1/2 Ton Towable Toy Hauler With Separate Garage

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Heartland Torque 281 Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

New 2020 Forest River Grey Wolf 26MBRR – 1/2 Ton Towable Toy Hauler Floorplan

Meet the impressive Heartland Torque 281. At over 32 feet in length, its the largest of the toy haulers we will cover. Yes, theres plenty of room for the family and all of your toys!

Here are the important specs on this toy hauler:

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 8,255 lbs.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 4,497 lbs.
  • Length: 32 feet 8 inches
  • Width: 8 feet 6 inches
  • Fresh Water: 98 gallons
  • Garage Storage Space: 16 feet 4 inches

What Makes This Toy Hauler Great?

This trailer has everything you need for a long weekend of road tripping, off-roading, and definitely some relaxing.

With a 2-seat couch and also two additional armchairs in the living area, it is made for comfort.

In the garage, youll find the second bed, an electric queen-size bed, which is situated above a second sofa with a dinette. And just outside? A fueling station for your toys on the go!

Other Trailer Features

There are several extra trailer features that make the Torque 281 a real winner.

These include a 10-gallon water heater, two 30-lb propane tanks, a 3-burner stove in the kitchen as well as an 8 cu. ft. refrigerator that operates on 110V power or on propane.

All in all, you cant go wrong taking a much closer look at this Torque option by Heartland RV.

Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 240urs

Keystone RV Outback Ultra Lite 240URS has a dry weight of only 5,380 pounds, which makes it ideal to be pulled by a half-ton pickup truck.

The king bed slide-out at the back, the bunk beds in the front garage area that can be folded down, as well as the couch sleeper and booth dinette in the primary living room, give a sleeping area for seven people.

You can even store your off-road toys or motorcycles in the separate garage area, which is accessible by a side ramp entrance to ease cargo handling. You have all you need for many outdoor adventures with the inclusion of a full kitchen and bathroom!

The Astro-foil wall addition to the totally covered underbelly featuring piped heat, the Coleman-Mach Quiet Series A/C delivers a considerable decrease in in-cabin noise level and an improved ten cubic feet 12V GE fridge, to name a few noticeable features, will help you prolong your camping season.

More reasons to acquire an Outback Ultra Lite to experience the outdoors include the ladder at the vehicles back with an accessible roof, the HyperDeck high-performance, waterproof RV flooring, and the enhanced furnishings package.

Key Specifications


Grand Design Momentum G

The Grand Design Momentum G-Class 25G is one of the bigger toy hauler travel trailers on our list at nearly 31 feet in length.

While it may look like many toy haulers on the outside, the inside of this trailer is one-of-a-kind with a more contemporary look.

But before we talk about the inside of this trailer, lets take a look at the specifications:

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight: 7,900 lbs.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 3,600 lbs.
  • Length: 30 feet 11 inches
  • Width: 8 feet 3 inches
  • Fresh Water: 100 gallons
  • Garage Storage Space: 13 feet 6 inches

What Makes This a Great Toy Hauler?

Theres plenty of room inside this toy hauler to carry any gear while still having the luxuries of home.

With two queen-sized beds, two Euro chairs, a full kitchen, and a separate bedroom, you can bring your friends and family without sacrificing privacy and comfort.

There are two sliders to extend the garage and bedroom for extra room as well.

Oh, and dont ignore the 30-gallon fuel tank included with this toy hauler that allows you to easily refuel your toys while youre out adventuring. The ultimate in convenience!

Other Trailer Features

Inside the Momentum, youll find plenty of space to store clothes and other necessities as there are almost endless overhead cabinets. In the bedroom, youll get your own dresser and closet.

This trailer also comes with an exterior grill/kitchen area as well as a 1.6 cu. ft. refrigerator.

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Best Toy Hauler Travel Trailers

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Summer is here and were all ready to get out and have some fun, right? Whether youre an ATV enthusiast, insatiable cyclist, whitewater kayaker or just about anything else that requires gear, you need a place to rest your head and store your equipment.

Thankfully, the RVing community came up with a solution: toy hauler travel trailers!

Before we dive into which toy hauler travel trailers make the Best of 2022 list, here are a few things to consider before buying your first toy hauler.

(Oh, and just in case youre open to exploring other types of travel trailers as well, you can check out our post about bunkhouse travel trailers .

And to start the process of gathering the essential RV accessories youll need, you can take a look at our post about sewer, water and electric accessories we recommend and also look at our post about our favorite travel trailer accessory recommendations.

Yeah, that ought to keep you busy for a while!)

Is It Worth Getting A Toy Hauler

New RVs For 2020: Toy Haulers

A toy hauler is a great investment if you need that extra space. It’s not just for hauling motorcycles or four-wheelers either. You can transform that space into another living area, a classroom, a playroom, or really anything that needs an open space. The benefits of toy haulers for outdoor lovers also make them stand out. The advantages of a toy hauler definitely make it worth it for many people who choose this type of camper.

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What Should I Look For In A Toy Hauler>

If you’re looking to buy a toy hauler, make sure you measure its garage space to ensure your motorcycle or ATV will fit. You’ll also want to consider the towing capacity of your tow vehicle. It’s dangerous to get a trailer that exceeds that max weight. This toy hauler buying guide can set you in the right direction.

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Grand Design Momentum G Class 31g

Not many brands can pull off manufacturing incredibly luxurious fifth wheel toy haulers capable of off-road adventure.

Additionally, even fewer can claim to possess these qualities and be affordable.

Fortunately, if this is what you are seeking, you can find it in the 2021 Grand Design Momentum G Class 31G. This model retails for approximately $73,000, which is decent considering you will have a separate garage and living quarter.

The 2021 Grand Design Momentum G Class 31G has an overall length of 35 feet with a garage length of 13 feet. The gross vehicle weight rating is 12,000 pounds, with an unloaded vehicle weight rating of 8,975 pounds and a hitch weight of 1,600 pounds.

Additionally, this model has a freshwater capacity of an impressive 100 gallons and a wastewater capacity of 57 gallons.

Unlike other fifth-wheel toy haulers, you can choose an insulation package that allows you to travel during all four seasons. The insulation package equips your motorhome with suspended tanks, a high capacity 30,000 BTU furnace, a heated and enclosed underbelly, a moisture barrier floor enclosure, and cabinet-mounted heat ducts.

In addition, this model has a range of luxury features. You can look forward to a 30-gallon fuel station a swivel HD LED television, panoramic windows, residential cabinetry, and residential furnishings.

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Forest River Salem Fsx 260rt

Since they take up less room, some campers choose to purchase a tiny toy hauler. Typically, the smaller toy haulers on the market have fewer amenities and worse interiors.

Fortunately, the Forest River Salem FSX 260RT does not suffer from this flaw since these variants are well-equipped and comfortable.

The anticipated selling price of this little toy hauler is $42,000, so you wont have to pay a considerable amount to possess it.

This models 29-foot length contains all of the contemporary living space, features, and conveniences. Since its gross vehicle weight rating is only 5,276 lbs, this unit is extremely light and can easily be hauled by a half-ton truck.

Even though it is a small model, it can accommodate up to four people. You may pick from three distinct feature sets with the Forest River Salem FSX 260RT based on your wallet.

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Nonetheless, the usual features are exceptional.

A 6-cu-ft fridge, a huge queen-sized mattress, a 6-gallon DSI water heater, and a roomy shower are all included in this unit.

If you choose the value package, youll get things like an extended awning, solar prep equipment, and a patio deck with railing.

Key Specifications


Should I Buy A Used Rv

Half-Ton Towable Toy-Hauler Fifth Wheel! – 2020 Cherokee Limited 255RR

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether to buy a new or used travel trailer. At Camping World RV Sales, we’re here to assure you that opting for a used model doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or service. Why buy a used RV? The most reliable and trusted used towable RVs often make the best new rigs for others. Not only does buying used help you save money upfront, but it often also means cheaper insurance rates. There are many benefits of buying a used RV as long as you keep in mind a used camper maintenance checklist when you’re shopping. Plus, many of our RVs come with the Certified Clean Seal to make it feel like your used new-to-you RV is brand-spankin’ new. How old is too old for a used RV? Our dealers across the nation stock a wide variety of used travel trailers in assorted floor plans and years to help you find the option that works best for your needs.

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What To Consider Before Buying A Toy Hauler

The myriad of choices currently available in toy haulers broadens your options. However, it can also make shopping for them an overwhelming proposition. Thus, it is crucial to create a system to narrow down your options to make sure that you end up with a unit that best suits your needs. Whether you plan to browse the market digitally or hit up a local dealer, here are some of the most important factors to consider.

/2 Ton Towable Bumper Pull Toy Hauler

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best toy hauler for a 1/2 ton truck. The main factor is the size and weight of the toy hauler. The size of the toy hauler will determine how much weight it can carry and how much space it will take up in the truck. The weight of the toy hauler will also affect the gas mileage of the truck. Another factor to consider is the type of toy hauler. There are two main types of toy haulers: enclosed and open. Enclosed toy haulers are more expensive, but they offer more protection for your toys. Open toy haulers are less expensive and offer less protection, but theyre easier to load and unload. Finally, youll need to decide on the features you want in your toy hauler. Some features to consider include: awnings, slide-outs, storage space, and sleeping quarters.

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Evergreen Rv Tesla T3950

Bottom Line: Weight: Price:

Compared to the Heartland, the Evergreen Tesla T3950 is a more traditional layout and packs an impressive amount of luxury into its 39 ft length. The Heartland name is known for luxury touches. These models feature such niceties as fireplaces, wine coolers, and dishwashers. With a twelve-foot garage, this model can haul a large array of gear while still having space for ten people to sleep. However, as light toy haulers go, the T3950 is somewhat loaded down by its luxury touches, weighing in at around 15,000 lbs . However, they constitute a fantastic value at a typical price of around $60,000.

Forest River Wildwood X

This toy hauler has around 13 feet of cargo area for your favorite ride-on toys, sleeping space for six people, and plenty of outdoor fun! The back sofas will be a nice place to chill out, and you may rest two persons here at nighttime, as well as an electronic bed overhead.

The separate front bedroom, which has a queen mattress, a closet, and a nightstand, is also a great spot to unwind.

Its simple to rest and relax while chatting with your guests, thanks to the 18 feet awning!

These trailers are suitable for every camping trip and for any household from the seasoned camping pair to the families with many children. It has a dry weight of 5,262 pounds and is towable by a half-ton vehicle.

A one-piece, complete walk-on smooth rooftop and pass-through space for all of your camping equipment, as well as a freezing crack and mildew-proof vinyl patio awning, can be found on the outside.

A 4.3-cubic-foot electric fridge, a radio with a CD player, an appealing kitchen backsplash, extra-large kitchen ceiling shelves, and micro shades for increased privacy are all included on the inside.

Key Specifications

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Keystone Fuzion Impact 28v

When you want a toy hauler that is more focused on accommodating your toys with less focus on high-tech gadgets, you might want to consider the 2021 Keystone Fuzion 28V.

This model is one of the best budget options available for those who want a regular toy hauler with a garage separate from its living quarters. You should expect a price of around $40,000 for this unit.

The 2021 Keystone Fuzion Impact 28V has 32 feet and 6 inches, with a garage that measures 10 feet. The dry weight of this unit is 7,330 pounds, with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds, a hitch weight of 1,225 pounds, and it has a payload capacity of 2,670 pounds.

Additionally, this unit has one 60 gallon freshwater holding tank, one 30 gallon grey water holding tank, and one 30-gallon black water holding tank.

This model is ideal for adventure because it is lightweight and includes a few features that make it suitable for off-road trips. The unit is equipped with a 30-gallon fuel station, tuff ply flooring in the garage, a 35000 BTU ducted furnace, two interior and exterior speakers, an LED lighted awning, and an exterior shower has hot and cold water.

There is a central kitchen, living room, private bedroom, and bathroom in the separate living quarters. The bathroom is modern, stylish, and fully equipped with a shower, toilet, and bathroom sink. Inside the kitchen is an 8 cubic foot refrigerator, a three burner stove, and a microwave.

Should You Buy Used Or Buy New

The decision to buy new or used will depend upon your desires, demands, and budget. There are many goods deals to be had on the used market. However, toy haulers are often used more roughly than their closed-back counterparts. Thus, looking at toy haulers on the used market, prepare to encounter a fair amount of scuffs and wear.

Beyond this, the cost difference between new and used is often not as significant as it seems. When shopping for new units, there are more incentives, rebates, and financing options. When comparing new and used units, make sure you look past the sticker to analyze the true costs. A new unit may be more attainable than you think.

Weve looked over some of the considerations you should have while shopping for an ultralight toy hauler. Now, lets look at some of the hottest options on the market.

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/2 Ton Towable Toy Hauler For Sale Near Me

The best toy hauler for a 1/2 ton truck is the one that best meets your needs. There are many factors to consider when choosing a toy hauler, such as the size of your toys, the weight of your toys, the number of people who will be using the toy hauler, and your budget. There are many types of toy haulers available on the market, from small trailers that can be pulled behind a car to large fifth-wheel trailers that require a heavy-duty truck to tow. The size of toy hauler you need will depend on the size of your toys and the number of people who will be using it. If you have large toys or a large group of people who will be using the toy hauler, you will need a larger trailer. The weight of your toys is also an important factor to consider when choosing a toy hauler.

Best Half Ton Towable Fifth Wheels

Half Ton Tow 15ft Self Contained Work And Play Toy Hauler! 2015 WPT 16UL 129

Investing in an RV is both exciting and nervy. There are so many choices, and if you’re getting a trailer, you have to be sure your truck can tow it. For anyone who doesn’t want to worry about the size of their tower, half ton towable 5th wheels are perfect.

But what are the best 1/2 ton towable trucks on the market? Are they even safe with a smaller truck? It’s important to know that not all half ton trucks are created equally, and so even a smaller 5th wheel might not be compatible.

Trucks are getting better every year, and most modern 1/2 ton pick up trucks can tow between 5,000-12,000 lbs, but the older and less looked after it is will hinder its towing capabilities. So, always take the age and condition of your truck into consideration before buying a 1/2 ton towable 5th wheel.

In this article we look at some of the best lighter 5th wheels on the market. We also include a guide on what to look for when choosing an ideal fifth wheel for your half ton truck. We’ve also added an FAQ section so you won’t be left short and will have a better understanding of what to look for.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best half ton towable 5th wheels.

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