2 1 2 Car Garage Plans

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The Benefits Of Owning A Garage

1, 2 And 6 Car Garage Floor Plan Dimensions For Design And Building
  • Lawn mower, yard care, equipment, tool, holiday storage
  • Auto or woodworking shop
  • Guest, children in college, mother-in-law, air bnb or permanent rental apartment
  • Vehicle, RV, boat, recreation vehicle parking
  • Man cave, hobby or kids recreation space
  • Noise isolation makes a great music studio
  • Custom size and configuration not typical of attached garage – higher ceilings, larger doors, more square feet, unique styles and roof lines
  • Positioned on property for privacy and enhanced home curb appeal
  • Detached garage provides more space adjacent to the home for a patio or deck
  • A garage loft can create vertical storage space instead of horizontal to maximize lot
  • Safer storage for hazardous materials such as gasoline, propane tanks, lawn and insecticide products, paint cans
  • Safer storage for aerosol products that produce fumes or pose a combustion hazard

Browse Our Collection Of Single Detached Garage Plans

At Family Home Plans, we provide more than one hundred one-car garage plans on our website to build next to your new or existing home. Discover a detached garage plan for your vehicle, holiday decorations, equipment or taking part in your favorite hobbies. You can use our search filters to narrow your search and find the perfect garage for your property.

After looking at our garage plans, you still might not find exactly what you want. In that case, we can offer you a quote to modify one of our plans to make it more suitable for your property. Reach out to our representatives to start planning the detached garage plan of your dreams today.

If Your Garage Is Too Small

Yes. There are ways to make your two cars fit even if your 2 car garage is too small. Just check out what this guy did to make his two cars fit inside a smaller sized 2 car garage.

Facts are if you have to make it work, you will make it work. However, if you are considering the purchase of a 2 car garage, there is no need to try to make it work, you can choose to make it work from the very beginning.

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Free Diy Garage Plans

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The Spruce / Michelle Becker

These free garage plans will help you build a place for your vehicles and tons of storage space. By building it yourself you’ll save money and know that you have a quality building. These plans below come in various sizes for a one-car or two-car detached garage.

The plans include everything you need to get started: blueprints, building directions, photos, and diagrams. You’ll just need to add the materials, tools, and hard work. Many of these plans can also be used for a workshop, a barn, shed, or even a greenhouse.

Woodberry Garage & Barn From Todays Plans

COOLhouseplans.com Plan ID: 46243

This Woodberry garage design, also from Todays Plans, differs slightly from the Berrywood, with a more compact design and barn-like aesthetic. It can double up as a studio or a barn and has plenty of extra space for storage. The loft area has a convenient outside door and pull-down steps to save space. Its also constructed with a pole-framing technique, which lessens the need for excavation, making it a perfect DIY project.

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But That 2 Car Garage Plan Would Cost A Lot More To Build

Really? As an example, lets say you bought a house with a garage that was 20 X 20 wide and you had a 30 year, $200,000 mortgage at 6% . Your payment would be about $1193 per month.

Just for fun, lets bump your garage out to 24 deep, adding 80 square feet. Even though garages are less expensive to build than the rest of the house, lets use $100 per square foot and add $8000 to the cost of your house. Your payment only went up by $48 per month!If you expanded your garage to 24 wide, my ideal recommendation, that adds 176 square feet and $17,600 to the cost. Your payment goes up by $106 per month from the $200,000 example.

Remember, I am using $100 per foot while garage construction generally comes in under $50 per square foot.

What Is The Minimum Size For A 2 Car Garage

The smallest size you would want to go for a two car garage is 20×20. Depending what size and style your vehicles are, you may be in for a very tight squeeze. However, with very careful parking, you can park smaller to regular sized cars inside..

If your vehicles are both on the larger side of regular you may be restricted from opening certain sides of the car doors especially if you include shelving on the sides.If you wish to park larger sized vehicles, definitely go bigger.

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Cottage Style Garage And Living Plan

A welcoming two-car garage with a patio and a deck

Plan 917-10

This appealing garage plan and one bedroom apartment offers lots of room for storage. At the back of the two-car garage is an elevated space perfect for a workspace or additional storage. Moving through the patio youll reach the staircase–with storage underneath it– to the second floor deck and entrance. Inside youll find a family room, kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, and additional half-bathroom.

Your Ideal 2 Car Garage Size In A Nutshell


The truth is it is in your best interest to invest in a 2 car garage that will comfortably house your vehicles. Not only will you reap the benefits now, but also in the future if you ever plan on selling your property.

At Hometown Structures, we specialize in building prefab and attached 2 car garages and with our years of experience working alongside our customers, we highly suggest a 24×24 2 car garage.

However, we recognize that every situation and vehicle is different, so do not hesitate to reach out to our sales representatives for feedback on the right 2 car garage for you.

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Two Bedroom Traditional House Plan With Large Garage Space

This is a spacious three-car garage plan

Plan 22-404

This homey garage and house plan offers two bedrooms and comfortable living. The first floor contains a garage with a double door as well as a single-door entrance and will hold up to three cars. There is an area for additional storage in the back. Up the stairway youll find two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen with a breakfast nook, and a family room. The kitchen and family room are divided by an area for a washer/dryer and a pantry.

Discover Your Dream 2 Car Garage Today

Discover your very own and perfectly spaced 2 car garage today! Whether you want a detached or attached 2 car garage, you have your pick! With the addition of a new 2 car garage you will enjoy weather tight, stylish, and comfortable car protection. Choose from 6 different garage styles or customize one to your specific taste or needs. Get ready to know for yourself just how big a 2 car garage is!

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Is Your Garage Big Enough Let’s Do The Numbers

Park your Ford Explorer in the garage with at least one foot between it and the garage door. That leaves about 30 inches in front of the vehicle if your garage is 20 deep. Subtract 25 for the workbench and you now have 5 to spare. My advice? Stay slim. REALLY slim.Now, lets park your Ford Explorer in a 24 deep garage. With the same one foot between it and the garage door, you have about 4 1/2 feet between the front bumper and your workbench. But, you say, Ill just back my car out of the garage when I need to do some work? Why not choose a 2 car garage plan that allows enough room to actually walk from one side of the car to the other, without opening the garage door?

How Big Is Big Enough For A 2 Car Garage Plan


If you want a fully functional 2 car garage, shoot for 24 X 24 at a MINIMUM. Why so big? First and foremost, your garage is supposed to house your cars. How big are YOUR cars? If you drive a Mini Cooper, its just over 12 long. No problem. However, if thats not your only car, you might drive something a little longer.A 2016 Ford Explorer is about 16 1/2 feet long. Thats been the same for years. Similar SUVs are also in the 16 long category. Minivans, like the Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, etc., come in around 17 feet long.A Ford F-150, depending on the style, starts at just under 20 feet and goes up from there. My comments are not intended to be brand-specific, but the dimensions are very important to consider.

Food For Thought

If ALL you want to put in the garage is cars, OK. On the other hand, most people have so much stuff in their garage, they dont have room for their cars. Hmmm. A few hundred dollars worth of C.R, uh, stuff, on the inside, and a $34,000+ car parked outside .

Why should your garage be so big? Here are a few reasons:

  • Room for a garage workbench and tools
  • Room for your “toys”
  • Room for laundry appliances and a utility sink
  • Just think “room for your stuff” . . . and on the list goes on.

If you want to learn how to organize your garage, thats a topic covered elsewhere on this site.

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Dream 2 Car Garage House Plans & Designs

Extra parking space, more storage, and versatile bonus square footage who wouldnt like that? Garage plans for two cars open up all kinds of possibilities. Whether you need a safe and covered parking spot for one car, two cars, or even an RV, weve got your garage floor plan.

Many of the garage plans in this collection include space upstairs that can be used for storage. Youll even find some designs with in-law apartments above the parking space! These flexible layouts act as accessory dwelling units to add living space behind your existing home, or to act as a tiny home. Youll find studio apartments, one-bedroom homes, and even two-bedroom floor plans that your guests or relatives will love. Alternatively, rent out this space on a short-term rental site like Airbnb. A garage apartment also gives you room for an art studio, homeschooling space, or home gym with exercise machines.

Some of these designs include space for a workshop. What better place to store tools, a work bench, or other equipment? Garage plans also give you smart room to keep lawn mowers and other tools when not in use. For families that love outdoor activities like skiing or mountain biking, a two-car garage offers plenty of room to store gear when its not being used.

How Many Square Feet Is In A 2 Car Garage

The average sized 2 car garages square footage usually ranges from 400 , 576, and 720 square feet. Of course, to figure out your ideal 2 car garage square footage, measure out your ideal space by factoring in the size of your vehicles, desired room for storage, and any extras like a workbench, or sink.

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Double Garage With A Loft From Northwest Custom Home Design

This plan from CAD Northwest Custom Home Design includes a 5-foot loft that can double as an extra living area or additional storage space. It has a personal entrance, included a 6-foot window, plus 24×24 feet of floor space enough for two cars and a fair amount of storage. The plan has an interior staircase included for easy loft access. This is a perfect plan if you need an extra office or want to rent out a small living space.

Country Style Garage Plan And Two

2 bedroom 2 bath 1 car garage

Enjoy single-floor living above your garage space

Plan 23-623

This attractive 1,096 sq ft garage plan includes a roomy second-floor living space. The garage has room for two cars and additional storage for equipment or tools. There is an additional covered porch space perfect for firewood or outdoor chairs. The second-floor living space includes a living and dining area that flows directly into the kitchen space. Both bedrooms come with ample closet space, and one has private access to one of the two bathrooms that come with this plan.

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Cute Country Style Garage And Living Area

This classic plan is sure to give you the space you need

Plan 47-1090

Enjoy easy access to your living space adjacent to the two-car garage that can include up to two workbenches. In the main part of the home, you’ll find a dining area, living room, and kitchen. There are two bedrooms, one with a private full bathroom. Access to the rear patio is provided through the living/dining area. Extra storage space is yours with the attic loft in this design .

Traditional Style Garage Design

Plan 47-1081

If you find yourself needing extra space for family, this garage plan is a multifunctional option. The bottom floor provides room for a two car garage, while stairs give access to the second-floor living space. There is a living area, kitchen, dining area, and even room for a washer/dryer and a dishwasher. The bathroom is located on the other side of the apartment, close to the bedroom.

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Add The Perfect Garage To Your Home

A garage can be as simple as a one car storage area, a diverse multi-vehicle storage and work area, area or a space designed for the inclusion of overhead bonus rooms or a fully finished apartment. Whether the garage is attached, semi-detached or completely separate from the familys living quarters, todays garage designs offer a multitude of valuable options. A detached garage can offer uninterrupted sight lines to the home, but todays modern plans provide aesthetically pleasing design features which can enhance curb appeal.

Traditional Garage And Living Plan

2 Car Garage Apartment Plan Number 47170 with 1 Bed, 1 Bath

Combine extra living space with your garage plan

Plan 81-13913

If your plans for a garage design include living space, then this 1,220 sq ft garage/house plan offers some attractive options. On the ground level, there is one double garage and an additional single garage, as well as a handy half bathroom. The main level features a living room, dining area, and a U-shaped kitchen – much like these garage apartment plans from Builder Online. The bedroom is accessed through a sitting area, where youll also find a full bathroom and a large closet. This plan can be customized to include a deck.

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Country Style Garage And Rec Room Design

An easy way to get additional storage options

Plan 124-1068

This garage design is the perfect way to fit up to four cars, or a spacious way to house two or three. Above the garage is attic space that is accessible by a stairway. Off to the left of the garage is a large recreation room that includes space for a full bathroom. A vaulted covered patio provides a great spot to add some outdoor furniture or a grill.

Depending on your needs, these garage plans can offer extra space for vehicles and tools, or provide additional areas for living and working. If youre curious to learn more about these designs, contact a Houseplans representative for more information at 1-800-913-2350.

Diy From The Ground Upfrom Instructablescom

This detailed and entertaining plan outline from Instructables.com has all the info you need to build a garage from the ground up. It also includes details of the permits, materials, and tools needed for the job. Far from just a plan outline, these instructions will take you from the ground to a completed double garage, complete with humorous anecdotes, mistakes made, and lessons learned.

No matter the plan you choose in the end, this is definitely worth the read. Its packed with useful information, no matter your decision.

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Garage Plan Collection By Advanced House Plans

Are you looking to take your hobby to the next level? Maybe you need a safe place to store your favorite car? You might just have more things than your house can hold and you need to expand your storage options.

We offer a wide variety of ready to build garage plans from a simple 1 car garage plan to a 4 car garage with a basketball court. We even have garage plans with workshops included, covering all of your hobbies and projects. If you need a larger garage, check out our Pole Barn Collection.

Check out some of our favorite garage plans below and be sure to check out our entire collection or garages.

Inside The Stunning 1 1 2 Car Garage Plans 19 Pictures

1 Bedroom 2 Car Garage

There are many stories can be described in 1 1 2 car garage plans. We have some best ideas of photos for your need, we hope you can inspired with these inspiring pictures. We like them, maybe you were too. We got information from each image that we get, including set size and resolution.

Okay, you can use them for inspiration. The information from each image that we get, including set of size and resolution. You can click the picture to see the large or full size photo. If you think this is a useful collection you must click like/share button, maybe you can help other people can inspired too. Here there are, you can see one of our 1 1 2 car garage plans gallery, there are many picture that you can surf, remember to see them too.

When you have virtually any inquiries with regards to wherever and how to work with log cabin playhouse kit, you possibly can email us with our own web page.

Below are 19 best pictures collection of 1 1 2 car garage plans photo in high resolution. Click the image for larger image size and more details.

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