100 Mile Garage Sale 2022

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100 Mile Yard Sale 2022! (Part 1)

While here, be sure to check out other activities and things to do. Enjoy a spectacular meal at one of our restaurants, and head out for a nightcap. Extend your adventure into Sunday and enjoy a float trip, check out the National Park Service Trail of Tears Memorial or our other trails and tours that have been developed to help you find the hidden gems of Pulaski County.

Pulaski County welcomes you back for our2-day Thrift & Treat Trail, To help you along your way access our brochure and interactive online map! Or plan to participate in the mission-based Route 66 Challenge, or the Nasty Pulaski, and Frog Hill 1/2 Marathon!

The sponsoring event organizer for the Pulaski County segment of the Route 66 Yard Sale is the Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber of Commerce.

2022 Pulaski County Tourism Bureau Grant Awardee

Oklahoma 100 Mile Yard Sale Tour

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Come out to the annual Oklahoma 100 Mile Yard Sale Tour across the state. From Cleveland, Hominy, Ralston and Pawnee to Cushing, Yale and Oilton, you’re sure to find plenty of goods to take home. Sift through clothing, extra odds and ends and gently used furniture in Oklahoma cities like Mannford, Sapulpa, Terlton, Jennings and Hallett. Whichever city you choose to shop through, you’re sure to come out with ample garage sale treasures at the Oklahoma 100 Mile Yard Sale Tour.

Mile Garage Sale Along The Great River Road

100 Mile Garage Sale along the Great River Road
Along Highway 35 and the Great River Road
Highway 35, Pepin, WI, 54759, United States

The annual 100 Mile Garage Sale is happening in 2022! Spreading across miles and miles of roads on both sides of the Mississippi River, this fun event is perfect for driving and shopping from Thursday, May 5th through Sunday, May 8th.

Sales on the Minnesota side run from Hastings along U.S. 61 south to Winona on the Wisconsin side the sales go from Fountain City on the south to Prescott on the north, all centered around Pepin and you have to check out the gorgeous views of Lake Pepin! Dont miss it!

100 Mile Garage Sale Address:

Various locations, centered around Pepin along Highway 35 in Wisconsin and U.S. 14/61 in MinnesotaInformation: 307-8364

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Th Annual Qidc 100 Mile Yard Sale July 21 & 22 2023

The QIDC will be doing a preorder starting March 1 and running until Memorial Day in 2023 for the 26th Annual QIDC 100 Mile Yard Sale. The shirts will be $15.

You will be able to either pick them up during the yard sale or for a flat $10 you can have them shipped to you. It will take about 3 weeks after we close the preorder for them to be shipped out.

Applications to be a vendor in 2023 will be available to pick up at the following locations by March 1:

Shawville Post Office

Girard Township Building

Bennett’s Valley Sr Center in Weedville

Benezette Store

Elk Visitor’s Center in Benezette

Driftwood Sr Center

Chris Williams in Morrisdale

You can also fill out the form and pay here on our website or you can have an application mailed to you.

The printed versions of the directory will be distributed to the following locations on Memorial Day weekend 2023:

We ask that you only take one per family.

This year we are also allowing people to place their ads even after the printing deadline has passed. We will not be able to add them to the printed version but we are adding them to our online version and the new interactive map. We will be adding to these up until June 30th. So come back again and check out the new additions at the end of the pdf file on July 5, 2023.

If you would like one mailed to you, the cost is $5. Please send a check to QIDC. The address is below.

Here Are A Few Last Minute Tips And Helpful Hints:

Pictures Of Yard Sales

1. Drive carefully and watch out for pedestrians. Also be respectful of the locals who may just be trying to get to work or home.

2 Visit the Large Group SitesMake the most of your time by visiting Large Group Sites. At these locations, you’ll find 40+ vendors grouped together typically with two or more food vendors, restrooms and off road parking.

3. Don’t be in such a hurry that you miss out on all the fun!Slow down and enjoy this one-of-a-kind event and make some memories! 2 days will go by so fast if you’re hyper-focused on hustling from one location to the next.

4. Stop worrying about rain!It rains somewhere along the route every year. It’s rarely as bad as people think it will be. Plus there’s nothing you can do about it anyway, other than perhaps bringing along an umbrella or a rain coat. And no, the Kan-Okla 100 mile Highway Sale has never been canceled!Make sure you are able to say, “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt!”

Need a place to set up? There are spots available throughout the route. Take a moment to contact the folks above who offer spaces for rent.We look forward to having you participate as a vendor in the Kan-Okla-100-Mile -Highwaysale

Items of all shapes and sizes are sold along the route. We strive to make this a sale of ANTIQUES and ODDITITIES, and we discourage vendors from selling used clothing because it is most often passed over. If you are a vendor that sales name brand clothing, we suggest you keep it to the back of your area

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The 100 Mile Yard Sale

The 100 Mile Yard Sale in Clearfield, Cameron, Elk, and Centre counties is an event I eagerly look forward to every year.

This event is to pickers, flea market fanatics, and bargain hunters what the Super Bowl is to football fans part spectacle, part competition, and tons of fun!

The 2022 100 Mile Yard Sale takes place on July 15th and 16th, with headquarters once again located in Karthus .

This yard sale stretches as far east as Pine Glen and Sinnemahoning and as far west as Weedville and Shawville.

Along the route youll pass through some of the prettiest countryside in the Keystone State, and thats a big part of the draw to this event.

Since Ive attended this event for many years now, I though Id share with you some pro tips for enjoying the 100 Mile Yard Sale, based on my own experiences.

My 100 Mile Yard Sale Strategy

Living in State College, my 100 Mile Yard Sale day typically starts in Snow Shoe, Centre County, and then goes in a big counter-clockwise circle through Pine Glen, Karthus, Sinnemahoning, Driftwood, Benezette, Weedville, Medix Run, Frenchville, and finally Shawville.

No matter where youre coming from or where you start, youll encounter many unofficial yard sales along the way, in neighboring towns and communities not technically on the 100 Mile Yard Sale Route.

I rely less on the directory/map and more on the does this place look interestingcriteria for stopping.

In addition to great deals, as a collector myself, Im always looking at how other folks have their own collectibles displayed, which often leads to interesting conversations with some equally-interesting characters.

Lunch is usually at the big park in the center of Karthus.

And then its off in search of more deals, taking in the sights along the way.

Its not often you see a sword-wielding Grateful Dead bear, but the 100 Mile Yard Sale brings out a special breed of folks.

As a collector of all things 80s rock, I usually come away from the 100 Mile Yard Sale with a large stash of records and cassettes.

And I can never walk away from a kitschy trucker-style hat!

No matter what you collect, or even if youre just looking for a one-of-a-kind road trip, the 100 Mile Yard Sale is an event everyone should experience at least once in their lives!

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Mile Yard Sale On Us 29 To Be Held September 29

Yard sale lovers in search of great items at thrifty prices are gearing up for the fall version of the 100-mile yard sale held in Virginia twice a year in the spring and fall. This years event starts on Thursday, September 29 and runs through Sunday, October 2.

The sales are primarily set up along the US 29 corridor from Lynchburg to Danville although some sales branch off.

In addition to setting up at private homes, many of the businesses and churches sell vendor spots.

Hyland Heights and Gospel Light are two popular spots near Lynchburg/Rustburg. Gospel Light is just one place offering indoor and outdoor spots. One happening spot in Altavista is the Trade Lot on 7th Street. It is only $5.00 a spot and they will be available on Friday and Saturday. Call 434-841-5540 to reserve a spot in this fundraiser for the high school band.

The Gretna Farmers Market on Main Street was packed with vendors at the last sale, so stop by. Free spots while they last. First come, first served.

Those are just a few of the places to shop for big bargains. Dont miss it!

And That’s A Wrap For 2022

Route 66 Missouri 100 Mile Yard Sale 2022

Thank you for coming out to the 301 Endless Yard Sale this year! We hope you found a variety of items you were looking for, and even some treasures you didn’t expect. From vintage toys, tobacco baskets, and glassware, to new made crafts from local artisans, we knew this year was going to be a good one. Plan your trip for 2023 with these new dates:

The 301 Endless Yard Sale has become a spectacular event for dealers and shoppers, attracting visitors from across the country and even Canada. The Sale will stretch for over 100 miles on US HWY 301…from Weldon, to Rocky Mount, to Wilson, to Selma, and Dunn. Shoppers will find the usual yard sale items like clothes, kitchen gadgets, vintage records, and toys to the truly unique items like old farm equipment and maybe even a boat!

If you are a vendor looking to find a great spot for the 301 Yard Sale, click on the Vendor Map tab on the website, then choose one of the five counties that are hosts for the sale. For a look back to a great TV segment on the sale from 2017, it’s a wonderful take on what you will find along the route.

Follow us on for great planning information — and use the hashtag #301EndlessYardSale when posting on .

Put your pin on the map

One of our favorite things to do during the 301 Endless Yard Sale event is to map where our vendors and visitors are traveling from to participate. and email us your Town, State, and Zipcode, and we will put a pin on the map!

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