  • Width: 6 to 6½ feet
  • Length: 16 to 18 feet
  • Height: 4½ to 5 feet

Compact and sports cars:

  • Width: 5 to 6 feet
  • Length: 14 to 16 feet
  • Height: 4 to 5 feet

Note:Other Garage ConsiderationsStorage. Stairs. Bumpers or curbs. Driveway. Zoning and regulations. Garage Door Design IdeasMore on Houzz

Car Garage Door Size Ideas

2 1/2 car attached garage walk-through

Since the garage is fundamentally a freestanding structure you might wish to make sure it has a lot of bottoms, beams and cross planks to help maintain its integrity over time. In this way, whatever size of your car or truck, its possible to readily accommodate it in your garage. It is crucial to find decent premium quality garage programs that are simple to follow, accurate, and offer a materials list .

If you intend to construct a garage, its sometimes an enormous undertaking, which requires detailed preparation. Such garages are a breeze to construct and are quite cost-effective. If you decide on a two-car garage youll have to bring another 9 feet by 18 feet of distance for that surplus car.

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